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ALL the carriers in China are state owned enterprises not just China Mobile. China Mobile has felt that it is so big it didn't need the iPhone. On the other hand, the other carriers feel that having the iPhone is a competitive advantage to compete against China Mobile.
We may finally see what Office should truly be. A low cost, stripped down tool that is easy to use and lacks all the bloat that it now has. A radically stripped down version would still do what 99% of users truly need from these products. The reality is however that MSFT has become irrelevant in the mobile space, even if not in the office. There are now far better computing choices in the handheld market. Personally, I much prefer to work in Pages, Numbers and Keynote...
Please please please either pull your head out of your as-s, or if that's not going to work, push it further in!
And you are a fk'ng moron!
What about video chats with up to 4 people simultaniously? Can it still do this ?
You mean the Nokia phones that look similar to the multi-color anodized iPods that came out a few years ago?
Who the fk cares? They are practically giving them away and they are from a Canadian company so being purchased for national pride not rational choice. Canada is a country of only 34M people, just 6M more than the population of the city of Chongqing, China.
Simply not the same thing. ATV is a streaming device that stores no content except the OS, library info and cache for streaming current content playing. The iPad is totally different as it needs to also store content to be truly useful - apps, docs, photos, movies, music, etc. - as streaming is never going to be "always on" or ubiquitous with the majority of users of such a portable device.
Nonsense. Suggest you read Motorola's own blog post from last year regarding the complexity of the process, especially incorporating testing and approval with each and every carrier. Life is sooooo simple when you don't have to deal with the facts.
Ah yes, that's what every Android user wants! To have to rely on hacks and rooting devices to gain full use or improved performance of their devices. This is why Android is such a joke except with techtards, or the clueless consumers who don't' realize that most of the Android devices for sale are obsolete the minute they walk out the door.
New Posts  All Forums: