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Why do people keep pointing to the xbox as a success when in fact MSFT has lost BILLIONS on the xbox????? That is not how I would measure success...
Wow - we have a troll in the room who somehow thinks he's smarter than everyone else. He fails to see the obvious, which is that Apple has kept Samsung on their heels while this plays out, and that there is still a lot of dry powder on Apple's side as they press other issues regarding Google's theft of Apple IP. This is a marathon not a sprint, for which Apple is well prepared.
"he's "skeptical" that anything will come out of the meeting" - lets hope nothing does. Apple needs to keep their foot on the throats of these scumbags and push for complete annihilation! Samsung is ripping off and riding the coattails of Apple and its time to stop them full force.
Bigots? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This has nothing to do with the shoppers and has everything to do with the Walmart brand and what it stands for. Discount store, "everyday low prices", generic brands, low value, cheaply made, driving small retailers out of business in small town America, poor customer service, etc. etc. etc.
Walmart? Ugh... The end of the world as we know it. This is absolutely the wrong brand for Apple to be associated with. The only thing they offer is distribution into C & D markets, but without qualified sales and service support what will the result be?
Wow! You have over 1,200 posts since just Januaty of this year? An automated troll in our midst! And a clueless one at that.
MSFT and Adobe, the gifts that keep on giving!
Apple has posted some post houses that are using FCP X on their website. Very cool, check them out!
How absurd. All email is push, both desktop and wireless email. And MobileMe has been around for years.
How absurd. All email is push, both desktop and wireless email.
New Posts  All Forums: