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Jumped on this B&H 3.5 GHZ deal! With discount and no sales tax almost $400 savings. With that savings bumping RAM to 32 GB. Woo Hoo!
You obviously don't know or understand anything about Apple. See my previous post above.
In the most recent releases of iOS and OS X many have been bitching that Apple has been releasing too much, too often, and that the releases have been too buggy or unstable. And now we have a bunch of nitwits complaining that this was snoozefest as not much new here, just a few minor upgrades. You can't have it both ways knuckleheads! What was released was very important - optimized, higher performance software! They did EXACTLY what they needed to do, and should have...
They are so great at creating features no one needs and trying to spin them inta an advantage. This company is a pathetic.
What the hell are you talking about? The alternative services are all available through iOS apps. Apple has not eliminated the competition. Unbelievably so. This forces their internal teams to be constantly improving the Apple offerings which they have been doing - especially in maps.
What nonsense. What was the methodology here, as the record setting sales of iPhone 6 and 6S have seen a sharp increase from Samesung users switching to the iPhone? And Samsung has not seen the same results of iPhone users switching to them.
Damn it! I was about to buy a new iMac but will now need to wait.... Please hurry up Apple and deploy this!
Love this app! MS, don't FK it up!!!!
Sweet revenge!
You are correct. China requires that all map information be licensed from Chinese based and government approved sources. In fact, outside companies are prohibited from creating their own navigational maps. Due to a limited number of Chinese sources, those sources can focus on deeper and richer data, which Apple then licenses from them.
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