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Who the hell wants to carry around a 1.5-pound, 10" tablet all day to make phone calls? Are these people idiots? What is this, 1985? It's not made to replace an iPhone and never was designed to.
I wonder if Apple will release iPhone OS 4.0 for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch at the same time? It seems that it would make sense to align the releases from here on out.
I understand the screen real estate part, but that's what my MBP is for I see no need for THREE devices. Maybe if you're a "light" productivity person, you could get away with it. But for someone that already has a notebook and a smartphone, I'm still scratching my head. I mean, I'm going to need a carrying case or throw the iPad in a bag if I travel with it -- hell, might as well use my MBP instead.
You see, with the exception of iWorks and Netflix (which is coming to the iPhone soon), I can do all of that stuff on my iPhone + it fits in my pocket. THAT is why I'm having trouble seeing the need to spend another $500 (and most of us have iPhones or iPod touches anyway). But to each his own
I'm still not convinced on the iPad. I'm sitting right now on the beach typing away on my 3GS. I just finished reading AnandTech's Nexus One review, and I'm getting ready to read his iPad article. My 13" MacBook Pro is back at the cottage -- since this was a "working" vacation, I was using my MBP tethered by Bluetooth to my 3GS for Internet. Hence my dilema; the iPad fits nowhere into my usage scenarios. If I'm on the go, my iPhone fits in my pocket and does music,...
Now I'm confused. Are you responding to me or melgross? He started mentioning stores that are nowhere even close to me seeing as I live in North Carolina.
Huh? I live in NC near Raleigh.
Maybe I'm a little slow, but isn't this pretty much a "duh" title? When I went to get my iPhone 3GS at the Apple store at launch, the lines moved slow and it took forever to get done because they had to open the box, insert the SIM card, sync it with iTunes, verify your AT&T account, etc. With the iPad, you just go in, pay for it, then get the hell out.
Yeah, I see exactly where you are coming from. I would love to have an iPad, and I've been known to buy gadgets just for the hell of it, but I honestly can't think of how it would fit into my life being that I already have an iPhone 3GS and a MBP.
I didn't know you could do that! Cool.
New Posts  All Forums: