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What? People are cynical about a company that grabs every single bit of personal electronic data they can about you, and stores it in their massive data centers, and gives it to the U.S. government upon request? Why would there be cynicism about that?
Absolute cluster FK - the way it is set up makes you scroll through 300 pages to find anything. Doesn't add everything in your cart to the order... So cancelled the item and tried again now won't even add to the cart. Good gob amazon - no wonder you don't make any money!
The solution is quite obvious - dump Google too! Why would you want them shining a flashlight up your ass all the time?
Isn't enabling automatic updates in and of itself a vulnerability that could be potentially exploited by a hack that finds a vulnerability in Adobe' update system?
How about you get off your high horse instead. The Microsoft case was totally different. MS had almost a total monopoly and was illegally trying to crush competition. Apple on the other hand has allowed, even invited, competitors onto their platform - Spotify, Pandora, Google, and all others in music; amazon and others in ebooks, MS in productivity apps, etc. etc. etc.
It's real simple Spotify, quit riding on Apple's back and pull your app from the App Store. You're lucky they let competitors on their platform!
It's only because the competition is beating on the government door. Meanwhile, Amazon continues to have a near monopoly with ebooks, and dominant market share in printed books through predatory pricing as they put bookstores out of business one after the other. The gov needs to get their head out of their ass.
Not so surprising. The IFC store is on the other side of the bay near the Star Ferry so no need to put it on the this side also close to the ferry. As to being 10 minutes from a subway stop, that is no big deal for Hong Kong.
I'll wait for the real numbers next week as IDC is usually Way off the mark when it comes to Apple.
Looking at the diagram, what a BS patent! It's called a network! Which already existed. All of these silos, and networked activities, were already taking place in one form or another when this patent was filed! We had data networks, we had networked delivery of video (free and paid on-demand), and we had mobile communications that tied into data and content networks, etc., etc, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: