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It just goes to show what we all already know, Apple rocks! The rest are just business hacks.
"Minor feature"? Surely you jest. Let's take that feature away from you and see haw minor it really is...
We'll believe it when we see it. The only definitively on this list is the larger iPhone, totally revamped ATV, and regular iPad upgrades, IMHO.
"Thousands of dollars"???? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Low volume at best. Next, NFC, really? A pretty much failed tech, at least in the US? IMHO, not.
And yet it's perfectly legal for an employer to require an employment contract that prohibits the employee from going to work for a competitor for a year after ending their employment. Go figure.
Back off! Insults are inappropriate. This is obviously someone whose English is a second language.
Seriously, fk Adobe! They are arrogant to the Nth degree and make ridiculously bloated and complicated user interfaces, and refuse to adhere to Apples interface standards. They have no concept of ease-of-use and are stealing from their users with the subscription only model.
So Blackberry can quickly get a sales injunction for this but Apple can't get injunctions on Samsung devices even after blatantly copying the iPhone and iPad? What the fk is wrong with our judicial system????
I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, to find a lawyer with such poor reading comprehension skills.
What utter nonsense when the author says "Google knows how to build its own hardware thanks to years of designing and manufacturing custom networking gear and recent experiments with the admittedly ill-fated Q streamer and Google Glass."!!!! Developing and building their own servers is far from actually developing well designed and manufactured consumer devices that are superior to anything else on the market. It isn't even in the same league! As to google glass,...
New Posts  All Forums: