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I wish my company was a client of the PR firm Powell-Tate as it would give me great pleasure to fire them for being so stupid in taking on this extortionist. Anyone else out there that can kick them to the curb? If they are an ethical company why would they take on such an unethical client? They should be punished in the marketplace as any 6 year old could see from the evidence that Proview is clearly engaged in extortion.
Wrong! Chinese workers do in fact have a voice and have used it repeatedly. Contrary to popular belief, there are 10's of thousands of mass protests every year in China, including factory workers complaining about work conditions. Ultimately, these workers have the largest voice of all as they can simply quit their job, walk down the street, and be hired immediately at another company as there is a growing labor shortage in the coastal cities, and employers are having a...
Indeed. As an American living and teaching in China, I am embarrassed, as well as outraged at the sheer ignorance and arrogance of many of my fellow Americans. Clueless twits!
Mike Daisey is an opportunist, a hack "journalist", and worst of all regarding this subject, a profiteer. The press never mentions that this a-hole spoke to only a handful of workers (out of 400,000 at this facility) and THAT HE CHARGES $75 - $85 FOR TICKETS TO HIS ONE MAN SHOW!!!! Hey Mike! Why don't you donate all that money to the workers' families back in their rural hometowns so they can quit the highest paying jobs anyone in their family has ever had and return home?
After tomorrow's annual meeting Apple should again go silent on these issues publicly other than their audit reports that they make public as one of the effects of Tim Cook talking openly about this is that these morons are just grabbing more headlines and feel legitimized. As I have mentioned on another article on AI (sorry for repeating) this is all such BS. Here is my previous comment for those that missed it. As an American living and teaching in China, the ignorance...
An example of "military intelligence".
As an American living and teaching in China, the ignorance and arrogance of Americans is an embarrassment at best, and pathetic at its worst. I have worked in both an auto plant and steel mill in the US as a front line worker so I know something about harsh work environments - at a Ford engine plant I had to work MANDATORY 7 days a week and had only 2 days off an entire summer only because I called in sick one day and they gave us the 4th of July. I had to STAND ALL DAY...
Well said!
No they don't. They know better.
You are correct on number portability - however there is none in China on any network and probably never will be as the political interests of China Mobile would prevent it since they operate the homegrown version of the technology. However, at least in Beijing, China Mobile aggressively markets the existing iPhone as they have a ubiquitous wifi network there with an inexpensive citywide wifi package that obviates the need for 3G compatibility on the iPhone. As to siri, it...
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