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I had this problem after I upgraded to iOS 7, and my phone was replaced under warranty. The Genius said my battery was failing.
Just a CPU refresh? I want my 12"/13" Retina MacBook Air!!!!
Alright, Satan.It's just a phone.
When actors from competing networks go on late night talk shows i.e. Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) showing up on Leno, and then Leno plugging at the end of the segment that Jim can be seen at 8pm Thursday nights on CBS.
If they remove Messages from Facebook Paper, I'm gonna be pissed. I don't want two separate apps.
Put me down for a 4.7" iPhone; 5.5" is way too big IMHO.
Try finding a usable photo of Greg Christie to post. I'll be waiting...
I honestly don't understand all the hate leveled at iOS 7. I've grown to like the design aesthetic of the OS, and sure there are some design quirks and oddities, but overall I give it a solid B+. However, most of the design issues seem to be from app developers themselves. Take a popular app like the Associated Press which I use constantly. Just look at this crap:       As for Ive. He's a guru at hardware design, but I hope he's not trying to spread himself too thin...
 I'm not sure I follow... the Fire TV supports Plex, just like the Roku 3 and unlike the Apple TV. So if you want Plex, there ya go.Second, why does build quality matter? This isn't an iPhone or an iPad that you are going to fondle day in and day out. When I bought my Roku 3, I got some doubled-sided tape, slapped it to the back of my TV and I haven't touched it since then. That was year ago... Now if you're talking about the build quality of the remote, then I'd agree. 
I'll buy one today if it supports the Time Warner Cable app like my Roku 3 does.
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