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And Apple remains the most manipulated stock on the market. No news here. And the stupidity of "analysts" is the icing on the cake...
Now if Pei Wei would only start selling good food I might start using my Apple Watch there, but right now they sell over-priced mediocrity.
In other news, pencil manufacturers are held liable for providing instruments to terrorists that aid them in bypassing electronic communications. "Legal experts"', totally full of shit. Suggestion, to all those earning the BILLIONS of dollars being spent on national security and anti-terrorism, do your jobs with the resources you have!
For god's sake, don't ever create a successful company! Every slime ball comes out of the closet biting at your heals trying to drag you down!
Seriously, I'm not even going to go there. Go get yourself a good education as you are totally clueless... You have no basic concept of what is going on. This in no way resembles the phone company model. Not even close.
What total bullshit - that analogy does not in any way shape or form represent what Apple is doing. There is so much ignorance out there it is comical. With Apple you can still buy CDs and movies and books etc without buying them through Apple and play them on your Apple device. You can still access Spotify, pandora, amazon prime, Hulu, etc. through their websites. There are NO restrictions to access. It's just if you want to sell your services through APPLE's store, and...
That is an absolutely ignorant analogy! Rockefeller did not let other petroleum companies sell their gas at his stations. Apple lets all the major players in each of its media product categories onto ITS system in the areas of music, books movies, even google maps. If they don't want to pay to be on the apple network, then pull out. It's that simple!
The MacBook Air is not a netbook by any stretch of the imagination. Net books have a much smaller footprint than an Air and historically grossly underpowered in every way. In other words, they were hard to use junk.
With all due respect, it is DED's critical and factually based articles that draw many to this site. His intelligent analysis, and critical insight are what is missing from many, if not most, general news sources, and even many technology focused sites. He is usually spot on with his critical analysis. The lack of this insight and fact based analysis is what is missing from most journalism today, including the once venerable NYT. It is no wonder that newspapers are...
What total bullshit from some armchair or mail order lawyer. The fact of that matter is that samesung set out to copy the iPhone in near entirety, and thus reaped massive sales and market share increases, while other competitors were devastated by the iPhone, thus proving that all profits should be stripped from them for their illegal behavior.
New Posts  All Forums: