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Actually both.
If you jailbreak, you're a moron.
And the android trolls are the first to respond! Samsung maybe?
Hey Samscum! Thanks for spending your money to announce the new and bigger iPhone! Brilliant! You are marketing geniuses!
Give it a rest oh clueless one! All of my iPhones back to the 3G are still in use by family members - 3G, 4, 4S, 5, 5S.
In the news, Federal prosecutors are investigating Samsung for child abuse in forcing infant to cry for the filming of a TV commercial. In other news, child's father arrested for child abuse, and for being too stupid to watch his game on TV while his small child watched his movie on a tablet.
I currently live in China and Google is effectively blocked here across their entire product line. Even google translate now requires use of VPN to work, a recent change. Google pulling out of China was one of the dumbest business moves in history IMHO.
Fictitious numbers from these "research" whores - Apple sells most of their computers direct, numbers these guys can't track, but just guess.
Obviously the marketplace disagrees with your observations and conclusions since the iPhone outsells all other high end models. And apparently your "worthless" comment is in direct conflict with the fact that you own an iPhone.
But in fact it's from the same scumbag company - the one that invades your privacy...
New Posts  All Forums: