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I'm confused by Apple's naming convention of this product. Why are they just calling this a MacBook when it is closer to a MacBook Air? Seems like they would be better off calling this something like a MacBook Air RD (for Retina Display) rather creating confusion as to where it fits in the product mix. I'm saying this understanding full well that they are introducing new technologies for future development of their entire portable product line but IMHO, they are creating...
Apple will end up winning the iBooks appeal. The reality is that it should have been Amazon that was investigated and prosecuted based on predatory pricing practices as they drive independent booksellers out of business. That in fact would have been in the best interest of "consumers" - keeping healthy businesses and jobs in our own neighborhoods. Protecting "consumer" interests is more than just delivering the cheapest prices. In fact the word "consumer" is a terrible...
Read carefully. My point was the comparison was wrong and misleading. Either take the tax off both prices, or add to both, if you plan to call out specific price points. The U.S. number is without any tax, and the Chinese price includes a 17% luxury goods tax. The way the disparity in numbers is indicated in the article are wrong as it makes it look like Apple is gouging and that is not the case. Further, the article focuses on how much Apple is paying for used iPhones,...
The article's iPhone retail price comparison between China and the U.S. is grossly misleading. Apple's quoted retail prices in China already have added in the 17% government mandated tax in their retail pricing for all their products. (This is why many people go to Hong Kong to purchase Apple products where there is no sales tax.) Factoring this in, there is only a $50 difference between Apple's actual China and US pricing for the base model.
It goes deeper than that in business - it is a culture of cheating and stealing pretty much across the board. It is a basic business strategy. There is no moral compass. This goes for Korea and China.
And it must be soooooooo powerful! They'll be editing 3D movies on it....
Any parent that buys their college student a SP3 as a primary computing device is a technological moron. Further, to use the full capabilities, you need to spend an additional $180 for keyboard and pen. It is a very poor choice.
Morons! Partnering with Samesung! Have they learned nothing about this theiving immoral company? And letting them brand the tablet? This is beyond stupid!
Thank you DED! Another great piece that mercilessly roasts the incompetent hacks in the world of decaying journalism.
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