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This judge is an absolute hack. She just seriously damaged Apple's case in the eyes of this jury by invalidating the pursuit of these patents after the trail had started - she has tainted the case. All of the evidence at trail, taken as a whole, proves that Samesung willfully stole Apple's IP and claimed it as their own by producing knockoff copies of the iPhone and iPad. She's a real POS.
Both google and amazon lose money on every tablet they sell. This is not a business model Apple is about to compete with in pricing.
 Interesting article - but you failed to point out that they lost money on every single phone they sold! Brilliant business strategy.... another company racing to the bottom.
Could you possibly be any more clueless? Seriously, go get yourself a good education before you post here.1. iPhones are the most sophisticated hand held computer on the market. They are better built so last longer, and they are so advanced that they don't become obsolete after a year or two. To that point, Apple continues to develop for and support older versions of the iPhone. My mother in law still uses my old 3Gs and is quite happy with it, my wife has a fully...
Victory, Apple!
Actually you need to study up on China. They now have a middle class that is larger than that of the US. Further, they will save for months to buy a single luxury product, even if they have a low salary. They are now the second largest luxury goods market in the world, and are estimated to reach the number one position within the next few years based on current trends.
Actually, margins for products sold in different locations can vary all over the place, not just with Apple. And to say that 50% is greedy is just nonsense. For instance, markups historically for things like furniture have been 100% (meaning a 50% gross margin) at the retail level. And since Apple sells directly as a retailer, there is nothing wrong with a 50% markup. As to the fluctuations in pricing by country, that could very well be based on specific costs for doing...
China is a story unto itself. The reality is that the rapid growth of smartphones here is now playing out at the very low end with a bunch of crappy, cheap, extremely poor performing android phones replacing crappy, cheap, feature phones. These phones are basically impotent devices used for texting just like the phones they replaced, and aren't even in the same ballpark as advanced smartphones. This is the problem when you try to group all android phones together as their...
So the kindle display in the final summary is "slightly better" making the news here what? Ridiculous!
More than likely the plant is being built in the US to keep this state-of-the-art technology out of the hands of the copycat Asian countries of Korea and China. You simply don't place your technology Crown Jewels there. Further, Apple is probably also tying up the capacity for manufacturing these specialized furnaces, thus keeping them out of competitors' hands, just like they did with the computerized milling machines for making aluminum unibodies. The scale at which they...
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