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I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and don't currently own a Kindle. I welcome this news!! I'm not gonna turn down freebies
Who could ever spend $10000 in music, movies, or apps??? I can understand the iTunes gift card because it is... well, iTunes. But a 10,000 Apple gift card would have been much more useful.
LOL, good one. I still personally think that it should be an OPTION for customers to use flash on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. If you think that Flash is the devil, evil, raped your mom, whatever -- then DON'T install it
I've actually talked to Anand quite a bit about the SATA-II issue. He was having the same problems as me with his personal 15" MBP. It's a damn shame that I must take such a hit with using the 1.6 firmware vs using the 1.7 firmware. Firmware 1.7Results\t264.82\t \tSystem Info\t\t \t\tXbench Version\t\t1.3 \t\tSystem Version\t\t10.6.2 (10C540) \t\tPhysical RAM\t\t4096 MB \t\tModel\t\tMacBookPro5,5 \t\tDrive Type\t\tPatriot Torqx 128GB SSD \tDisk...
That's my main concern as well. Apple has been downright pathetic in this regard as far as responding to the problem or even acknowledging it. I have to run Firmware 1.6 right now on my 13" MBP in order to get my Patriot Torqx 128GB SSD to work. If I try to run Firmware 1.7, it will beachball and hard lock within 15 minutes of booting into OS X. I mean, seriously, what modern notebook today doesn't support SATA-II (well, besides Apple)? But I'll be one of the first in line...
Any word on TRIM support?
Pirates of Silicon Valley?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirates_of_Silicon_Valley
Do people really give a **** what Jobs ate/drank? All I care about is if he's getting RESULTS! Then again, I find the idolatry of Jobs quite creepy at times.
From Gizmodo:http://gizmodo.com/5464288/apple-pay...-27+inch-imacs
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