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If all it has are four styrofoam blocks in the corners, that's not enough IMHO. You might as well treat it as a 27" TV -- I don't think I've ever seen a 27" or large TV that has shipped with four corner blocks. They always have a "full frame" block that cradles at least the top, and sides -- the bottom is normally left open due to the TV stand.I'm no engineer, but I would think that having more styrofoam coverage would allow shocking forces to spread more evenly rather...
The cracked glass sounds like poor packaging to me in the box. I mean, the 27" is a rather large and heavy unit -- I haven't seen iMac packaging, but traditional Apple product packaging is pretty minimalistic.
Ummm, what do any of these commercials have to do with AT&T's lackluster 3G coverage/service? Seems like they're skirting the issue... AGAIN!
Just say no! Your computer will thank you!
Thanks, that makes more sense now.
Are you finished?
So your opinion seems to be that, who gives a **** about call quality or 3G coverage (which severely lags Verizon) since people are still buying iPhones anyway?I'm sorry if that's not what you're saying, because from all of your posts on the subject matter in this thread and others, this seems to be the case. It's almost as if you don't really care so much about AT&T's problems so long as Apple is doing great financially and with sales.Again, I'm just trying to understand...
I understand everything you're saying. I have an iPhone 3GS and for the most part, the service is fine here in the Raleigh, NC area. I can get 3G just about wherever I travel which is great.However, I'm not so much in a bubble to believe that my experiences mirror all of the other iPhone 3GS owners out there. The map speaks for itself -- AT&T just doesn't have the 3G coverage or capacity to offer quality service to a lot of people.As for the simultaneous data/talking, I...
Pathetic cheap shot that has nothing to do with the topic of discussion.Nobody is talking about iPhone exclusivity. Again, bringing up something that has no bearing on the topic of discussion. We're talking about AT&T's network quality and their lack of 3G coverage. Please don't try to derail the discussion with these pathetic side stories.As for you long Apple lovefest a few posts up, again, you sound more like an investor stroking his Apple stock then someone that...
Is that the BEST they can do? That was so incredibly weak. And Luke Wilson? Hell, his uglier, crooked nose brother gets more roles and pu**y than him
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