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LOL - "Most non-techies who use WP7 prefer it to Android." - what, all 12 of them? And they work for MSFT?
No, please remove your head from your posterior. There is nothing to like about this OS as proven by its abject failure in the marketplace. Also, Windows was never the only smartphone game as you seem to think. NEVER! There was symbian and other proprietary OS's such as Palm and BB at the same time. In fact, MSFT's past efforts were the antithesis of "smart". The reality is that MOST people don't really like MSFT products but have been forced to use them, and now they are...
scumbag bottom feeding attorneys - the US legal system is a joke!
Who cares - its still a fragmented android POS! Loads of malware, no cohesive app environment, lack of good app environment for developers, dependent upon carriers to update the OS, obsolete the day its sold, etc. and lacks a key feature of Apple's iOS, a complete platform environement across all your devices including desktop through iTunes.
What absolute bullshit. If you want the full functionality of a compeer, then buy a fk'n computer. Like the brilliant MB Air. The iPad is a completely different device that serves to deliver digital content, along with apps, and do so at a specific price point. To load a full OS and do the work of a full computer, you would be at a totally different price point and user profile. The iPad is for people who want an easy to hold and carry, AND EASY TO USE, device for their...
really? please publish your detailed scientific survey results for us... otherwise don't make comments that have no basis in fact.
yet another fk'n idiot who just doesn't get it... he was with his family you moron... you self-righteous dick...
Yet another moron....
you're an idiot
Duh! Hey clown fish, the studios are setting the price, and they still think its too low!
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