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What total bullshit! Samsung was absolutely behind it. And why is the ignorant press calling this a "flash mob". It WAS NOT A FLASH MOB. It was a publicity stunt with paid "actors" and has nothing to do with a flash mob so please quit showing your ignorance.
    Like I said "the ignorance and arrogance of Americans" - your total lack of understanding of the real issues, the Chinese economy, society and living conditions just breeds more ignorance. The reality is that China is still a country of around 800 million peasant farmers. The Foxconn workers are in fact making more than anyone else in their families by far, are saving into their own bank accounts, as well as sending money home to support their poor rural families. And...
    What is never reported by our press is the fact that there are NO legal restrictions on hours worked per week, month or day in the US. Further, there are no legal restrictions on MANDATORY overtime. We are the ultimate hypocrites and ought to shut up and fix our own problems, like our dysfunctional government and political system that we seem to love so much, bought and paid for by lobbyists.
    What total bullshit! The reality is that even before the most recent raises at Foxconn Chinese factory worker wages have more than tripled in the last few years. Further, this recent rapid rise in incomes is causing huge inflation across the country. In March alone inflation for consumer goods was up over 6% - at our local fresh market in Xiamen food rose 20% in one month, pork was up over 50% last year and continues to rise. Foxconn workers are in fact paid above...
Wrong - according to the most recent Apple report they have already started to take effect.
Just shows how stupid Google really is, even though they hire a lot of really bright people. iOS generates twice as much ad revenue for them in ONE year as they earned with Android in FOUR YEARS!!! If they hadn't launched Android, Apple would have even significantly more iPhone sales which in fact would have generated EXPONENTIALLY more revenue for Google. Maybe they haven't hired enough math wiz's.
    The reality is that Office is a huge bloated pig. The resources required to run the full version will put tablet devices running it into a whole new hardware category versus current tablets so they will cost a pretty penny covering more RAM, larger and faster processors, more storage, etc. - and force the hardware manufactures into the same old commodity pricing that has driven out their profits.
Here we go again. MSFT using their market dominance to try to crush competition. Up to their old, anti-competitive tricks. We'll give it to you for free, but for someone else's OS we are going to charge you out your butt! When you can't compete on your own merits, fk the other guy.
    Better question yet - why use Facebook or Twitter for login at all? Keep these intrusive data miners out of our lives and quit requiring them for login... Ever noticed that these login services that direct you to login with your yahoo, Facebook, twitter, etc. accounts require you to click on their terms of service which grant them access to your contacts associated with those services? Privacy is dead on the internet.
Attaboy MSFT! That's why we love you so so much!
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