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Utter rubbish! You show a complete lack of understanding of Apple's vision, culture and management team. It is in fact not about one product but an entire ecosystem tied together by multiple products. Although one product could cause a hiccup, even negative reviews to date have not had a material effect as Apple consistently delivers.
Seriously, go get a life!
It does not take 5-7 days to ship from Shenzhen China. It only takes an extra day depending on where you live in the US. Apple has an amazing distribution system and planes at the ready each day to make the 13 hour flight to the states. When I ordered my custom iMac on a Monday, it was built and delivered from China by Thursday morning.
This is a total cluster - government regulatory bodies need to get their heads out of their butts and get this mess straightened out quickly as they have screwed consumers with their moronic greedy and over-priced auctions of various bandwidths without consideration of final costs to consumers as well as the cluster fk of incompatible frequencies. Apple also needs to do a better job of communicating the limitations of the products sold in each country. Why in the world...
The reality is that even Verizon LTE is not true 4G, and that HSDPA+ for AT&T is comparable in average download speeds to Verizon LTE and the other carriers' claims of 4G service. Further, HSDPA+ is significantly faster than traditional 3G so not sure what you are grousing about... There is no reason to criticize their claim when you look at the offerings and claims of the other carriers.
Windows tablets - ROFLOL! It just goes to show how ignorant many consumers are. Just look at the clusterfk Ford is experiencing having partnered with Microsucks. The great thing is that MSFT is now irrelevant in the mobile space, including tablets. They've had one for years and could never get people to buy them and that is not likely to change. Here's the Ford / MSFT fiasco: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/06/bu...h-screens.html
Because Apple is the the only company smart enough, and with products (and ecosystem) good enough, to actually make money in this space. The other players have always taken the approach of a race to the bottom on price turning the industry into a commodity business which does not drive innovation or quality. It has always been a unique industry as well in that the carriers have also held a stranglehold on the handset makers and Apple has revolutionized that relationship....
It's real simple. Stop the patent trolls! A way has to be found to stop these extortionists.
I wish my company was a client of the PR firm Powell-Tate as it would give me great pleasure to fire them for being so stupid in taking on this extortionist. Anyone else out there that can kick them to the curb? If they are an ethical company why would they take on such an unethical client? They should be punished in the marketplace as any 6 year old could see from the evidence that Proview is clearly engaged in extortion.
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