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Get your head out of your rectum. The point is that the OS has been available to developers for a long time now and Adobe could have been working on updates that would be available upon release if they had put the necessary resources behind it. And as to your comments about Adobe in the 90's, it is in fact Adobe that was screwing over apple at the time by shifting focus to the inferior and seriously flawed wintel platform after they built their company on Apple's back.
Eric Schmidt, trying to be a comedian with a moronic comment when he criticized Android's competitors for "responding with lawsuits as they cannot respond through innovations."? Seriously Eric, you are a scumbag and making your company look awfully foolish. You are the new evil.
A few key problems Apple has in China that it needs to address. A significant number of Mac users here, if not the majority, run windows XP exclusively on their Macs. Apple apparently hasn't done a very good job of extolling the superiority of OS X versus windoze so there is a lot of missionary work to be done here. And online banking and the huge online store TaoBao also don't work on Mac OS X / Safari so Apple should be working aggressively to get them into the Mac fold....
ROFLOL, ROFLOL, ROFLOL - you didn't really say "Or better still, read what Paul Thurrot thinks of it"???? - That guy is a hack and a complete FK'N moron! You just lost any credibility whatsoever in trying to make any kind of argument. Quit whining and get a computer that works! Why should the whole world dumb down to windoze?
Hmmmm - I didn't realize that Zune app really helped Zune sales. I must have been mistaken. BTW - while we're talking about how some apps aren't that great, lets talk about the incredibly bloated, buggy, counter-intuitive POS called MSFT Word... Seriously, how retarded do you have to be to keep piling more and more crap into this bloated turd?
Seriously, GFY - the problem exists because windows is such crap. And .NET is a floating turd as well. As to your statement that apple should somehow thank windows users is absolute lunacy. That is like a cripple telling Apple that they should just build them new legs. It is windows users that should thank apple for allowing them to play in the same sandbox. Grow up and get a mac.
Actually your solution is quite simple. Dump your piece of sh*t windoze turd of a computer and get one that's easy to use, provides much greater value, and much greater usability and fun!
What a scumbag this clown is. He's really talking to himself and to google, the new evil! A pathetic little man.
Apple's patents relate specifically to an application recognizing phone numbers, dates and addresses within a text message or email that you receive (which requires an algorithm) then automatically converting the text to a hyperlink, and then linking that text stream to the appropriate application - phone number to calling function and / or address book, address to the address book, date to the calendar with auto insert in your calendar. If they put a crimp on Android...
It is obvious that only Wintards are buying windows 7 phones as this company is now irrelevant in the mobile market but the clowns using them haven't figured it out yet.
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