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What vaporware has Motorola or LG recently shown?
My response, as you referenced in your final retort, was in reference to those that were calling the Moto 360 and G Watch R vaporware hence my air quotes. I clearly know what vaporware is, but people here tend to criticize other companies for a certain practice, then give Apple a pass for doing the exact same thing.
So if Apple shows it September, and doesn't ship it until 2015, wouldn't that be the "vaporware" that everyone accuses other manufacturers of pulling off? Regardless, I can't wait to see it the iWatch and the new iPhone. I already sold my iPhone 5 in anticipation of the iPhone 6's arrival, and am making do with a $40 Nokia Lumia 520 that I got from Amazon in the mean time. 
I still sync my Retina iPad mini and iPhone 5 with the Lightning cable. Why? Because Wi-Fi sync only works 50% of the time. Half of the time, it will work just fine. The other half of the time, it will start syncing within iTunes saying "Trying to find device" or something along those lines, then all of a sudden, the device I'm trying to sync with disappears from the devices list in iTunes and the sync fails. I've had this problem ever since Wi-Fi sync was was implemented...
I'm glad everything is so black and white in your little world.
Idiotic? Aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves here? 
The LG G Watch R looks great IMHO. The Samsung one though, VOMIT!
Hey, AI went apesh!t when they "thought" that Gruber had "confirmed" the iWatch a few weeks back. Everybody thought he was a mouthpiece for Apple since he would only make such comments with Apple's approval.That being said, you're probably right. I'm just excited to see the damn thing.
Just waiting for Jim Dalrymple's "yep" or "nope"
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