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Let's start a petition to shut it down!
Wow! The scumbags filed suit in Eastern Texas... Let's start petitioning the president that they close down the Federal court there based on the rampant abuse of the legal system.
With that kind of dumb logic the only recourse is revolution. Then you just have a new government to battle.
ROFLOL - so we are supposed to listen to you because you are an attorney????
It is tIme to give Texas back to its rightful owner, Mexico!
First of all, this is IDC, who always pulls numbers out of their ass. Second, to try to classify android as a unified market boarders on absurdity. It's no way to look at the market and is pretty much meaningless.
When the hell are they going to bring multi-party video chat back???? IChat was actually a much better app than FaceTime. I used it all the time in my business.
...and then transmitted to the NFC device. That sounds even safer! /s
No thanks google. Don't need you. PBS Kids (free) and Netflix rule on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. You're not going to suck my kids into your vortex and make them your product.
Right, I want to open my 4 year old to be brainwashed by ads delivered by Google, and turn her into a commodity with her personal data bought and sold by these fools.
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