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Ready. Set. Go!
Give it a rest. The article was accurate, just the wrong photos were posted. It has been corrected. No story here.
The only gullibility I see is yours. It turns out the wrong photos were posted, probably by the editor, and that the 6s photos are now available, as an update to your linked article above indicates. A simple mistake that has been corrected.
But you only get 2 accidents with the plan and for each accident you need to pay $99. This is what it typically costs to replace a broken screen which is the most common accident. Not a good deal!
This website is the absolute worst, by far, that I visit regularly in terms of loading speed and annoying loading refreshes. It's ok to pontificate, but I don't see any suggestions from you on how to improve AI's worst in class performance.
Thank you. Brilliantly said. I am one of those that have been bitching for ages to fix this POS (technically/ad bloat) site. Great suggestion for AI to actually listen to their loyal readers and take suggestions. AI is the SOLE reason I installed Crystal but after reading some of the forum posts have now switched to Purify so I can whitelist other sites. My original post on this subject was brutal but short and to the point. Here it is..."Your website is the problem! You...
Your website is the problem! You reflect 100% of the problem! When it comes to performance hindering bloat loaded with crap ads AI is the king! You are the absolute worst site I visit regularly in terms of bloat and slowness to load. Now that I have installed Crystal, solely because of YOUR site, instead of the absolutely horrible performance you have been providing, your site now loads MUCH MUCH MUCH faster and is no longer a huge annoyance. You are a victim of your own...
Crystal in the App Store - 99cents!
While I'm at it, download an ad blocker for iOS 9! I just downloaded Crystal and now AI actually loads quickly, and doesn't go through all the BS refreshes like it does without a blocker. IT IS MUCH FASTER! AI's technical foundation is a total POS! ...but now problem solved.
Duh! Why did this take so fk'n long? What a concept...That patents should actually protect your IP! Judge Kohl is a hack who should be impeached.
New Posts  All Forums: