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Tallest Skill will be in here to rip you a new one in 3...2...1...
I gave iWork a try, but I've been an Office user for nearly two decades (since Office 95 for Windows) and it best suits my needs.
I'm really diggin' this one: 
For the iPhone, I don't mind as much. I'm running iOS 8 with my iPhone 5 and am not having any issues.   But my Retina iPad mini, even running iOS 7, is a pain in the ass due to Safari tab refreshing. It's incredibly annoying and I was hoping for a RAM boost to help alleviate the problem.
What's funny is that it doesn't even support their new Fire phone. I'm surprised that AI didn't take the time to poke fun at that :)  
True, but catastrophic GPU failure a few years down the road isn't expected when buying a pricey laptop. And the fact that so many people are affected seems more like faulty hardware versus being a simple fluke.
Well said. Not everything is black and white.
I'd be inclined to agree with this. We don't know what was going through his mind or what demons he was battling. Suicide isn't the answer but I can't bring myself to judge someone who clearly was not in a proper state is mind at that moment.Celebrity deaths don't usually spark a response from me, but Williams' death really struck a chord with me. I watched him as a kid on Mork and Mindy and have been an admirer for my whole life.
I'm sorry, i forgot. You are always right and there is no room for discussion.
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