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Morons! Partnering with Samesung! Have they learned nothing about this theiving immoral company? And letting them brand the tablet? This is beyond stupid!
Thank you DED! Another great piece that mercilessly roasts the incompetent hacks in the world of decaying journalism.
Welcome to AI Wendy! You make a great point. I just moved back to US after living in Xiamen China for 6 years and spent time doing business in Taiwan. It should also be noted that good job opportunities for young Taiwanese are very scarce and millions have moved to the mainland to find work. Also, I was told by one of my Taiwanese clients that only about 10% of people living in Taipei own their own home. This is far from "Western-level incomes".
When are the courts going to grow some balls and slap this thieving company into submission? They thumb their nose at everyone's IP around the world as part of their ongoing business strategy. The fact is that they don't care because they never, ever, get slapped hard. The reality is that they stole BILLIONS of dollars of business from Apple as they converted themselves into the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, almost overnight, using Apple's IP, when...
Can you say, "malware opportunity"? "Google seems to be planning to take a backseat with its payments initiative, instead depending on developers and individual brands to implement it."
Let's start a petition to shut it down!
Wow! The scumbags filed suit in Eastern Texas... Let's start petitioning the president that they close down the Federal court there based on the rampant abuse of the legal system.
With that kind of dumb logic the only recourse is revolution. Then you just have a new government to battle.
ROFLOL - so we are supposed to listen to you because you are an attorney????
It is tIme to give Texas back to its rightful owner, Mexico!
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