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The annual sales for the iPad market will never be as large as for iPhones as smartphones are more ubiquitous, and the iPad replacement cycle is much longer. This isn't rocket science. That is all the story that needs to be told other than that Apple will continue to expand the feature set and ecosystem so that demand will in fact stay strong.
Take head out of rectum. The iPad replaces text books, a school expense. And we certainly don't, and shouldn't, expect kids to pay for their own textbooks. This is such a nonissue.
Wow! I think it's time to get a life, unless you were missing the /s
Good god! When are the Amazon shareholders going to wake up? Talk about fragmentation and lack of focus.... In other news, Amazon acquires a chain of electronically operated car washes as well as a chain of online dry cleaners...
Seriously? Wow! You must have failed both geography and history! As an expat living in China, living directly across from Taiwan, and having met and worked with many Taiwanese, I can assure you they most certainly do consider themselves Chinese, and part of China, or they wouldn't call themselves The Republic of China. They just don't consider themselves part of the communist regime. Further, there are now millions of Taiwanese working on the mainland, and millions more...
First of all, "The Republic of China" is not China, but Taiwan. China is "The People's Republic Of China", or PRC. The author obviously used this term instead of using Taiwan twice right next to each other in the same sentence. Next geography lesson, the Far East refers to the entire region of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North and South Korea, South East Asia, Japan., etc. Basically where the overwhelming majority of electronics manufacturing and assembly takes place for the...
Wow! This judge is deaf , blind and dumb beyond belief! The only thing left in copying would have been if they put an Apple logo on it!
It is not truly waterproof - merely water resistant. The whole premise is a scam.
Perfect, that means I can urinate on it!
Good insight! Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: