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 But please do... The (mobile) world has finally broken free of their unholy grasp!
This is a non-issue. As an expat living in China, it is easy to get around the Great Chinese Firewall. Even high school kids know how to do it as do all the foreigners living here - either VPNs or proxies are easy to come by for anyone interested in getting around the censors. What is more frustrating here is how slow the internet is, especially when crossing the firewall back to the west, even for sites that are not blocked and awhen not using VPN.
Great job! Thank you for the intelligent analysis and summary of what we all know but are unable to articulate from a technology point of view... That Adobe products are overly complicated, bloated crap, and that the company is no better than an extortionist! If only Apple would acquire this bag of shit and re-engineer it for us! Now there would be a good use of funds, rather than lining Carl Icahn's pockets.
These are crimes! Why aren't these scumbags in jail? It is time that the people stood up and revolted against these financial institutions and hedgefunds, threw the bums in jail and dismantled their companies once and for all. Too big to fail means too big so let's make them all smaller and less powerful. Same goes for limiting the size of hedgefunds!
Since when is cheating the test not faking it! Yes, we all know what a class act Android is!
Scamscum has to be one of the most morally bankrupt tech companies in the world. What a POS excuse of a company. Does it speak to the morality of South Korean business ethics in general? I sure hope not.
Yes, Apple should listen to the shareholders! And I'm a shareholder! Tell Carl to FK off! I trust the management of Apple, exclusively, not some corporate raider out to make a quick buck, with absolutely no concern for the long term health of the company. I also believe in one man, one vote, so I want an equal say to Carl.
Oh please, give us a break. Anyone that follows tech closely knows that the surface RT is crap running a crappy OS and is a huge failure in every respect. (The Surface 2 is nothing more than a rebranded RT.) Further to your comment about the TV show, yes indeed, it is totally unrealistic to be using all that MSFT mobile crap, under any circumstance!
Originally Posted by island hermitFor a long time I hadn't seen too many. Now I see almost as many Android Tabs as iPads.I'm an expat living in China and see very few Android tablets in major metropolitan areas. They are even using iPads in restaurants to display menus and take orders.
BS! Go take a nap.
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