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Now it's time to prosecute the lawyers and disbar them to keep them from ever doing this BS again!
The reality of Chinese companies is that you can't trust their financial data - many companies keep two sets of books, hide their money and falsely report. Even world class audit firms can't keep up with all that's hidden in the financial shadows. This is reflected in the problem that even large corporations in China frequently change their accounting firms making it near impossible to keep up with their actual financials.
Sorry but IMHO your post is nonsense. Although there are exceptions, BAC is most frequently THE deciding factor in a DUI making the use and estimates totally relevant. Certainly slurred speech and lack of balance are important in roadside tests, but if you are using the device and data properly, and responding to it in a responsible manner, this device and the data it produces are totally relevant.
Seriously? What a waste of our fk'n time with this ridiculous opinion! How fk'n hard is it to put your finger on the home button to have it activate unlock almost instantly... Seriously, get a life...
The problem with these ridiculous lawsuits is they do not originate with actual customers, but originate with bottom feeding attorneys who go looking for plaintiffs so that they can line their own pockets with 10's of millions, and sometimes hundreds of millions, of dollars. Meanwhile, the actual customers end up with just a few bucks in their pockets. It's nothing more than legalized extortion.
These attorneys should be thrown in jail for fraud, along with their clients.
These scumbag attorneys are pariah. They will be the only ones to make any real compensation if they win this case - lining their pockets with 10o's of millions. The insanity needs to be stopped in our legal system - it is horribly broken.
Actually it's not your music, or Apple's. It belongs to the music companies, song writers and musicians. You are only granted a license to use it. Period. It was in fact the music companies that required the DRM, and there is absolutely no reason why Apple should have had to "share" their technology or innovations with anyone else.
For those calling people ignorant that purchase these cheap products, they are wrong. These consumers are just misinformed or unaware. The truly ignorant are Android users beating the drum that Android is safe, and open is better.
This is real simple, "DOJ, go FK yourself!"
New Posts  All Forums: