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Exactly - they already said they would not... The only reason I see them doing it is that they blew the doors off ALL expectations. The problem is there is a real supply shortage so any numbers are pretty meaningless. Keep the focus on it just being a fantastic new offering with high demand and low supplyWhat absolute nonsense! With all the posts you have do you really understand Apple? Or the products? This is THE most sophisticated device they have ever launched from a...
What an ignorant thing to say. This is about helping people in need, not about your opinions. If you don't think the Red Cross is effective, why don't you just join them and show them how to do it better.
So Apple owns the ecosystem and they just might not allow competitors to some of THEIR core services on their system, or might slow them down when using APPLE'S infrastructure. And they shouldn't do this because....? Seriously, they have every right to slow down or block competitors. It's their system!!!!!!
Hey AI, please shoot the next videos in the proper landscape orientation!
What the hell were they thinking trying to get away with this? This industry needs a good competitive shakeup and they need to be stripped of their exclusive contracts in metro areas. The U.S. is falling way behind the rest of the developed world in Internet access and speeds.
China does not allow outside mapping services. You are required to license your data from one of the Chinese owned services.
...and she undoubtedly has a sweet honeypot of Apple shares to help her enjoy her journey.
And you don't mention that the iPhone actually outsells the Samsung Galaxy in Korea. Needless to say, any numbers coming out of Samsung are known to be bullshit antway.
20 million is sales channel stuffing with the carriers. It has nothing to do with actual sales as it is merely inventory, and even then these numbers reflect commitments from the carriers and not necessarily actual shipments into their inventories yet. Samesung is very good at misleading with phony numbers pretending to be actual sales to a user.
This is because a large segment of android phones are super cheap crap that are used primarily / solely as feature phones - the users don't even know how to use the full features and / or have tiny or no data plans by taking the cheapest cellular package that is offered in their respective market. Outside the U.S. cellular providers offer many levels of plans, especially in the developing world, including China and India, which contain extremely limited messaging and data...
New Posts  All Forums: