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Hello AI - WTF is this that you wrote in this article? "A high-profile iCloud breach in September resulted in a massive leak of compromising celebrity photos" First, iCloud WAS NOT breached. Specific celebrity accounts were - those account holders used very poor judgement in setting up their passwords and were therefore hacked. Second, this did not happen in September, as it was not a single event. Various accounts had their passwords guessed over an extended period of...
Absolutely right - it is legalized corruption.
In the case of baseband, you've made your own argument that actually supports Apple bringing that tech in house. In a word, INNOVATION! Controlling the baseband radios allows Apple to not only save money in the Billions, but also the fact that Apple's strategy has always been to bring unique and innovative solutions to consumers within vertical integration. Period. What would drive this effort is the fact that even more of our life activities are going to become wireless -...
Excuse me but "shipments for the holiday quarter falling between 67 million and 69 million units" would be much better said to be RISING to between 67 - 69 million!
Beautiful! I'm back in China for the month of March and can't wait to see some of the new stores, and customer reactions. What is so sad is the fact that many, if not most, Chinese Mac customers load windoze on their computers and don't use OS X at all. Hopefully that will change soon.
Normally I would agree, but in this case, total nonsense....
81 million for attorneys???? Crooks!!! The laws need to change to cap attorneys' fees in these cases! Why in the world should such a large share of the settlement go into their fat greasy hands?
Yes, but they did come up with innovative colors - white, black and gold. Oh, wait...
What, like the Tea Tax you charged us? Just kidding - what you are not accounting for is changes in the exchange rates. It's not just VAT.
Sorry but you are only partially right. The color of sunlight you mentioned is only at mid-day. Sunlight at dawn and sunset is closer to the incandescent light - I think you would agree that in fact sunrise and sunset are beautiful times of the day with their warm glowing light. This is why sunset is one of the best times of the day for photography and film-making - it is called "the golden hour".
New Posts  All Forums: