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ROFLOL - let's not overlook all those Samscum phones on the bottom of the list, yet ALL iPhones are right up there near the top.
Seriously? Copying someone doesn't mean you do it well! Samshit is a perfect case in point. They even think copying the packaging down to the typeface makes them just as good a product. They are idiots.
And how is that working out for them? Oops - sales and profits are tanking. Samscum.
When are investors going to wake up to the insanity of this company? They don't make money, yet they want everyone else to give up their margin so they don't have to raise their prices. They are now in their own branded hardware business which loses money. They are in far too many businesses with no particular focus on profitability on any of them. And they now want retailers to use Amazon hardware and software for payments. Meanwhile Amazon is taking their customers...
Sorry, but that is an absolutely moronic comment about Siri needing an internet connection. So my iPhone or iPad is supposed to store all the database in the world to answer any question I throw at her? Get real.
Hey Sammy, wake up and stop trolling! Your BS is so transparent. The iPhone and iPad are dominant in the enterprise in their respective categories. For good reason. So go troll somewhere else.
Microsoft has FK all to do with it. It's because Apple uses the intel processor. The irony is that Windows runs better on a Mac. Go figure!I'm sure MSFT planned it that way. /s
Totally agree with your comment that AI is the slowest POS of all websites I visit. For god's sake AI, you're a fking tech website! Act like it! Fire your IT staff and hire some competent people to redo your website properly. Absolutely pathetic! Aren't you at all embarrassed at what a POS it is?
So many ignorant responses being posted to this article! First, the iPad is a much better replacement for textbooks. Next, it is a much better device for at least K-8th grades. You DO NOT NEED a keyboard. We have these marvelous inventions called pencil and paper that actually force the student to learn how to write while at the same time they remove the the unnecessary technology layer for the creative process of learning and creating. This is quite simply a case of KISS...
This is bad news! (No pun intended.) it is going to scare the shit out of the cable companies who are the real obstacle in the acquisition of content for Apple TV. They already fear that they will lose control of their monopolies if Apple gets their way and this just reinforces it. Apple has enough cash. They should just purchase Time Warner and take control of their own content and delivery system. Further, the Justice Department needs to wake up and do their job and...
New Posts  All Forums: