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Bah! We all lose! Amazon should have pulled a Frank Drebin like in Naked Gun 33 and a 1/3;
I know, everything has gone widescreen these days including Apple's notebooks and displays. Going back to 4:3 for what is supposed to be serving as a portable movie/video player seems downright stupid.
My big question is why the hell is this thing 4:3 instead of 16:9?
So Flurry Analytics was correct after all.
What's the screen resolution?
And why the *&^@ is the bezel around the screen so flippin' wide? Apple, WTF?
"Five big partners... Penguin, Macmillion, Simon & Shuster... and more." LOL. McGraw-Hill got ditched from the presentation
All of this hype and this is all we get -- a big iPod touch? This thing had better be priced less than $600.
Considering that Apple has patented a similar design for use on touch screens, Apple can't think that it is as bad as you claim it is.Something has to be developed and short of holding the keyboard flat on a table, a split keyboard makes the most sense when holding the device with two hands.
Well, you've got to get your existing content on there somehow...
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