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I can appreciate this viewpoint.
Agreed, a smartwatch should give you quick, glancable information. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be staring lovingly at tiny smartwatch display. Now my smartphone or tablet, that's a different story. I'd gladly take an inferior e-paper display that provides useful information and allows for week-long battery life than a gorgeous display that will last a day.
Of course it won't have the level of integration as the Apple Watch; that's a given. But to say that it is not compatible with iOS is completely false.
What are you talking about? Pebble watches are compatible with iOS.
Now we're getting somewhere. This is actually something I could get down with.
 Triathletes aren't the only people that swim with watches on.Regardless, the Apple Watch isn't for everyone. To me, it's limiting. To everyone else that can find a place for it in their daily lives, more power to 'em. Don't see what the big fuss is.
 A watch that has fitness-tracking features, but can't take a dip in the pool with you is limiting IMHO. A traditional watch for active folks that is water resistant to at least 30m is a pretty much a given. If a smartwatch can't handle this basic function, it's useless to me. Talking about swimming with a smartphone in your pocket is just silly talk. I'm currently waiting for the Withings Activite Pop to become available. Been visiting the Best Buy webpage everyday to...
I was wrong about the rain, but it is definitely out when it comes to swimming, which is a big part of my fitness routine and many active athletes: http://www.cultofmac.com/295055/apple-watch-water-resistant-waterproof/#AppZIivJAmk1li3h.99 
 A watch that I can't wear when it's raining outside or when I'm swimming laps is most certainly "limited". I'm am NOT going to take a step back in everyday functionality... period.
I'm glad to see something like this. Even though I think it's ugly as sin, I have to admire the fact that it is water resistant (you can swim with it -- something you can't do with the Apple Watch) and that it lasts for 7 days on a charge. Something like this is more of a replacement watch to me than a limited device like the Apple Watch which will last a day per charge and can't even handle more than a few rain drops. If they made  a Pebble Time Steel version, they'd...
New Posts  All Forums: