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Hey Cyrus, go FK yourself. We're spending BILLIONS on national security. Do your fk'n jobs without compromising our freedom and privacy.
You're right. Meaningless as the store at he's are not setup to connect to anything via Bluetooth or wifi. That is why the weather app won't connect. They are just set up to show functionality.
I tend to agree. It's starting to be a bit over the top. Steve would not have wanted this. The product is the hero, as are Apple's regular loyal customers. This is not the Apple Steve built - this is too much exclusivity and pomp, moving to the front of the line based on fame or fortune. With Steve it was not about celebrity - but about making the best products, and the customers will come.
Isn't there an app for that?
This program was poorly planned from the start. And to now put chromebook and surface garbage into students' hands shows that the level of incompetence at the school district continues.
This guy is a total incompetent turd who wasn't qualified from the start to monitor anything. The fact that he had to hire someone else to do his appointed job, while still charging Apple outrageous sums for his own time, should have disqualified him immediately. This guy is nothing more than a gold digger.
I experienced no lag and found it very responsive. I also tried the new MacBook and also found it extremely responsive. Apps, including iMovie opened in 3 seconds or less. The reviews saying under powered are total BS. It has plenty of horsepower!
I checked one out at the Apple Store yesterday and was blown away. Most of the reviews criticizing it are full of shit. For example, the hack at recode said it took her a week to get used to the keyboard. You've got to be kidding! The keyboard feels great and super easy to use. Since its retina, the screen is excellent and easy to view at its current size. It is an engineering marvel, solid, and amazingly light. Also, it is much faster than the reviews would lead you to...
And looking at Romero's artwork on Google I see the use of Disney characters, the McDonald's logo, Michael Jackson, etc. etc. etc. - and I'm sure he hasn't lifted those images without permission or compensation to the owners. Right.
It is obvious, due to the fact that some models were already showing that the ship times were 4 to 6 weeks, that it wasn't the watch that was the problem, but band production. Or an anodized watch body color, which requires additional manufacturing steps.
New Posts  All Forums: