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 Oh snap! Is what Apple is asking really going against the grain of what would be typical in these types of cases?
Perfect casting http://youtu.be/0auwpvAU2YA
Correct me if I'm wrong, but why the heck is DED talking about the Exynos version of the Galaxy Note 4 when the U.S. market version is getting the Snapdragon 805? At least for U.S. customers, these benchmarks are meaningless.
No issues with my iPhone 6 (8.0.2) and my '13 Jetta Sportwagen. Also works fine in my wife's '13 Elantra (with my iPhone 6 and her iPhone 5).
This post makes a hell of a lot of sense. Interesting observation.
For the 80s kids out there:  With that said, does anyone know Apple has reenabled text handoffs from iPhones to OS X and iPads in this release? They disabled it server-side earlier this month I believe. 
Great write up! I went from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 -- the monstrous 6 Plus wasn't even a consideration. I too find it to be a bit harder to get a more secure grip (and it feels a lot more slippery). But after a week I've pretty much adjusted. Those few days were brutal though.
You do know that's not a real ad, right?  http://uproxx.com/technology/2014/09/apple-iphone-6-vs-samsung-galaxy-note/
Looks likes he's preparing to rip a nasty one in the first pic.
I thought that Apple didn't hit the "big time" until it scored China Mobile back in January of this year? Who were they with in China before then?
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