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OK, I actually find that commercial kind of cute (the one with the kid). And it plays up the strengths of multitasking windows (even if it may not appeal to YOU personally). Still wouldn't buy a Galaxy Tab S though.
I may have little sense of style when it comes to watches, but the one pictured in the article looks ugly as f**k. With that said, I can't wait to see wait to see what the iWatch brings to the table. I don't wear my current watch often, but I could be persuaded to wear a smartwatch daily if it actually provides a notable increase in efficiency to my everyday work flow (and looked good doing it).
 I would love to see a pricing spread like that for storage capacities on the iPhone. The way it is right now is absolutely ridiculous -- $100 to go from 16GB to 32GB? What is this, 2009?
 Why would you need to backup 1TB word of data all at once? I backup large amounts of data over an extended period of time. As I accumulate media, content, I back it up to the cloud. Not all at once.
1) Why is Microsoft's OneDrive pricing listed as $$$/month, whereas the Apple iCloud pricing listed as $$$/year? Shouldn't the same units be used for both? 2) How is this following Apple's lead? When has Apple led on cloud storage pricing? Google started the cloud storage price wars back in March by offering 15GB for free and 100GB for $1.99/month. 3) I wish Apple would up its free storage allotment. 5GB is looking pretty slim these days compared to offerings from Google...
From Mac Rumors: 
Wow, you rarely see a picture of Jimmy without a ball cap on...
 LOL, it's been 3 years already! 
Apple is going with the best manufacturer for its displays. If it happens to be Samsung, so be it. The Apple vs Samsung court battle was Jobs' pursuit, IIRC Tim Cook didn't want any part of it -- and this shows that he isn't going thermonuclear. With that being said, I'm all for Apple seeking out whatever's in its best interests.
My first thought is that they are dropping the price by $100 across the board to make room for the Retina MacBook Airs starting at $999/$1099 (to be announced at a later date of course).
New Posts  All Forums: