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Truly amazing that Apple's stock has declined so much in the past week when you compare their profits and gross margins to Amazon, as well as their respective PE ratios. Amazon has chosen a low margin, make no profit, give it away for free, build it and they will come business strategy to the detriment of their shareholders, while Apple continues to fire on all cylinders in every product category making record profits, the majority of industry profits, at high margins. Go...
He never was the brightest bulb in the room!
ROFLOL - "breathtaking"????? you mean the way it resembles an anodized aluminum iPod from the past?
And the idiots keep buying them by the millions... they are going to get what they paid for...
And the shorts are having a wonderful holiday season as Apple stock continues to be manipulated.
You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Apple stockpiled components ahead of, and in anticipation of the holidays and therefore doesn't need to stay at the same order levels for iPad 2, especially as they prepare for the new iPad 3. So before you make such stupid statements you should really get yourself an education about this company and how they operate.
Apple will hold its ground otherwise the floodgates will open and once again consumers will be under the thumb of the telco goliaths, sucking the marrow from the bone, just like banks are doing today.
These are the investment bankers and hedge funds, the great market and stock manipulators, beating this drum. Ignore them Apple and keep doing what you are doing. The drum beaters for a dividend are the same greedy bastards that created the current economic climate globally. Cash is king!
Take Samsung down a few pegs. They have made their way through monopolistic practices in their own country and have only succeeded globally by copying others, not through innovation.
The value of something you give away for free is "0".
New Posts  All Forums: