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Apple, please don't pander to these 1% pricks! They are no more special than any of the rest of us. They are simply self-important asshats. Keep the store just like every other store, including the hours and lines. Down market??? Absolutely ridiculous. Steve would never have tolerated this. As for the A-Hole that is leading the effort opposing the store, here is an example of the type of people he hangs out with - "Mr. Ashley pleaded guilty to making a counterfeit copy of...
Wow! And we all know that what comes out of the Senate is priceless. /s
Nooooooooo! Keep that .NET crap out of our system! There's good reason why even some major corporations have dumped this turd from their development programs.
Hey AI, that's the headline that should have been on this news yesterday. Nice way to cover up your bonehead mistake without even an apology or clarification.
Wells Fargo, yes, that's where I would go for investment advice, as they pick my pocket like every other bank. Shameful!
I can't believe that the author of this piece wrote, with a straight face, "...Samsung's foundry unit operates independently from its consumer electronics business..." In these Korean style vertically integrated conglomerates there is no such thing as "operating independently" when it comes to the sharing of information across divisions, and sharing the same anti-competitive and immoral culture.
What a crock. I tried the SS watch in the store and the screen is brilliant! This is a total non-issue and certainly didn't deserve a whole article on it. Move on.
Exactly - they already said they would not... The only reason I see them doing it is that they blew the doors off ALL expectations. The problem is there is a real supply shortage so any numbers are pretty meaningless. Keep the focus on it just being a fantastic new offering with high demand and low supplyWhat absolute nonsense! With all the posts you have do you really understand Apple? Or the products? This is THE most sophisticated device they have ever launched from a...
What an ignorant thing to say. This is about helping people in need, not about your opinions. If you don't think the Red Cross is effective, why don't you just join them and show them how to do it better.
So Apple owns the ecosystem and they just might not allow competitors to some of THEIR core services on their system, or might slow them down when using APPLE'S infrastructure. And they shouldn't do this because....? Seriously, they have every right to slow down or block competitors. It's their system!!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: