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For the 80s kids out there:  With that said, does anyone know Apple has reenabled text handoffs from iPhones to OS X and iPads in this release? They disabled it server-side earlier this month I believe. 
Great write up! I went from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 -- the monstrous 6 Plus wasn't even a consideration. I too find it to be a bit harder to get a more secure grip (and it feels a lot more slippery). But after a week I've pretty much adjusted. Those few days were brutal though.
You do know that's not a real ad, right?  http://uproxx.com/technology/2014/09/apple-iphone-6-vs-samsung-galaxy-note/
Looks likes he's preparing to rip a nasty one in the first pic.
I thought that Apple didn't hit the "big time" until it scored China Mobile back in January of this year? Who were they with in China before then?
Thought this was mildy amusing  
 Same here. I was dead set on getting the 4.7" model, but I'm drawn to the better battery life and OIS. Guess I'll be going with the Plus. I may end up selling my iPad mini Retina as well, as that will become somewhat redundant.
This is my main complaint with AI. They post all these rumor articles, then lace it with "allegedly", "reportedly", "purportedly" or "shaky report" or "suspicious sources."If you're questioning the report and damning it in your own text, why waste the time in reporting on it?
Everybody has breasts, but they sensor those on chicks
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