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Great! Now when are you going to fix your POS main site? It should be embarrassing to you that one of the leading tech news sites is so horrible! Loads way too slow, especially images, and if you are in a low bandwidth area, pathetic! Suggestion - fire your IT staff and rebuild...
Available at the Microsoft store???? Doomed! And is that a leather strap on a fitness watch? Seriously? When we sweat what happens to leather? Oops...
Just looking at the screen on the windoze phone makes me dizzy. The scattered effect of different sizes and colors reflects a strategy of "just make it look different". What we get is a confusing cluster fk.
This judge is a total hack! All she needs to do is look at how Samsung went from an also ran in the space to the world's number one manufacturer AFTER they slavishly copied Apple's iPhone down to every little detail. This isn't rocket science.
Looking at the back of the Samscum POS, it looks thick as a brick!
After watching these, I Iwant to puke! The message I get is that the Note is for morons! The crystals in my phone told me so as I gazed out into the universe....
The annual sales for the iPad market will never be as large as for iPhones as smartphones are more ubiquitous, and the iPad replacement cycle is much longer. This isn't rocket science. That is all the story that needs to be told other than that Apple will continue to expand the feature set and ecosystem so that demand will in fact stay strong.
Take head out of rectum. The iPad replaces text books, a school expense. And we certainly don't, and shouldn't, expect kids to pay for their own textbooks. This is such a nonissue.
Wow! I think it's time to get a life, unless you were missing the /s
Good god! When are the Amazon shareholders going to wake up? Talk about fragmentation and lack of focus.... In other news, Amazon acquires a chain of electronically operated car washes as well as a chain of online dry cleaners...
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