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Why? The new version is far far superior.
You obviously don't know this company, at all. (Also reflected in the number of comments you have posted before today - 0.) and your comment really says nothing. The fact of the matter is that demand is outstripping supply, a supply that was larger than last year. Further, purchases on the China mainland are not as significant as some think as a significant number of Chinese buy their iPhones through Hong Kong (which was in last year's launch).because they then avoid the...
Looking at another record setting release, it's amazing how far some of these analysts have their heads up their posterior - if they blink they will be tickling their throat!
You have no.clue what you are talking about. Go get yourself a good education before you post such moronic statements.
Oh please, give it a fk'n rest. What BS. Apple could not possibly do what they do here in the US. There is no way in hell to ramp up going from 0 to millions of units a week in the US manufacturing and labor environment. That process includes adding hundreds of thousands of employees, as well as thousands of engineers and skilled trades, almost overnight. The scale and flexibility far surpasses our ability. As to cheap labor, those workers are now making more per month on...
Hey Crystal! Fk you! Give me my $1 back you POS!
Bob Putz!
$150 for just one computer! You used to get three licenses per purchase. Software companies going to subscriptions as primary model are extortionists. Sorry, but no thanks.
Just finished downloading and is now installing on the watch... in California USA.
Showing 9 minutes remaining here in US
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