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"Social Networking" has become an oxymoron! Bombarding people with tweets, family photos, how you feel today, does virtually nothing for deep social and engaging interaction. It is totally superficial. It drives me nuts when I'm out a bar or restaurant and see a table of several people ALL ON THEIR PHONES texting and reading posts instead of actually interacting with each other.
Except, everyone else is free to develop an app just like it, only better... checkmate.
I don't know if you are right but IMHO the opposite might be true. SDD's are far smaller and considerably more expensive thus requiring larger external drives. Further, our digital storage needs are expanding exponentially as we add movies, music, books magazines, podcasts, videos, photos, etc. and the backup of all of these. Cloud services are taking up some of this but are also expensive for both storage and bandwidth. I believe we are going to see an increasing need for...
Ive is an incredibly humble and generous human being who truly cares first and foremost about the user experience, and delighting them every time they use one of his team's creations. This is what makes Apple great and what makes so many other companies mediocre at best. And it is truly offensive when the likes of Google, Samsung, HTC and the others resort to stealing to fool consumers into thinking they have the same abilities and care as much for the consumer experience...
In summary, it's lipstick on a pig...
No it does NOT run regular Windows apps. And RT probably stands for Rejected Technology, or it relates to people who purchase - ReTarded.
To answer your question, see my comments just above this one. MSFT has clearly been ripping off consumers of their products. In fact Asia is about the only place in the world were people pay for MSFT products exactly what they are worth - about $1.25 for either Windows or Office on the street.
Excuse me, but the fact that there are alternatives in no way contradicts the point that MSFT has been ripping off Mac users (and Windows users) with buggy bloated overly complex feature-bloated counterintuitive overpriced mediocre products for decades. As to Office specifically, MSFT has always worked very hard to keep the Office suite as incompatible as possible with alternatives which is a big problem when they dominate the business market. So what is it that you don't...
Google, the new evil. Stealing from others then buying an arsenal to protect their theft.
Danyelle Comer, who filed this suit, is obviously a frequent Comer as she is totally fk'd up.
New Posts  All Forums: