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As someone who has a long career in the advertising business, this is simply not true!
Actually, hopefully it is the case with the S5! This scumbag of a company does not deserve the business.
You mean like the fingerprint scanner that doesn't work? Get real...
We collectively need to start calling out AI for the pure piece of shit their web platform is built on. For god's sake, they are a technology focused news organization - use good technology! Start by firing your entire IT staff, trash this POS and build a technologically competent website. This is absolutely the worst site I visit in terms of speed, loading, crashing, etc. FIX IT! Please, everyone, join me in this effort to wake these people up!
Wrong! Millions of people around the world are using their smartphones as their primary computing device!
What arrogant nonsense! The whole point is you CAN NOT do an accurate analysis of the market just by looking at market share - it is just plain stupidity. That IDC's report is worthless without taking into consideration profitability and gross margins. They are facilitating and perpetuating a market share trap by producing such a half-ass report.
He was rightfully pointing out hardware deployment in the enterprise to compliment the iOS statement. The fact that the iPhone outsells every other model of smartphone speaks for itself.
Wow! How wrongheaded can you possibly be? Did you even read the article? Do you even follow Apple? Their acquisitions, their new IP, THEIR INCREASING SALES AND PROFITS! Do you have any clue at all what is going on the smartphone market?
Completed by 2021? That can't be right!
Sorry, not even close! tax losses are still losses. The portfolio is of little value as already demonstrated. The money acquired is far far from the purchase price. Smoke and mirrors...
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