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Looking at the diagram, what a BS patent! It's called a network! Which already existed. All of these silos, and networked activities, were already taking place in one form or another when this patent was filed! We had data networks, we had networked delivery of video (free and paid on-demand), and we had mobile communications that tied into data and content networks, etc., etc, etc.
...and the Mac. (Let's not forget the enterprise market, their last stronghold that has Macs being more widely adopted, and which need to operate within legacy systems. No matter how awful those systems are!)
... And Dick Cheney was the Prince of Peace?
Hey Comey and Yates, go FK yourselves! Do your job with the tools you have, which have cost the taxpayers BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars, and STFU! You do not speak for the citizens of this country. We, the people you SERVE, have spoken loudly and clearly, stay out of our private lives!
Why people like you like calling others "fanboys" I'll never know. You obviously have absolutely no clue yourself why things are happening behind the scenes with Samsung or Apple. We know for sure that the problems with the gold phone were a result of getting the annodized coating right and then ramping up production, and that probably the 6 + was a production problem with manufacturing the larger screens due to higher failure rates. We heard this through the channel. On...
Hopefully we'll see full upgrades across the entire line, including charging via lightning jacks instead of usb
" It's not clear why other artists like Prince continue to withhold their discographies, but at least for the moment Apple is still fighting in the same war as Spotify." Of course it's clear! They realize what a horrible business model all-you-can-eat streaming subscriptions are for the artists! Why in the world would they want to hurt their catalogue sales for just fractions of a cent? This model will destroy a lot of the industry, and severely hurt the artists.
Oxymoron - "Samsung...cutting edge software and services"
A gross miscarriage of justice. Meanwhile Amazon continues its near monopoly and predatory pricing while putting bookstores out of business one after the other.
I tend to agree with you, although I do see the independent labels point of view being the little guys, and would have a greater impact on them financially. I think a two tiered approach, compensating them during the free trial, could have worked. As to TS, she's right in that music shouldn't be free. But that's why free streaming should never have been agreed to by the industry, but Apple didn't create that, but has to compete against it. Free streaming of "all you can...
New Posts  All Forums: