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Try shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded cinema. Hey, people are responsible for their own actions. Nothing to do with you.
"U dont have 2 be beautiful 2 turn me on; I just need your body baby, from dusk till dawn. U dont need experience 2 turn me out — U just leave it all up 2 me. I'm gonna show U what it's all about."
Oh, I've already been there. And how. When he 'left' the board and 'deleted' his posts after his 'thought experiment' and his weird spam attack. I like Prince.
It's a bit like Obama's birth certificate.If he had nothing to hide, why wouldn't he just tell us who he is and end this damaging speculation?Hey ho. His unequivocal statement "I am new to this forum" is good enough for me, however. sslarsson does not post here anymore, so it's probably OK for me to say that he was a self-ordained, self-important floating stool of the kind that would make a urologist gag, and only a lame, no-balls dickhole would leave the forum after being...
I knew it.
Yes. I am Paul Krugman. Jesus Christ.
Great. Awesome. My point was that if you want to know about economics, you consult an economist. jazzguru / Naples / dmz / whoever he is is not an economist.
Hi. It's me.Are you a Nobel Prize winning economist? Jimmac is taking the analysis of a Nobel Prize winning economist on a question of economics.If he wants the advice of a religious fundamentalist on matters of Biblical exegesis, now he knows where to come.
Nick, I think that you should post without any punctuation at all. It should serve your breathless scorn of everything that isn't Republican very elegantly.See?Much better.
Hi Naples.
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