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Well, the "games like this and Doom Classic" while quoting Rein and Carmack in your post sure did make it seem that way. Maybe you should have been clearer \
What point?The Unreal 3 Engine is not 16 years old -- that's what everyone is calling you out on. This is the same engine as used by the aforementioned desktop games scaled down for use on a mobile platform -- not a 16-year-old game being ported to the iPhone.Taking a modern engine and scaling it down is not the same thing as taking a 16-year-old engine and just porting it over.
Dude, give it up. You don't know what you're talking about. From Anand himself (who is good friends with Mark Rein and is why he got access to the tech demo in the first place):
Why does it matter? Is Apple beyond mockery?Sheesh! It's a JOKE!!! What do you care if Apple is mocked as long as you still use their products and enjoy them.
Why are people getting all butt-hurt over a joke? Geez, I didn't realize that people had such thin skin for these kinds of things. I mean, I have an iPhone 3GS, but I still found it funny. Lighten up people! It's not like they insulted your mom.
Why would it be crazy expensive? Didn't the 32GB iPhone 3GS debut at the same price point as the previous 16GB iPhone 3G?Same goes for the 64GB iPod touch 3G vs the 32GB iPod touch 2G.
I have a quick question. Is here any way that AT&T can tell if someone is "illegally" tethering other than higher than average bandwidth usage?
I actually wouldn't mind a tiered pricing plan if it meant that I paid less than $30/month. I've had my iPhone 3GS for a little less than 6 months and I barely even put a dent in my "unlimited" data plan:
Oh, so now it's jailbreakers' fault for all of this?
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