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I tend to agree with you, although I do see the independent labels point of view being the little guys, and would have a greater impact on them financially. I think a two tiered approach, compensating them during the free trial, could have worked. As to TS, she's right in that music shouldn't be free. But that's why free streaming should never have been agreed to by the industry, but Apple didn't create that, but has to compete against it. Free streaming of "all you can...
I love these morons advertising. /s "our Edge screen glows colors on the edge so you know whose trying to contact you. The IPhone just vibrates." False advertising from these clowns! Don't turn your iPhone upside down, leave it facing up, and you see all the necessary info, in fact even more than Samesung, when someone contacts you - like the full message and exactly who. Does this stupid company think all people are morons? Or just their own customers?
And what planet are you living on? Samsung documents submitted in court clearly showed that they set out to copy the iPhone, in just a matter of weeks, as closely as they possibly could so stop your twitsted tortured pseudo-intellectual bullshit. They not only copied the look, feel and functionality of the iPhone, but everything down to the package design and even the font used. And let's not forget even the charger was exactly the same. Anyone with half a brain can see...
That is their standard operating procedure globally. They start by blatantly stealing, cheating (price fixing), lying (hiring bloggers to trash the competition), etc. then drag it through the courts while they thumb their nose at the rest of the world. To them it's a simple cost benefit analysis, not a moral, ethical or legal question. They have no morals based on their continued pattern of violating the law all around the world. This company needs to be aggressively...
Anyone that saves their bank password in their keychain is an idiot, but point well taken.
Beep! Wrong answer. You are overintellectualizing. They used to charge for them, and stopped doing so without raising prices. That in fact makes them free.
Eric Schmidt, such a smug asshole. Watch the video. It's good to know that he is so concerned about us based on the Patriot Act. He relies on the fact that so many of his users are unaware, or just idiots.
A big middle finger to the Upper East Side who think they are somehow better than anyone else. Fk the one percenters!
Twitters strength has been its brevity. Oops!
Jumped on this B&H 3.5 GHZ deal! With discount and no sales tax almost $400 savings. With that savings bumping RAM to 32 GB. Woo Hoo!
New Posts  All Forums: