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It's pretty simply to me actually. The volume buttons remind me of the battery meter button on the side of my 13" MBP. They all have flat bottoms and tops (bottom of device and screen in the case of the iPhone HD), and they all have a flat plane waist which has smooth curve transitions.
Huh? The design mimics the MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, and Mac mini. What planet are you from? If anything, the current iPod touch and iPhone don't mesh with Apple's current design language.
There are plenty of Dvorak keyboards if you Jailbreak.
Here's something I hadn't thought of -- from iFixIt's CEO:http://bit.ly/c8YAZc
It booted into recovery mode ("Plug in USB cable"). They noticed that the image on screen of the USB cable looked uber high rez.
Wait, wait. Apple Insider just posted an article a while back saying that Gizmodo basically stole Apple's iPhone and they could face prosecution. Yet, AI STILL keeps linking to Gizmodo and using their pictures. If Gizmodo is so damn bad, stop linking their isht!
Come on AAPL $300!!!!
I wouldn't say that it's stupid, but it's becoming less relevant with each and every new iPhone OS release.AppsCopy/PasteMultitaskingChangeable backgroundsTetheringBluetooth keyboard supportetc.These are all features that were brought to the iPhone platform before Apple got around to doing it with iPhone OS 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.So I'll repeat, jailbreaking will become more irrelevant once Apple releases new features, but until official tethering is supported by Apple/AT&T and...
SBSettings will allow you to turn everything off one-by-one individually with a swipe and a few taps.
Can't say that I've run into any of those problems, and I've actually increased my battery life by having quick access to turn off power-robbing features like Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, and Location Services (GPS) when I don't need them. But go ahead AI, keep spreading Apple's fear-mongering!! I'll stick to my jailbroken 3GS complete with tethering and UI modifications.
New Posts  All Forums: