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Simply not the same thing. ATV is a streaming device that stores no content except the OS, library info and cache for streaming current content playing. The iPad is totally different as it needs to also store content to be truly useful - apps, docs, photos, movies, music, etc. - as streaming is never going to be "always on" or ubiquitous with the majority of users of such a portable device.
Nonsense. Suggest you read Motorola's own blog post from last year regarding the complexity of the process, especially incorporating testing and approval with each and every carrier. Life is sooooo simple when you don't have to deal with the facts.
Ah yes, that's what every Android user wants! To have to rely on hacks and rooting devices to gain full use or improved performance of their devices. This is why Android is such a joke except with techtards, or the clueless consumers who don't' realize that most of the Android devices for sale are obsolete the minute they walk out the door.
Perhaps Apple saw this "patent" as being invalid due to prior art. Sounds just like Tivo, or even a DVR that incorporates TV Guide functionality. All use a wireless handheld remote, etc. etc.
And the media industry wonders who is driving the profit / revenue out of the industry? Its bottom feeders like Amazon that are practically giving it away. Yet they don't want to play ball with Apple as Apple has too much control? Control of what? Like actually making you money?????
These media companies are comical when it comes to their anti-piracy efforts when at the same time they allow Amazon to stream their content for next to nothing in these "all you can eat" models. The reality is that they have no clue what they are doing.
Put a sock in it! I'm a liberal progressive that argues everyday against the suppressives of the repuglican and tea parties but still knows that the arguments and supposed "facts" that these moron protesters use are BS...
Mark Shields is an ignorant twit who has no clue what he is doing! His claim: "At Foxconn, one of AppleĀ’s biggest manufacturers, there is a history of suicides, abusive working conditions, and almost no pay. These working conditions are appalling, especially for Apple." This is a production facility, not a resort! The reality is, when you actually look at the facts, that the suicide rate for high school students in the US is higher than at this facility which employees...
Beautifully put. Thank you for bringing some rational perspective and discourse to the discussion. For those of us now using it with the most recent updates, FCP X is a dream to work with.
What absolute nonsense from the whining few who apparently can't see past the ends of their noses what a dramatic change FCP makes to the editing process for pros. Small mindedness seems to abound in our market.
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