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Half wits abound! The failure to understand that they DONT LIKE THE PRODUCTS is just so fundamental. You can't buy loyalty for a POS.
Maybe now we can start seeing mobile rates rapidly start falling to reasonable levels. Hopefully we can also force the government to remove its head from its ass, breakup the cable company monopolies, and get cable and internet service fees lowered as well, and land based internet speeds increased dramatically to competitive international levels.
Actually FALSE!!!!!As previously stated, hundreds of millions of phones in Asia do not in fact get updated!So stop spreading this total BS! There is more to the world than the narrow view of the West.
here we go - a new troll on the scene...
since when is taking care of the environment "pandering"? If you are a shareholder I suggest that you too take Tim's advice and take a hike. It's refreshing to see a major corporation that actually has a soul and isn't afraid to stand up for what is right beyond selfish interests.
The real poison pill for the music industry is their approval of the streaming model. It's absolutely moronic offering all you can eat for a small monthly fee, or totally free with ads. What did they expect? It's like buying all the gas you can use for $10 or 20 a month - it's not sustainable. The songwriters and artists are the ones getting screwed.
As someone who has a long career in the advertising business, this is simply not true!
Actually, hopefully it is the case with the S5! This scumbag of a company does not deserve the business.
You mean like the fingerprint scanner that doesn't work? Get real...
We collectively need to start calling out AI for the pure piece of shit their web platform is built on. For god's sake, they are a technology focused news organization - use good technology! Start by firing your entire IT staff, trash this POS and build a technologically competent website. This is absolutely the worst site I visit in terms of speed, loading, crashing, etc. FIX IT! Please, everyone, join me in this effort to wake these people up!
New Posts  All Forums: