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Oops - too late!
"Bromwich also profiled public blowback which came in the form of profane emails..."   Hey Bromwich, go puck yourself you overpriced incompetent hack!
This is such a BS report from NPD. It does not include Apple store sales, Apple corporate team / account sales, nor BYOD, rendering the whole report meaningless.
Ummm, in case you haven't noticed wifi is ubiquitous!!!! And in the rest of the world (non-US) our iPhone hotspot functionality is not disabled by greedy carrier agreements.
As an expat living in China I can attest to the fact that it is easy to bypass the Great Chinese Firewall. Even high school kids know how to do it! This is such a non-issue that it doesn't even deserve an article! Conversely, you have the morons at Google that simply pulled out of the market leaving it solely to the Chinese players, and hurting their loyal customers in the process. A truly stupid move from a company pretending like they always take the high ground, which...
Actually he wasn't underage. You are allowed to work at 15 in China.
With all due respect, you are clueless! Go get yourself a good education before you post such ridiculous comments. Of course Apple has a responsibility to monitor these factories, as they themselves have sated, and they are doing a better job than anyone else in the industry. Further, the only way to protect themselves from media hacks like the NYT, which got this story completely wrong, or clowns like Mike Daisey, is to be proactive in their audits and dealings with...
Are you really this dense or just pretending to be? ALL APPLE PHONES ARE HIGH END SMARTPHONES NOT HALF OF THEM! Do I need to repeat that to get it through your thick scull?
Seriously? Before you make such a moronic post, go get yourself a good education as you are obviously clueless! Apple ONLY sells high end advanced phones, even models that are two or three years old are high end. They still are updated with current iOS, unlike junk Android devices, and still carry state of the art features. They also are in such high demand they have excellent resale value. As to your Samsung numbers, you obviously flunked math class. Back to school for you!
One needs to remember that there are already over 40 million iPhones on China Mobiles network so this is not a zero sum start to the sales process. But certainly it speaks to the demand, and pent up demand, on the network which currently doesn't even support the iPhone on their homegrown 3G network. China Mobile cleverly overcame this obstacle in major markets like Beijing by offering ubiquitous public wifi access to iPhone users by setting up their own wifi network across...
New Posts  All Forums: