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First of all, "The Republic of China" is not China, but Taiwan. China is "The People's Republic Of China", or PRC. The author obviously used this term instead of using Taiwan twice right next to each other in the same sentence. Next geography lesson, the Far East refers to the entire region of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North and South Korea, South East Asia, Japan., etc. Basically where the overwhelming majority of electronics manufacturing and assembly takes place for the...
Wow! This judge is deaf , blind and dumb beyond belief! The only thing left in copying would have been if they put an Apple logo on it!
It is not truly waterproof - merely water resistant. The whole premise is a scam.
Perfect, that means I can urinate on it!
Good insight! Thanks
Wow! And the reason for that is...? I use Dropbox all the time and have absolutely no problems with it.
So what is the current professional environment like for FCP X after all the complaints when it launched? What has the adoption rate been in the professional world? And what are user's impressions? Any insight out there from actual pros? I just haven't heard much since all the complaints during the initial launch period and am curious...
So they want to sue Apple as shareholders for financial losses, by causing more financial losses by suing them! And that helps shareholders how, by more financial losses??? Financial trolls!
Can you actually read? Apple is doing, and has been doing, what is necessary to resolve the issue. So get off your soap box and go get yourself a good education.I have been living in a China for the last 5 year and visiting here for 15, and can tell you that most Westerners have no clue about this country. These are young adults working in these factories who actually make more money than anyone in there family has ever made. They work hard to save for their future, and to...
ROFLOL - let's not overlook all those Samscum phones on the bottom of the list, yet ALL iPhones are right up there near the top.
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