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Actually it's not your music, or Apple's. It belongs to the music companies, song writers and musicians. You are only granted a license to use it. Period. It was in fact the music companies that required the DRM, and there is absolutely no reason why Apple should have had to "share" their technology or innovations with anyone else.
For those calling people ignorant that purchase these cheap products, they are wrong. These consumers are just misinformed or unaware. The truly ignorant are Android users beating the drum that Android is safe, and open is better.
This is real simple, "DOJ, go FK yourself!"
Will the last person to leave the room please turn out the lights...
Brilliant. Announce a "product" that you can't have.... Called vaporware!
In other news, Adrienne Moore was sued in district court for being a moron for switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy device.
What troubles me is how many ignorant people like yourself are out there. As an obvious heterosexual, is it appropriate for anyone to ask you if you eat your wife's pussy, or if you masterbate to photos in magazines, or if you do it doggy style? Or what your children would think if they knew? Go get a life and STFU.
Wrong! They have a lot to do with it! Having lived in China for the last 6 years I can tell you that xiaomei is rapidly replacing Samsung, especially with younger buyers. And xiaomei is accelerating this trend by expanding sales throughout Asia, and adding a new focus on the West.
Couldn't happen to a nicer company than these masters of innovation! /s
Actually worse than access to your credit card, which has fraud protections, they would be directly accessing bank accounts!
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