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Walmart? Ugh... The end of the world as we know it. This is absolutely the wrong brand for Apple to be associated with. The only thing they offer is distribution into C & D markets, but without qualified sales and service support what will the result be?
Wow! You have over 1,200 posts since just Januaty of this year? An automated troll in our midst! And a clueless one at that.
MSFT and Adobe, the gifts that keep on giving!
Apple has posted some post houses that are using FCP X on their website. Very cool, check them out!
How absurd. All email is push, both desktop and wireless email. And MobileMe has been around for years.
How absurd. All email is push, both desktop and wireless email.
The numbers for the Lumia were 2 million in the first quarter of 2012. Apple in fact sold OVER 4 million iPhone 4s' in its first weekend!!! MSFT is irrelevant in the mobile space and that's not about to change anytime soon. Sorry Nokia but you bet on the wrong horse. Although they paid you to race, you're stuck with a nag.
LOL - it looks like the anodized aluminum iPod from several years ago. Very innovative!!!!
Nonsense. Apple said, "But we also asked for a guarantee that if anybody else is selling the books cheaper than we are, then we can sell them at the lower price too." Therefore they were saying they could sell lower too. NOT "no one can sell lower". The publishers saw that Amazon was actually ruining their business and that of their other customers by commoditizing their products and driving prices way down below cost to the detriment of the industry.
How can this possibly be an anti-trust issue. Apple let the seller of the product set their own selling price!!!!! There is absolutely nothing illegal about that. Meanwhile Amazon sells products at a loss and put major book sellers out of business - they took out competitors. Seems like that is the very definition of anti-competitive. Fight them tooth and nail Apple! Since when is buying products below cost a consumer right?
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