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Love this app! MS, don't FK it up!!!!
Sweet revenge!
You are correct. China requires that all map information be licensed from Chinese based and government approved sources. In fact, outside companies are prohibited from creating their own navigational maps. Due to a limited number of Chinese sources, those sources can focus on deeper and richer data, which Apple then licenses from them.
remind me not to send my kids there...
How in the world can one say they did not violate trade dress when even their own lawyers couldn't tell the difference between an iPad and a Samsung tablet? Their Galaxy phone looked almost exactly like an iPhone, and even the packaging looked the same as the iPhone, down to the typeface used. The adapter was exactly the same as Apple's new and unique design.even their internal documents showed that they set out to copy the iPhone as exactly as they could. Ad infinitum....
Free streaming is a horrible business model and was done out of desperation. And doing low priced tiers is equally stupid - it is a continued race to the bottom while the artists make next to nothing.
And so goes the race to the bottom that is destroying the music industry by screwing the artis who receive mere pennies through the licensed use of their creative work. The double whammy is that now artists need to charge a small fortune for concert tickets to achieve financial success thus screwing the fans, and new acts find it much harder to survive.
With all due respect, what the fk do you propose? That companies that are complying with the letter of the law just donate money to these governments? If the countries don't like the current tax regime, simply change it. But don't cry foul and threaten fines. Of course, whoever claimed that our governments are run by the smartest people on the planet?
Exactly! The music labels were stupid to ever even license to these free and all you can eat services for a low monthly fee. It was short term thinking and is seriously damaging the business for the long term, and totally screwing the performers and song writers.
Hey Spotify and the rest of you, go FK yourselves. Why shouldn't you have to pay to access Apple's customer base! If you don't like it, don't put your apps in the Apple App Store and create your own valuable ecosystem! Does Walmart have to carry every product that knocks on their door? Or have to put your products on their shelves when asked?
New Posts  All Forums: