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It is so pathetically obvious when some PR HACK invades this space with their pseudo intellectual poetic like dribble! Go get a real job!
Hmmm - last time I checked you could sample music on iTunes too? I must be missing something important in your comment. Nope, checked again, you can definitely sample ever song on iTunes... in fact they have dramatically increase the sample size. OOPS, guess you really have no clear advantage! Ignorance is bliss isn't it...
Your statement of "Screw the record labels" says it all - so therefore you like screwing the artists. Aren't you a peach!
Parker's statement that you quote above shows his complete ignorance of what makes Apple great and so successful - it is Apple's total ecosystem Sean! Not just one component! The importance of music to Apple, the music industry and the Apple ecosystem goes far beyond his narrow self-serving view of the world and Apple's revenue stream related to music sales through iTunes.
What a crock! If Apple did anything, it would be to convince them that their business model is far superior to any "all you can eat" incredibly low margin service, which is in fact true. Pointing out reality is not anti-competive or "thwarting competition in any sense. Sean Parker is a person who thinks that stealing music is ok. And that now its ok that artists get paid next to nothing for their art. The music industry is being foolish and is acting out of fear, not good...
It is very telling that Sean Parker finds humor in the fact that the music industry has shrunk from $40B+ in revenue to $12B since he came on the scene 12 years ago - he has been a major player in the fact that the music artists themselves have been and continue to get screwed -  he is such an arrogant scumbag. Obviously these guys DO NOT respect the artist!
And therein lies the perfect reason to NOT use Facebook, or integrate it into your device. People are being morons about how much of their personal data they are sharing through these whores.
"Social Networking" has become an oxymoron! Bombarding people with tweets, family photos, how you feel today, does virtually nothing for deep social and engaging interaction. It is totally superficial. It drives me nuts when I'm out a bar or restaurant and see a table of several people ALL ON THEIR PHONES texting and reading posts instead of actually interacting with each other.
Except, everyone else is free to develop an app just like it, only better... checkmate.
New Posts  All Forums: