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Well said. Not everything is black and white.
I'd be inclined to agree with this. We don't know what was going through his mind or what demons he was battling. Suicide isn't the answer but I can't bring myself to judge someone who clearly was not in a proper state is mind at that moment.Celebrity deaths don't usually spark a response from me, but Williams' death really struck a chord with me. I watched him as a kid on Mork and Mindy and have been an admirer for my whole life.
I'm sorry, i forgot. You are always right and there is no room for discussion.
I hope that you never have to battle substance abuse or depression issues. Not all of us can be perfect.
Last time I checked, Samsung announces the Note series each year at IFA, which is an international consumer electronics conference event held in Berlin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IFA_Berlin And how did Samsung schedule their smartphone announcements before Apple? They sure did announce some at IFA, like this one in 2006: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsungs-SGH-i600-smartphone-with-WiFi-and-HSDPA_id1530 I get it, people love to hate on Samsung for EVERYTHING, but...
     Seriously people? The Galaxy Note 4 will be announced on Sept. 3 2014The Galaxy Note 3 was announced on Sept. 4 2013The Galaxy Note 2 was announced on Aug. 29 2012The Galaxy Note was announced on Sept. 1 2011 This isn't rocket science...
As a learninBeen there, done that. I tried using a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad mini as a substitute for my 15" Retina MacBook Pro on the road and failed miserably. My daily workload requires me to have a word processor, Photoshop, email program, Twitter, and about 20 tabs open in Safari at once (I could see a similar situation for a student doing research work).The back and forth between typing and then reaching to touch the screen, swiping, tapping, back to the...
When writing a 15-page research report for you HS class, would you rather use an iPad or a MacBook Air/ThinkPad?
Agreed completely. This is a case of districts getting their hands on money and seeing something "shiny" to purchase without first thinking through how these devices will be properly integrated into the classroom environment.
My son (two years old) uses a 7" Kindle Fire HDX for learning/alphabet/phonics games. It works perfectly for him because at his age, touch is everything -- and it only cost me $145 new. I can understand the the limited use of tablets (somewhat) in lower grades, but once you start getting up into the middle school/high school grades, a laptop makes infinitely more sense IMHO.   My wife is a second grade teacher, and they have iPads in her grade level that are shared...
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