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Wake up Gwydion and try to keep up. It is well known and documented that this is the case. Nokia attempted to extort money from Apple outside the terms with other handset makers which was also in violation of their own agreements to provide equal access and terms.
Where? Links?
magicj - as usual, your comments are offensive, ridiculous and generally clueless. Says a lot about you. The benefits of cloud storage go way beyond a ridiculously low price of $25 per year. And you haven't even seen or heard about the full features and benefits of the new service but you still have your head all the way up your....
Excuse me but you have no idea what you are talking about. The knock on MSFT is viruses and malware which is epidemic on the PC. This is actually a phishing scam that attempts to get you to enter your credit card info. Totally different from the former.
Sorry, but Bill was no genius either.
That is absolute BS! You have no idea what you are talking about. iOS 4 runs great on the 3Gs.
Totally inappropriate comment considering the loss of life. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Because they are arrogant. In Google's case, they want everything to be free undermining the value of anything delivered over the web. In Amazon's case, they think price is the best way to compete thus their deep discounts on music, and trying to give the service away for free. Both are destroying the true value and the perceived value in other people's products. Apple on the other hand... ROCK AND ROLL!
They also didn't invent google docs/apps - they bought a company called "writely" - i was one of writely's original users - great product and great team that created it!
What? Multiple antennas is a patentable idea? You are frik'n joking right? I had a car back in the 70's that had an AM and FM radio antenna and a CB radio antenna. This is NOT a patentable idea so take your "rush to judgement" statement and put it where the sun don't shine!
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