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I'm still trying to justify spending $100 more to get the 9.7" versus the mini. Paying more to get a technically inferior display (PPI wise). Not to mention larger and heavier.
 Duh! I totally forgot about that  Well in that case, I'm finding it hard to imagine going with the larger iPad Air for $100 more. I'm paying more for a nearly 2" of screen size, but lower DPI. Decisions, decisions.
Does anyone know yet whether the mini has the EXACT same processor a the iPad Air or is it gimped with respect to processor speed/GPU cores.
Wow, that's a lot of bugfixes in a point release. Don't recall ever seeing such an extensive list before. That being said, still not available from Software Update on my iPhone 5.
 Uh, this happens on iPhone 5s' running iOS7. iOS7 hasn't even been jailbroken yet -- let alone for the iPhone 5s, so that should answer your question.
  Picked up a Nook HD+ a few months ago (I installed Cyanogenmod on it), but sold it recently. It was a decent enough tablet, but the touchscreen lag kept bugging the hell out of me. And as I used it more and more, the app crashes just got on my nerves.   Still don't know if I'm going to get the full-size iPad or the mini. Guess it depends on how gimped the mini is compared to its bigger brother this time around.
I've never felt the need either, but can't say the same for relatives with iPhones and iPads. I'm always the one that gets called when they have an issue with something. Nothing is more infuriating than trying to troubleshoot with a tech novice over the phone when you can't see their screen.This feature is more for the technically challenged than AI readers.
Sheesh, it's just a tablet. Calm down! I swear people here love to get worked up whenever a competitor is mentioned. From the linked article:So it's not just Bezos rambling off numbers, there's other verification as well.
 They have 22% of the tablet market, so I'd say yes (source: http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/25/4766878/jeff-bezos-interview-amazon-kindle-hdx) I find the Mayday feature interesting, and something that I thought Apple would have done first, but other than that they don't really interest me. I'm sure millions of people will lap these up, but who am I to judge their decision/needs?
 Agreed. Telemarketers should simply burn in hell.
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