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 LOL, it's been 3 years already! 
Apple is going with the best manufacturer for its displays. If it happens to be Samsung, so be it. The Apple vs Samsung court battle was Jobs' pursuit, IIRC Tim Cook didn't want any part of it -- and this shows that he isn't going thermonuclear. With that being said, I'm all for Apple seeking out whatever's in its best interests.
My first thought is that they are dropping the price by $100 across the board to make room for the Retina MacBook Airs starting at $999/$1099 (to be announced at a later date of course).
I had this problem after I upgraded to iOS 7, and my phone was replaced under warranty. The Genius said my battery was failing.
Just a CPU refresh? I want my 12"/13" Retina MacBook Air!!!!
Alright, Satan.It's just a phone.
When actors from competing networks go on late night talk shows i.e. Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) showing up on Leno, and then Leno plugging at the end of the segment that Jim can be seen at 8pm Thursday nights on CBS.
If they remove Messages from Facebook Paper, I'm gonna be pissed. I don't want two separate apps.
Put me down for a 4.7" iPhone; 5.5" is way too big IMHO.
Try finding a usable photo of Greg Christie to post. I'll be waiting...
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