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There is. It's called KeyRaider. It will lock your phone so you can't open it and download viruses. /s
You forgot the other precious commodity, screen space!
Of course you are missing something! If they sincerely want developers to upgrade their apps to be more secure, they should just tell them to do so immediately! NOT advise them on how to break the security feature! Classic google! Using the Android philosophy!
The article is indeed wrong. Akamai provides Apple the necessary storage and delivery service on a distributed and localized level which is necessary for smooth streaming on a large scale. That in fact is what Akami does for many large providers around the world through their global system of data centers so there is no need for Apple to build out that part of the network.
I signed up for Facebook years ago but never really used it. Just went back on again a couple weeks ago and joined some old friends. Opinion - what a total piece of shit and total waste of time! The dumbing down of America continues at a rapid pace. Another great example is the number of total morons that post comments on Yahoo's news items. It is no wonder that company is doing so poorly. Wake up America!
The pot calling the kettle black with their overpriced plastic toy watches...
The analysts, and the market, have their heads so far up their ass when it comes to Apple that it's laughable. Icahn and Apple are both feeding heavily on this trough in share price. The slowdown in China's economy has been going on for a very long time - it didn't just happen overnight. And yet, last quarter Apple's outperformance in China was more than amazing %u2014 while the overall smartphone market contracted by 4% there, Tim Cook announced iPhone unit growth of 87%...
Moves of a desperate company....being punished by the markets for good reason.
Swatch, the new Samesung...
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