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In related news, Adrienne Moore is sued for being so stupid as to trade in an iPhone for a POS Samsung android phone.
Payees companies have no shame! Everyone seems to want to take the easiest path to fame and fortune, with no moral compass guiding them, or original thoughts! Typical China, "we'll make it just like that one, only cheaper"!
Great points - totally agree.
Excellent points. Google shot themselves in the foot. Moronic move. The fact that they also flaunt it as open and open source is also insulting to those in the tech industry who know better. They are getting their just rewards, oops, punishment....
And yet Apple gets sued for competing against Amazon in ebooks? Amazon is rapidly destroying the content industries by turning them into low cost commodities.
Finally some sanity might come to this case!
Go get yourself a good education, then get out and see the world, as you are obviously clueless.
And therein lies your wrongheadedness. "Android...will continue to dominate". Dominate what? The only thing it dominates is cheap crap phones. By all other metrics - usability, profitability, actual mobile web usage, ad revenue generation, third party app revenue generation, etc. it lags far behind.
Samsung, a company that focuses on copying the competition and beating their competitors in all out war, including using every dirty trick in the book. Apple, a company that focuses on producing great products and a great ecosystem that people actually want, and love to use. Worlds apart.
So let's see. They have no credit card information. Their customers don't trust them fully because of their privacy policies. And people are supposed to do financial transactions through? Laughable! And you say they are going to "preempt Apple"???? ROFLOL
New Posts  All Forums: