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 Why would Amazon say no? They already have iPhone and iPad apps. Being on Apple TV would be a boon for Amazon, not a hindrance. 
I just want to know what idiot signed off on this:
What the hell? Still 16GB starting for the 5S. I was expecting at least 32GB by now. This doesn't bode well for the iPad getting a storage increase.
Without the ability to set third-party apps as the default (still don't understand this), I find third-party browsers to be cludgy at best. I used to be a big proponent of Chrome on iOS for my iPhone, but Safari in iOS 7 is so far superior that it doesn't even make sense anymore to use Chrome.   In fact, the only time I even use it is when a website forces me into a mobile view and won't allow me to get the "regular" desktop view. In that case, I switch to Chrome to use...
The picture in picture feature is really nice. The overall look/feel is very iOS 7.
Should be popular in Jersey
  Question, why is it that people here are so quick to bash the competition? It's getting to be ridiculous. Apple makes a great product in the Apple TV. Roku makes a great product with the Roku 3. They have similar functionality, but their feature sets cater to people with slightly different needs.   And I know "MANY" who have purchase both is codeword for "I'm just making stuff up to make my argument seem better".
  There's a crapload of channels using the Roku TWC app for us. We use it in our bedroom and have the whole gamut. The only major network that we don't get that we miss is TBS. But we get stuff like ESPN, TNT, USA, Fox Movie Channel, FX, Spike, AMC, Hallmark, Lifetime, CNN, Disney, Food Network, HGTV, etc. I think there's like 100 or more channels.
I had an Apple TV, but I ditched it for a Roku 3. Quite frankly, it does a lot more, has a lot more available streaming apps (Amazon Prime Instant is a big plus for me since I already have an Amazon Prime account and free movies/TV shows are a plus), and the Time Warner Cable app support are what really sold me. Granted, the Apple TV is supposed to be getting that soon (or maybe it already has), but at the time the Apple TV didn't have TWC functionality.
New Posts  All Forums: