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As tragic as this event is, in 2013 alone over 11,000 people were murdered by guns in the US, and over 80,000 injured. Yet we vehemently defend our right to own guns. And these clowns think we should give up our right to privacy? If you want to prevent mass murder in the US, which happens every year, there is s better way to start than taking away our right to privacy, and our right to online security.
And here we have a newbie who doesn't know what they are talking about. You need to go study-up to understand your fail on this one. Re-read the article. Full blown Windows is actually a hinderance to the Surface, and understand what you CAN do on an iPad - the full Office suite is available, which is 99% of what users do on a PC. And it does so much more, and better.
The country is run by absolute morons.
That is an absolutely moronic statement. To get yourself a good education.
Bank of the West and Fidelity where the hell are you? Fire your dumbass legal team, marketing team and or IT heads and get some competent people in charge!
But the stupidity of this is that if they aren't requiring them to use ultracheap underpowered devices running outdated versions of the OS they will learn little as that is the overwhelming majority of android devices.
Wow that's harsh! In other news, the LA Water & sewage Dept. mandated that some of their employees eat sht so that they could experience what some of their customers experience.
Amazing that Apple's efforts actually increased competition and temporarily thwarted a near monopoly / monopoly in ebooks by a company using predatory pricing behaviors to lock out competition. This was one of the most wrongheaded judgements in recent memory.
Excuse me, but neither did Tesla.
Duh! Free trial is a common and important SHORT TERM marketing tactic. And this meant Apple was also promoting these artists for free for a mere 3 months out of a lifetime. That's not a lot to ask. Taylor's point was well taken though, that most artists don't make much money, which by the way has a lot to do with the onerous structure of their label agreements. With that, Apple agreed. So put a sock in it. The two things aren't even close to the same.
New Posts  All Forums: