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It is obvious that only Wintards are buying windows 7 phones as this company is now irrelevant in the mobile market but the clowns using them haven't figured it out yet.
Currently living in China and Apple is on fire here. Just about everyone wants an iPhone or iPad. Go Apple. My retirement account is counting on you!
And one can only imagine how long those lines will be with the bloated buggy crap they sell...
What planet are you living on? "over priced"? "Big boners"? Name one... And don't even try the whole BS "antennagate" nonsense which turned out to be one big nonissue. They continue to fire on all cylinders with the only real problems being production constraints keeping full potential down, yet they still hit the cover off the ball.
It's time to nuke east Texas. The average IQ of the US will increase substantially.
Hong Kong specifically. The iPad isn't even offered online in Hong Kong because of the high demand. As there is no Apple store in Hong Kong you need to purchase them through authorized dealers and it is a month wait to get one (and in Macau). This demand is coming from China even though you can now buy them online in China through the Chinese Apple Store. The reason is the Chinese version has a 17% tax / duty added, as do all Apple products sold in China, and there is no...
"Apple was immediately faced with supply constraints, though those have since eased" - eased my ass! Try buying one in Asia, it is still very hard to get one. You have to get on a waiting list (one month wait), or wait in long lines to buy one IF they got a shipment, and they aren't available on the online Apple store in China or Hong Kong.
Agreed - and Jon should be fired for allowing such a lame 1st gen device to be launched setting it up for failure knowing full well that it wouldn't be competitive with the market leader.
Reactionaries... The only true legitimate complaint is that you can't import older FCP projects into the new version. But then again, you still have FCP 7 to do the work you need to, and it will be compatible with lion. Take a deep breath and be patient while you continue to do what you've been doing on the old version until the new features are added. Which they will be, and in short order. Meanwhile Adobe, GFY....
Facebook sucks - its populated by a large percentage of lonely housewives talking about their kids soccer games. Facebook is trying to subvert the internet and have everything on the net tied to them and going through them. Please fail, quickly and painfully. It's such a load of worthless crap. Pick up the phone and call your mother for god's sake.
New Posts  All Forums: