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Samsung, a company that focuses on copying the competition and beating their competitors in all out war, including using every dirty trick in the book. Apple, a company that focuses on producing great products and a great ecosystem that people actually want, and love to use. Worlds apart.
So let's see. They have no credit card information. Their customers don't trust them fully because of their privacy policies. And people are supposed to do financial transactions through? Laughable! And you say they are going to "preempt Apple"???? ROFLOL
It says a lot that Florian Mueller is using a Samsung Note 2. Who is this little shit anyway?
You really are becoming tiresome on this site. Your comment is utter nonsense. Samsung has been the one making , marketing and selling stolen technology raking in billions. They are absolutely the right one to be suing first. Google will get their turn once Apple takes down this scumbag of a company. Apple will wound them first.
It just goes to show what we all already know, Apple rocks! The rest are just business hacks.
"Minor feature"? Surely you jest. Let's take that feature away from you and see haw minor it really is...
We'll believe it when we see it. The only definitively on this list is the larger iPhone, totally revamped ATV, and regular iPad upgrades, IMHO.
"Thousands of dollars"???? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Low volume at best. Next, NFC, really? A pretty much failed tech, at least in the US? IMHO, not.
And yet it's perfectly legal for an employer to require an employment contract that prohibits the employee from going to work for a competitor for a year after ending their employment. Go figure.
New Posts  All Forums: