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Nonsense. Apple does things when the timing is right. And apparently that time is not here. Period.
Simple, they can't. They are selling the razor so that you buy razor blades...
Oops! The Newton was developed under Scully in Steve's absence. He actually killed the Newton when he returned.
Come on Bank of the West and Fidelity, get your heads out of your posteriors and start accepting Apple Pay. Just fire your lawyers to get them the hell out of the way.
Was able to get on the Apple.com store before the Apple Store app. Overload is a good sign for strong sales!
Adopt me! :-)
"Remember Me" doesn't work on the ipad. It only shows up on the iPhone.
No, they got to where they are by producing products people actually wanted to buy and use, and that are much better than other offerings out there. The fact that you already know what they are going to launch is because there are now so many leaks, and people trying even harder to get info in advance. Apple continues to push state of the art in design, execution, quality, performance, support and customer satisfaction. Period.
Next to no one has a 4K TV. Talk about dumb.... Let's file your comment there.
1. There in fact is a dedicated controller, and third-party companies have already started announcing other accessories.2. It just came out, the games will follow. Duh!3. Content? For those of us that have been following along closely, new content is hung up for awhile as major content providers haven't agreed to terms yet.4. Home Kit - it is software! And guess what, just in case you missed it TVos is based on iOS, and anyone except a total moron would think that the...
New Posts  All Forums: