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Windows 8 = Windows 7 + neon lights.
You really need to get back on your meds! Maybe then they'll let you out of your patent's basement.
@hjb - wake up yourself! You have no idea what you are talking about.
I've been reading these windows users posts and it really is comical. What kind of moron thinks that these standard desktop apps would run on lower powered ARM tablets? Especially MSFT's own bloated Office pigs. In classic MSFT fashion, they are confusing their own users albeit with a confused strategy. Windows 8 is nothing more than Windows with neon lights.
Let me get this right. MSFT has been working on tablets and touch for over 10 years. They've had a "tablet", all be it "clunky but they made them work"? But guess what? No one bought them! But hey, as you say, they are "the most experienced" in tablets? But "the software wasn't designed to be used that way"? WTF!!!!!! Oh, but now they get it! Even though a therefore seriously less experienced company (Apple) by your logic has fed them their lunch in both mobile and tablets...
And how has that worked out for them? Years of failure you meant didn't you?
I love it in the video when she says "it really seems stable at this point". What an idiot! It's windows 7 with neon lights! They just don't get it!
Oh please. Give it a rest. Adobe has very little market share with Premier Pro and has had to discount it heavily to get people to switch, and STILL has very little market share. FCP X is on v1 and will soon be adding many of the features the pros want. Further, you have to be a complete fool to jump in bed with Adobe as they build bloated, buggy, hard to use, counter intuitive products that are grossly overpriced and which lock you into extortion down the road with each...
Fortunately you are not running apple! Why in the world would you license someone to copy the best selling, and most profitable, electronic products in the world?
Brilliantly said! Well done!
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