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Skype absolutely sucks, always has. Even voice calls are unreliable and if poor quality. But worst of all, I live overseas and have a US number so clients can easily contact me. The recent iPhone update is incompatible with voice mail!!! WTF Microsucks, why would you ever release this POS!!!???
Angela - welcome, and please kick some butt so that we quickly get many more stores in China!!!!!
BEEP! Wrong answer. Debit cards have no such protection by banks.
Seriously? You had to ask that question????  How about not wanting google to have your transaction history as part of their invasive database, let alone security issues by having google store your payment information.
Now how about fixing the POS Mac version of your crapware... I live overseas so use S to maintain a US phone number but find the call quality subpar, by far, and the desktop interface to be pathetic.
Business Insider is a pathetic rag, right alongside most of the hack "contributors" at Forbes.
WTF AppleInsider, lose the ads in the videos. From a tech / platform standpoint your site already sucks - is incredibly slow to load - in fact slower than any other website I visit on a regular basis, and you just keep slowing it down even more by adding additional bandwidth sucking crap. (I live in a part of the world with crappy internet speeds... China)
The article is pretty much Greek to me from a technical standpoint, but it is obvious that the incredible Apple team is going to continue to make this company even greater!
Based on the shadow inside the apple this is definitely a cutout.
What nonsense! I've seen what can happen when people stop taking their meds, and it can be disastrous! Thank god I 'm in Colorado right now!
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