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Shots fired! Although I love my 38mm Apple Watch Sport, I prefer my watches to be round.
As a married, heterosexual male I applaud this decision. The decision has no affect whatsoever on my marriage or the marriages of other heterosexual couples. It simply expands the rights of those that were previously left in the dark. So in my pea-sized brain, I don't understand all the hoopla against this ruling. Marriage is not just a Christian ideal, right? So can we really use the bible as a talking point against gay marriage?
 So if Apple is responding "Swiftly" to a petulant child, what does that make it? A spinless parent?
 Damn, you people take this shit too seriously. This isn't life or death; we're talking about for-profit corporation going up against musical artists. If we can't take the time to sit back and find some humor in it all, then we need to remove the sticks from our asses.
The first time I opened the updated app, it asked for my password. However, every time after that it prompted me for Touch ID.
 First of all, that is one of my favorite movies of all time :) Secondly, I thought that iFixit said you couldn't access the port without pretty much destroying the watch in the process?  
 Although I personally don't like tattoos, the above statement is ludicrous. Not being able to wear a luxury gadget on your wrist without issues is not the end of the world.
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