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"Reality TV heavyweight" - ROFLOL - producer of totally mindless crap!!! And this is a bad trend? Hardly.
LOL - the "knockoffs" not only don't run iOS, but tend to be total crap. Chinese with money, which is Apple's market, are no longer interested in knockoffs - they want the real thing - wether it be Mercedes and BMW's, or Rolex watches. It is as much about "face", or showing you have money, as it is about wanting quality products. For example, China is now the second or third largest luxury goods market in the world.
Bring on to China! Apple still doesn't even come close to keeping up with demand out of Hong Kong where the iPhone 4s hasn't been available online since launch day when it sold out in 10 minutes! And even the 3 Gs is listed as"unavailable".
It would be a big mistake to drop the Pro line.
These judges need to get their heads out of their asses! Trade secrets are trade secrets. Period. It doesn't matter if someone has already breached them, they are still trade secrets.
What planet are you living on? There was plenty to learn and grasp from this article on the direction Apple has taken and its future. If it's too hard for you to understand perhaps spending more time getting an education and less time commenting would help.
Good question!
So basically, Amazon hasn't even broken even with your purchase as they probably lost much more than $100 between the two devices when factoring in opportunity costs (costs of money), general overhead, sales marketing, distribution, shipping, warranty, returns, etc. etc. etc. Now factor in that the $100 you spent on top of the devices only returns a 2-3% margin and they have a long way to go. Also, basically what you are indirectly implying is that it's a good device for...
In fact they did start pursuing legal action immediately but it takes time to map out a legal strategy and put together a case properly. Their strategy is to keep the entire Android marketplace off balance and to keep applying pressure. They aren't about to let happen with Windows blatantly ripping them off without a fight. As a stockholder I want them to stay mad as hell and keep the pressure on. Google is in fact the new evil and needs to be raked over the coals for...
Or teach lightstriker how to spell...
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