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So they've signed up soap operas for men; what about the soap operas for women? 
 Exactly. Sometimes, people just need to step down off the Google hatebox and applaud their truly GOOD efforts. As a person with a number of family members with diabetes, this is very interesting and promising to me.
Hell no. He hasn't made any in-app purchases whatsoever. I was talking more to the point of having a different, limited login setup for him where he wouldn't even have the opportunity to buy anything. PERIOD. And he'd be able to leave my crap alone as well in his own walled off iOS login environment on my iPad. Me: Email, Work Apps, Safari... pretty much full access.Son: Access to his educational apps and games. That's it. Nothing else.
 Infants? What are you talking about? My son definitely isn't an infant.  **Facepalm** Divert, DIVERT!
That's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. "Account" was probably the wrong word to use. A different environment/login for each person. Full access for me, limited functionality for my son with no purchasing ability whatsoever.
 Kids need a separate account because I'm not going to buy another $600 iPad Air for JUST my son to use. He uses my iPad Air about as much as I do -- we share it. I'd like to have my primary account which has all of my applications on it, all of my preferences. I'd then have a secondary, LIMITED account for my son so that he can play his games or use educational apps and not screw around with my settings (my kid is always moving my app icons around). Just like I can have...
 Yup, if Apple would allow separate user accounts on the iPod touch/iPad, this wouldn't even be an issue. You'd have the primary account for the parents, and the secondary (you're ass isn't buying anything account) for the kids. Why they haven't done this yet is puzzling to me.
 Agreed. Lose the sleeve, then you have my attention.
We got Hugo, I'd rather have Home Alone
My wife just got me the Moga Ace for Christmas and I LOVE IT! It definitely isn't worth $100, but my wife got it from Best Buy (so she saved $20). The first thing I did was load up GTA: SA and it kicks the crap out of using the horrible touchscreen controls.   I will say that the reviews are right about it being kinda cheap. The shiny plastic on the top of the controller around the buttons/analog controls was already scratched up before I took it out of the box.
New Posts  All Forums: