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And another key point that you left out - they can't attract and support a sustainable developer community of any meaningful size because of all their inherent flaws. Developers want to make money and these platforms don't even come close to delivering.
They simply can't compete at any level. To say these competitors have a 26% market share is laughable.
Canalys? Who the F is Canalys? They are obviously incompetent. There isn't a single viable or successful alternative to the iPad out there and Apple only has 74% market share? That is absolutely impossible. Where do these idiots come from?
Irrelevant. It is still YOUR data stored on YOUR device, just like all your other data. Are you still hanging out in your parent's basement playing with yourself? You seem to have nothing better to do than to troll this site when we see you here.
Edit: last warning! Next time, a point will be awarded, and the post will be deleted.
Edit: please try to keep an even keel. Attack the idea, not the person.
Only complete morons think this is an issue. My god, my phone is collecting and storing my personal information and only on my own personal devices which I control! Oh, that's right, it's my email, contacts, personal documents, calendar, etc. etc. etc. Idiots abound!
Ah, the foolish studios. Google is about driving everything to "free" through their advertising model. You have stepped through the devil's gate. You have taken the first step in completely commoditizing your product - once Google is through with you it will be free / have no value.
Oh my god! Did you know that your iphone stores your personal data on this, your personal device! What ever were they thinking? Or that if you lost your phone or someone got into it, they could see that personal data if they can crack your PASSWORD? Oh yah, that's right, it stores personal data like your email, your contacts, your documents! This is such a BS issue! All my friends are enjoying the free app that actually lets them access their personal location data and map...
Oh ye of low intellectual ability! Your own location data is being collected on your own device! Period. (BTW, my camera does that too with geotagging.) As to collecting your location data and not having it on your device, guess what moron? Your cellular carrier does that. And provides that data to the US govt when ordered to. So take your head out of your butt.
New Posts  All Forums: