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The reality is that the suicide rate for high school students in the US is higher. Ignorance and arrogance abound.
Ah, ignorance is bliss! Let's say this again. THEY ALREADY MAKE A COMPETITIVE AND ABOVE MARKET WAGE. So now lets pay them significantly more. Then we have hyper inflation for food, housing, education, etc., so let's pay them even more again. Etc etc etc. Wages have already been rising so fast in China that basic food costs were rising last year in double digit increases in a single quarter, pork alone was up 50% year over year. But hey, we know what's best for them.
Ah yes, welcome to the selfrightious and ignorant class. I've got big news for you. Everyone that works long hours doesn't get repetitive stress injuries. Further some people who work "normal hours" get RSI. I've worked in both auto plants and steel mills in the US and worked way more than 49 hour weeks on a regular basis and was damn glad to have the work. And don't even try to talk about what is "legal" in China as you are truly showing your ignorance of the culture. I'm...
Perfect. Ignorant and arrogant westerners trying to tell the rest of the world how they should live. It is truly amazing how little we know and understand about other countries and cultures. Stupidity abounds. Oh, but it's for their own good don't you know.
So what happens when you team up with MSFT? You do like Nokia, refuse to provide access to patents which in fact you are legally obligated to under FRAND agreements. Nice. Can you say "antitrust".
Of course Apple is taking some share from Android if it's share declined 4% contrary to the statement in this article. Who the hell else would have? The author was looking at the wrong stats.
Like maybe 6 or 7 people really give a flying fk! BTW, HTC is a Taiwanese company, not Chinese.
Clueless!!!! This is such bullshit! It is the carriers that are misleading consumers! There are no true 4G LTE networks AMYWHERE on the world! They all fall way short of true LTE speeds of 100 Mbps! And in fact, as you point out, with the wireless technology included with the new iPad (HSPA+) it EXCEEDS the lower technical spec range claimed by so called 4G LTE networks. People are being duped by the carriers themselves!!!
Bullshit! Here's the reality. THERE ARE NO TRUE 4G NETWORKS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!! NONE!!! The new iPad is as much 4G as those claiming "4G LTE", even when there is no compatible LTE access, when you factor in its HPSA+ band exceeds the lower end of the Australian so called "4G LTE" technical spec as Apple has been delivering 10+ Mbps. This whole issue is a sham as the fact is that the carriers themselves have been totally misleading consumers. Further, it is well...
This lying fk has been charging $70 and $80 dollars a ticket to his one man show. He in fact is the one who has been exploiting Chinese workers! Regardless of his weight, he is a sensationalist, a profiteer, and a disgusting human being.
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