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Now I'm confused. Are you responding to me or melgross? He started mentioning stores that are nowhere even close to me seeing as I live in North Carolina.
Huh? I live in NC near Raleigh.
Maybe I'm a little slow, but isn't this pretty much a "duh" title? When I went to get my iPhone 3GS at the Apple store at launch, the lines moved slow and it took forever to get done because they had to open the box, insert the SIM card, sync it with iTunes, verify your AT&T account, etc. With the iPad, you just go in, pay for it, then get the hell out.
Yeah, I see exactly where you are coming from. I would love to have an iPad, and I've been known to buy gadgets just for the hell of it, but I honestly can't think of how it would fit into my life being that I already have an iPhone 3GS and a MBP.
I didn't know you could do that! Cool.
Assuming that you're new to the Apple fold, you STILL will need a computer to setup an iTunes account and get your credit card information setup so that you would actually be able to download stuff from iTunes on your iPad. And you will still need a computer to do any firmware updates. You would also need to sync your contacts, unless you use something like Google with Microsoft exchange or MobileMe.
I don't understand all the hatred on here for netbooks. Is it just because they are different? Netbooks have their place, as does the iPad. My wife currently uses an Acer Aspire One which she uses to do school work (she's a second grade teacher). She creates/edits word documents, does report cards online with them, prints out quite a bit of stuff to our network laser printer and scans stuff in over the network with our wireless AIO printer. And let's not even talk about...
Hello $300 AAPL
Looking at the pics of Jobs, all I can think of is the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry's girlfriend wears the same dress every time he sees her -- then he goes back to her house to get her to change only to find out that every picture of her in the house shows her wearing the same dress
New Posts  All Forums: