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Microsoft has FK all to do with it. It's because Apple uses the intel processor. The irony is that Windows runs better on a Mac. Go figure!I'm sure MSFT planned it that way. /s
Totally agree with your comment that AI is the slowest POS of all websites I visit. For god's sake AI, you're a fking tech website! Act like it! Fire your IT staff and hire some competent people to redo your website properly. Absolutely pathetic! Aren't you at all embarrassed at what a POS it is?
So many ignorant responses being posted to this article! First, the iPad is a much better replacement for textbooks. Next, it is a much better device for at least K-8th grades. You DO NOT NEED a keyboard. We have these marvelous inventions called pencil and paper that actually force the student to learn how to write while at the same time they remove the the unnecessary technology layer for the creative process of learning and creating. This is quite simply a case of KISS...
This is bad news! (No pun intended.) it is going to scare the shit out of the cable companies who are the real obstacle in the acquisition of content for Apple TV. They already fear that they will lose control of their monopolies if Apple gets their way and this just reinforces it. Apple has enough cash. They should just purchase Time Warner and take control of their own content and delivery system. Further, the Justice Department needs to wake up and do their job and...
 Wake up! Samsung is one of the most immoral and dishonest companies on the planet, and probably the most! Apparently you know nothing of their past behavior including violation of multiple companies' IP around the world, copying of others technology and product designs, price fixing, anti-competitive behavior, bribery, etc. etc. etc. The problem is the world's courts are too lax, and ours too slow. By the time the offending products reached trial, they were outdated and...
It makes absolutely no sense to let the airlines regulate this! The overwhelming majority of people DO NOT WANT IT! Period. BTW - you weren't called an asshole, just the people that would use a cellphone on an airplane . But if you think the airlines should be able to allow such use, then most certainly, hopefully, you would be the one sitting next to them. Then tell us how you feel. Do you really think the airlines would do what's in the best interest of their customers?...
Fine, we'll seat you with all the assholes on their cellphones! BTW - the overwhelming majority of consumers want to keep a ban on cellphone calls on airplanes. And guess what, regulations are implemented to protect the public interest. What part of that do you not understand?
FK the airlines! I do not want to sit anywhere near some loud mouthed asshole talking on their cellphone in flight. And FK the airlines if they are protesting as they want to charge extra fees for those wanting to use, or sit away from some asshole on their phone!
So this tiny little company gets slapped with an injunction yet the scumbag Samsung was allowed to continue to sell their direct copies of iPhones and iPads with absolute abandon. Our country is broken, politically and legally.
Hey Russia, go fk yourself.
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