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Dude, WTF is with you? Do you actually have anything intelligent to add to this site? Jobs is talking about a handheld touch-based world where the overwhelming majority of computer users can do 95% of what they use their computer for without a desktop. And you can always add an inexpensive portable bluetooth keyboard for data input if that's your thing. Go take a nap please.
Ah, we have a troll amongst us... masquerading as a, well, troll.
Quote:Originally Posted by AppleInsider its Office group makes more than 100 times the profits of its entire Entertainment and Devices Division.The reality is that the entertainment division has LOST BILLIONS of dollars and is only now trying to make up ground.
As usual, DED brings brilliant insight into the Apple and MSFT markets. The recent Atlantic editorial basically condemning Apple fanboys / Apple fanatics was a grossly misdirected piece. Apple fans have been taking it in the butt from Wintel techtards for years. And now that Apple has overtaken the market in key areas, and seen its Mac business explode, it is only fair to turn the tables for it is only Apple fans that truly understand how much better the Apple universe is...
Paul Thurrott has shown time and time again what a complete Fk'n moron he is! It is truly amazing that someone so stupid can keep a job in the tech space.
Windows 8 = Windows 7 + neon lights.
You really need to get back on your meds! Maybe then they'll let you out of your patent's basement.
@hjb - wake up yourself! You have no idea what you are talking about.
I've been reading these windows users posts and it really is comical. What kind of moron thinks that these standard desktop apps would run on lower powered ARM tablets? Especially MSFT's own bloated Office pigs. In classic MSFT fashion, they are confusing their own users albeit with a confused strategy. Windows 8 is nothing more than Windows with neon lights.
Let me get this right. MSFT has been working on tablets and touch for over 10 years. They've had a "tablet", all be it "clunky but they made them work"? But guess what? No one bought them! But hey, as you say, they are "the most experienced" in tablets? But "the software wasn't designed to be used that way"? WTF!!!!!! Oh, but now they get it! Even though a therefore seriously less experienced company (Apple) by your logic has fed them their lunch in both mobile and tablets...
New Posts  All Forums: