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Nice. Put out a beta product, at best, to millions of people to get feedback on how to do it right. Priceless.
And yes, good riddance! For those of us truly interested in all things apple, like protecting our stock investment, the competitive landscape is extremely important. As it is in advising our friends and family about the wisdom of their purchases or intended purchases. It is also equally important to those in the development community who might be considering developing for other platforms as well. Since you show up as a member since "November, 2011" you have hardly "loved...
And the post above is a reflection of everything wrong with the android market et al favored by the 1% of techtards who even understand any of this bullshit. The overwhelming number of consumers want convenience and ease of use, along with a rich and vibrant ecosystem, and there is only one player that delivers that. And it is certainly not dual booting android webOS ubuntu tizen developed sdk driven mod rooted google+ goodness provided by cyanogenmod!!!!!
So losing hundreds of dollars on every sale is somehow a defining business strategy for success? Give us a break. WebOS is already a non-starter.
Oh, so you're a fk'ng lawyer now? You should really keep your mouth shut until its over.
So if you really want to know what Schmidt's "open" world is like, you need to read this Sony blog post on why Ice Cream Sandwich won't be released on their phones FOR MONTHS even though the code has been released by Google... How many ways can you say cluster FK... http://developer.sonyericsson.com/wp...tware-upgrade/
The dell tab never sold in volume and that is the point...
What a joke - there are so many inaccuracies in this article that it is laughable. And where is that "volume" selling dell tablet now? Oh yeah, Dell just abandoned it because it was selling so well.
"Ultimately, application vendors are driven by volume, and volume is favored by the open approach Google is taking," - this idiot is starting to believe his own bullshit! Just as is their concept of "open" - fragmentation, malware, pirated apps, inability to make money, incompatibility across android devices, mods required across android devices. Hey Eric, APPLICATION DEVELOPERS ARE DRIVEN BY REVENUE!!!!! You fking moron!
Wow, what a moron. So they'll be looking to lose money instead of make money. How did this idiot ever make it to where he is?
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