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I love how the techrtards, in all their moronic rants, look at the open source mantra as some sort of mana from heaven. I can do virtually EVERYTHING I want to on my iOS device, and I have 100's of thousands of apps to help me do that easily, conveniently and seamlessly wrapped in a beautifully simple user interface. I don't want to have to be a technologist to manage and use my digital life, just like 95% of the rest of the world. What does open source really mean?...
I agree with the previous poster - take a big gulp of STFU - you have no clue what you are talking about. Your last paragraph says it all. You are nothing more than a troll and hater when you make the absolutely absurd statement that Apple is "a company that honestly, doesn't care about any of us". The complete opposite is true - they are singularly focused on creating the best possible consumer experience, period! Further, the fact that they have, by far, the highest...
Give it a rest you arm chair historical hack. Our founding fathers loved to tie on a good one and would be appalled at the suppressive and totally ridiculous limits on blood alcohol limits that are in place today. It is an emotional issue that has gone awry. Yes there should be limits, but it is a joke how low they are now set, and there are those that are pushing for even lower standards. It is time to stand up and say "enough"!
Fk the senators and those saying these apps should be banned. This is a free speech issue. But more importantly, the bar has been set so ridiculously low for "drunk driving" that it is an outrage. I feel total sympathy for those that have lost loved ones to truly drunk drivers but the movement has gone way way too far! It is time to put some sanity back into regulations! When only one or two drinks can make you "impaired" under the law, that is what is a joke.
How about let's change the system so that a company has to either sue in the court with jurisdiction for their own home/HQ location, or in the court located in the location/region of the HQ of the companies they are suing. Lets stop the shopping of venue's. It's not just immoral and unethical, it should be illegal. Option two would be to close down the court in the Eastern District of Texas.
I'm in! But do you really think she's bright enough to be able to use it?
Sue, seriously, your rants are blithering nonsense. Apple has no desire to hold inventory back. It is rumored that what they are doing is not releasing new shipments until the next day to give everyone an EQUAL chance at opening rather than selling in a random manner, a quite reasonable approach. Further, it has always taken them a week or two to get the notifier system up and running online once shipments have become more regular and the pipeline more predictable. Also a...
So that makes you what? The brightest bulb in the room? Hardly. Just another clueless techtard that doesn't understand the basics of business or consumer demand/intent/needs.
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It is only compete morons who have no clue about basic business principles that call Apple's margin for sales on their system a "subscription tax". What retailer do you know that says "oh, I'll build a store and just let suppliers stock their inventory there while I do all the marketing, logistics, inventory, provide the sales and delivery platform, and take no cut of the sale"?
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