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Because they are arrogant. In Google's case, they want everything to be free undermining the value of anything delivered over the web. In Amazon's case, they think price is the best way to compete thus their deep discounts on music, and trying to give the service away for free. Both are destroying the true value and the perceived value in other people's products. Apple on the other hand... ROCK AND ROLL!
They also didn't invent google docs/apps - they bought a company called "writely" - i was one of writely's original users - great product and great team that created it!
What? Multiple antennas is a patentable idea? You are frik'n joking right? I had a car back in the 70's that had an AM and FM radio antenna and a CB radio antenna. This is NOT a patentable idea so take your "rush to judgement" statement and put it where the sun don't shine!
Monthly data? What a joke. First, apple doesn't report data by month so the numbers are not accurate as they don't include apple stores or apple online sales. Further, mac sales would have been off just on the iMac alone as everyone with any sense at all knew there was a refresh about to happen thus suppressing demand. Macbooks were refreshed in Feb and saw their spike in March, etc. etc. etc. Only a fool follows news of "monthly" figures when it comes to Apple. The fact...
What twisted logic. What it is called you miserable patent trolls is "double dipping"!!!!!! Scum.
Apple, please buy Adobe and finally put a fatal bullet into this POS product. and throw out the bums running the company.
What bullshit logic is that? You do in fact use the term "windows" to refer to the GUI - apple has been doing that since they launched the first Mac. Further, apple invented and named the first real app store and now, since everyone is hell bent on just copying e everything apple does instead of charting their own course of innovation, they feel they should be able to use it? Give us a break.
STFU - you are a tiresome bore!
You are a complete idiot! It is only on MY computer and MY iPhone, just like MY private contacts, private documents, private photos, private email, private bank information etc. etc. etc. Grow up!
You are a totally clueless hack. Please, go get yourself an education so that you actually know what you are talking about.
New Posts  All Forums: