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Couldn't happen to a nicer company than these masters of innovation! /s
Actually worse than access to your credit card, which has fraud protections, they would be directly accessing bank accounts!
So I guess that's why you chose your user name... Please, give give us a break. Samsung is the most blatantly corrupt tech company in Asia, although they are not alone, and deserve the criticism for everything exposed about them.
Oh please, don't be so naive. I have been traveling to China for 15 years, and just moved back after living there for over 5 years. Here is no moral compass in China, with the government or people. Just about everyone is trying to game the system and cheat to get ahead. The fact that all the major industries are State Owned Enterprises makes all their activities government sponsored by default.
Article states the following regarding China Mobile, "more than 50 percent of all supply entering the country on launch day." ?????? All iPhones in the world ship FROM China therefore China telecom's iPhones never left the country!
ROFLOL - perfect!
And with 8.0.2 my camera and FaceTime on my 5S are taking photos and video upside down. Come on Apple, get it together...
Just bought a 50" LCD TV. the sales clerk recommended Samsung and I said no FK'n way and purchased a beautiful LG model. Go FK yourself Samesung! Oops, you already did!
You have to warn us about language? Who are you? My nannie?
Try to improve your reading comprehension skills. Every reliable source has indicated that this is a non-issue and an extremely rare occurrence with only a handful of cases, out of 10's of millions, when it has occurred.
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