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  Black on white, or black on silver looks fine. Black on red, green, yellow, blue, etc. looks garish.
  Ughh, what color would you suggest? Black would look horrible, and having everything the same color would be puketastic.
Doesn't look so bad based on the renders that Mac Rumors did:      
  In other words, as long as it's bad news for Samsung complete with a dash of Samsung bashing, it's fine on AI. But if it's good news for Samsung, "GET THAT S**T OFF THIS SITE, WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT SAMSUNG!"
Already have the TWC app on my Roku 3 and I love it. We have our TV mounted on the wall in our bedroom, and instead of having some ugly cablebox dangling around somewhere to get the full assortment of HD channels (and not just the basic lineup), the app lets us have it all while the Roku is out of sight, stuck to the back of the TV with double sided tape.
Yup. Not saying Anand is perfect, but chances are if he says something is f**ked, then he's most likely right.
I actually bought a 16GB Nook HD+ a few weeks ago; all the major electronics retailers are selling them for $150 ($180 for the 32GB model). 9", 1.5GHz dual core, 1920x1280 display, microSD slot.    The stock Nook software is junk, so I installed CM10.1 for the stock Android 4.2.x experience and it's great. The only thing I don't like about it is that the touch screen isn't quite as accurate as on my iPhone 5 or my previous iPad tablets, but for $150 I can't really...
The real life "male" Siri:
I understand Gazoobee's frustration. I too agree with the gist of the article, but even for an editorial the childish slams and name calling against Microsoft and Google just seems unnecessary. I don't think it's too hard to write an article without so much snark.It pretty much reads like this: "Apple innovates, Apple makes all the profits, and look at these f**king losers; why do they even bother? Why don't they just f**k off and die?"
New Posts  All Forums: