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 I agree that the iOS universe pretty much trumps everything else out there... but I don't agree that the Apple TV trumps everything out there -- it's too limiting in its scope. I mean, it doesn't even have access to Amazon Prime and I can't use things like Plex Media Server or even the Time Warner Cable app (we don't have a cable box in our bedroom, and running the straight cable to it only gives us the first 71 or so channels and only the local channels are in HD). With...
What do iWatch renders by fanboys have to do with Motorola's Moto 360 or a hypothetical production Apple iWatch?
Motorola Moto 360 coming this summer. Oh yeah, that is simply GORGEOUS!!!!!           http://motorola-blog.blogspot.com/2014/03/moto-360-its-time.html
From Engadget:    
It makes sense to have it replace the iPhone 4S. That would align all current iPhones to the same 4" display and Lightning connector.
I hope they fix the damn Shift key in iOS 8
Well, Gruber's sources are usually pretty good so the thought process at the time seemed logical.
I was thinking the same thing (with regards to the UI). That looks incredibly ugly. This is the factory interface:
Six months later: "OMG, this is the best iPhone yet! Got my pre-order in!"
So they've signed up soap operas for men; what about the soap operas for women? 
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