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 Are you seriously trying to throw mud at Anand? It's not like he did a separate article calling Apple out, this was included in his comprehensive iPad mini Retina review. And Anand has always been kind to Apple devices; it's not like he's a hater.
Nope. Safari, Mail, Facebook. That's about it. I haven't played any games today or anything memory intensive.
I like my new iPad Air a lot (32GB, WiFi), but goodness, Safari has bee crash happy on this damn thing. I don't know if it's the extra overhead created by the 64-bit processor or "only" 1GB of RAM, but I've experienced more Safari crashes in the past three days than I have on my iPhone 5 in the past few months. And I never have more than 5 or 6 tabs open at once.
 Nope. Transaction already showed up in my account. I got zip, nada!  
 I don't think so. Since I didn't pay anything out of pocket, I don't earn any rewards for this purchase. I think that rewards are only accumulated for what you actually pay out of pocket (cash, credit card, etc).
Got my iPad Air today from Best Buy. Only 9 people in line ahead of me, and I was out within 15 minutes. Ended up paying a grand total of $0 for my 32GB WiFi Space Grey and (RED) Smart Cover. Used $455 in Best Buy Rewards Certificates and $220 in Best Buy gift cards that I cashed out from Credit Card miles.
I hope Best Buy has ample stock as well Friday morning. I've got $420 in Best Buy Reward certificates and $200 in Best Buy gift cards to cash in on a 32GB iPad Air WiFi
I'm still trying to justify spending $100 more to get the 9.7" versus the mini. Paying more to get a technically inferior display (PPI wise). Not to mention larger and heavier.
 Duh! I totally forgot about that  Well in that case, I'm finding it hard to imagine going with the larger iPad Air for $100 more. I'm paying more for a nearly 2" of screen size, but lower DPI. Decisions, decisions.
New Posts  All Forums: