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I currently live in China and Google is effectively blocked here across their entire product line. Even google translate now requires use of VPN to work, a recent change. Google pulling out of China was one of the dumbest business moves in history IMHO.
Fictitious numbers from these "research" whores - Apple sells most of their computers direct, numbers these guys can't track, but just guess.
Obviously the marketplace disagrees with your observations and conclusions since the iPhone outsells all other high end models. And apparently your "worthless" comment is in direct conflict with the fact that you own an iPhone.
But in fact it's from the same scumbag company - the one that invades your privacy...
No thank you! I value my privacy!
Not really. I'm a power user, as are most iPhone users as we tend to use our devices more frequently for more things. It's simple - buy the model with the most memory and manage it well, even using cloud services. Next, just like Samsung, get a good battery back up you can carry in your purse or briefcase, or even attached to your phone - a great model is the uNu Power DX case - it's brilliant, easy to put on and take off, and comes in handy on those rare occasions when I...
DED - you are the best! Thank you! I was worried that I was going to need to move to Adobe's bloated, overly complicated crap with the horrible interfaces, but now it's obvious that Photos is going to rock! Apple has figured out through their experience with the iOS App Store that developers, with all their brilliance and creativity, will excel at delivering amazing features and functionality, while Apple provides the basic framework that they can plug into. This is a...
Here is a great piece related to this announcement and the future... http://www.apertureexpert.com/tips/2014/6/27/aperture-dead-long-live-photos#.U66B5toaySM
Total nonsense!
Skype absolutely sucks, always has. Even voice calls are unreliable and if poor quality. But worst of all, I live overseas and have a US number so clients can easily contact me. The recent iPhone update is incompatible with voice mail!!! WTF Microsucks, why would you ever release this POS!!!???
New Posts  All Forums: