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yet another fk'n idiot who just doesn't get it... he was with his family you moron... you self-righteous dick...
Yet another moron....
you're an idiot
Duh! Hey clown fish, the studios are setting the price, and they still think its too low!
The studios are run by some of the dumbest people on the planet. Just look at most of the crap they produce! They are a pathetic lot of supervises who have fought every effort at innovation yet somehow think they know best what the consumer wants. Not. They only think about their pocketbooks, the consumer be damned. This effort is bound to fail just like all their past stupid mistakes. They should really study Steve Jobs and what made him, and Apple so incredibly...
So? Who the fk cares?
It is ridiculous comments like this that reinforce the notion that the truly clueless are alive and well. This is not about my Dick is bigger than yours. It is showing that the new phone will be extremely fast and on par with the top of the line $G / LTE competition, if not better. The reality is that the entire iOS ecosystem totally blows the doors of all other comers. Period. It is not individual hardware feature comparisons - it is about the whole integrated approach of...
Galbi - YOU are the dick! just STFU and go find somewhere else to hang out as your comments on this site are stupid and contribute nothing to the conversation.
Samsung must have some of the dumbest executives in the world! They must also lack the talent to innovate on their own, rather than steal from others. Motto: No innovation, just duplication.
Google is indeed the new evil. Stealing everyone else's technology to use in android, then buying up patents from distressed and defunct companies to try to cover up and obviate their crimes. And now they are handing out those patents like candy to the Asian clone whores so they can try to defend themselves for their crimes. Google, you are so pathetic.
New Posts  All Forums: