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ROFLOLSo Apple's only advantage has been hardware features? Give it a rest. There have been MANY attempts to produce thin, light and elegant laptops. Yet Apple still dominates because of providing a superior user experience.
What? Is your phone broken?
So yours communicates to you telepathicly?
But wait, maybe Apple Pay can come to the US. Neither one of my lame ass banks in the US support it.
Why doesn't Apple just buy this company?
What a horrible video! Trying to demonstrate touch motions without even showing touch, a finger in motion? Really? If your going to demonstrate something AI, use some common sense. Clarity of communication / precision is imperative if you are trying to educate. An actual demonstration of the physical action along with a voice over explanation is the proper way to do a demo, not some lame screen capture which doesn't show the physical gesture.
With all due respect, anyone who thinks the lower case display is an annoyance is an ....... Seriously, find something meaningful in your lives and quit complaint. It is a much appreciated change for the overwhelming majority of users.
Thank you SolipsismY! The voice of reason is much appreciated.
Per your comment, then why not, as with the email system, when you have a photo open, have an album icon showing in the tool bar that when clicked would pop up a scrollable album list, and when you touched the desired album, an alias would be placed in the album? Seems simple and straight forward. Right?
My albums still say "camera roll" not "all photos" and I'm in current version of iOS. Also, the method for putting a photo into a new folder is not intuitive, and is grossly inadequate. In email, when you open an individual email a folder icon displays in the tool bar, and when you click on that folder it displays a list of all folders. When you then click on the folder in the list that you want to file that email in, it automatically transfers that email into it. Why the...
New Posts  All Forums: