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Really? So you are a retail expert? Actually iphones are never in the store first, and there was more than enough info online for the watch, including photos and videos, to make a decision before they appeared in store. As to the new MacBook, they were also in Apple stores last week so I don't know what you are talking.
To the author: why in the world would you call either the keyboard or trackpad a "compromise"? They most certainly are not! The new key board is absolutely brilliant and so easy to use that I immediately loved it when I demoed it at the store. And as to the trackpad, it is a big improvement over the older version. Stop the ridiculous editorializing! The only compromise this machine makes is the number of ports. Period. It is obviously not a machine for high end video...
I beg to differ! Artists were given Samesung phones and were paid to endorse them but still continued to use their iPhones. These people are not about to do the same with the watch regardless of the circumstances of how or why they received it. You should really give it a rest as it is a well know practice to give celebrities free "gifts" as a marketing ploy, and your statement about it being a "desperate" move on Apple's part is ridiculous.
"Wardle said that he is deliberately withholding details from the public for safety's sake, but has already notified Apple." A big thank you goes out to Wardle!
What planet are you living on? The Snowden releases prove unequivocally that the government wants access to all of our digital mobile and phone information all of the time. Period. If they have reasonable and probable cause to go after an individual, they have many many means to monitor that person without gaining access to data on their phone, otherwise they wouldn't even be asking to access their phone. What I and most people expect is for them to do their job with what...
What we want is for the government to stay out of our private lives. And absolutely no back doors. With back doors you leave yourself vulnerable to malfeasance as well. They are spending BILLIONS on homeland security. We expect them to do their jobs without invading our privacy!
Hey Cyrus, go FK yourself. We're spending BILLIONS on national security. Do your fk'n jobs without compromising our freedom and privacy.
You're right. Meaningless as the store at he's are not setup to connect to anything via Bluetooth or wifi. That is why the weather app won't connect. They are just set up to show functionality.
I tend to agree. It's starting to be a bit over the top. Steve would not have wanted this. The product is the hero, as are Apple's regular loyal customers. This is not the Apple Steve built - this is too much exclusivity and pomp, moving to the front of the line based on fame or fortune. With Steve it was not about celebrity - but about making the best products, and the customers will come.
Isn't there an app for that?
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