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Normally I would agree, but in this case, total nonsense....
81 million for attorneys???? Crooks!!! The laws need to change to cap attorneys' fees in these cases! Why in the world should such a large share of the settlement go into their fat greasy hands?
Yes, but they did come up with innovative colors - white, black and gold. Oh, wait...
What, like the Tea Tax you charged us? Just kidding - what you are not accounting for is changes in the exchange rates. It's not just VAT.
Sorry but you are only partially right. The color of sunlight you mentioned is only at mid-day. Sunlight at dawn and sunset is closer to the incandescent light - I think you would agree that in fact sunrise and sunset are beautiful times of the day with their warm glowing light. This is why sunset is one of the best times of the day for photography and film-making - it is called "the golden hour".
Actually, to overcome stupidity and ignorance one actually needs knowledge. Most of us here actually appreciate DED's presentation of the facts. For instance, news to me is that Google has dropped support for SD cards, and the cons of using them with other versions of android which make up the overwhelming number of their devices still being sold. A critically important point when discussing future purchases with friends or family that might be considering buying one.
Nailed 'em!
The income graphic above is the perfect example of why streaming isn't just a horrible business model, but just plain stupid. The artists are getting totally fk'd... The music industry is shooting itself in the head and can't possibly thrive in any qualitative way when artists can't survive.
I have a better idea! Fix your gd website! Of all the websites I use on a regular basis, yours is the absolute slowest to load! We don't need yet another app! You're a technology website! Try using some!
So tell me, who wants to buy furnaces that they couldn't get to work?
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