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An example of "military intelligence".
As an American living and teaching in China, the ignorance and arrogance of Americans is an embarrassment at best, and pathetic at its worst. I have worked in both an auto plant and steel mill in the US as a front line worker so I know something about harsh work environments - at a Ford engine plant I had to work MANDATORY 7 days a week and had only 2 days off an entire summer only because I called in sick one day and they gave us the 4th of July. I had to STAND ALL DAY...
Well said!
No they don't. They know better.
You are correct on number portability - however there is none in China on any network and probably never will be as the political interests of China Mobile would prevent it since they operate the homegrown version of the technology. However, at least in Beijing, China Mobile aggressively markets the existing iPhone as they have a ubiquitous wifi network there with an inexpensive citywide wifi package that obviates the need for 3G compatibility on the iPhone. As to siri, it...
Nonsense. Apple has no reason to settle out of court with Proview. They will win in the next round of court battles - especially since the next proceedings are in Shanghai and not some ignorant lower court. The documentation that has been posted supporting their case is quite clear that they own the trademark outright in China.
ALL the carriers in China are state owned enterprises not just China Mobile. China Mobile has felt that it is so big it didn't need the iPhone. On the other hand, the other carriers feel that having the iPhone is a competitive advantage to compete against China Mobile.
We may finally see what Office should truly be. A low cost, stripped down tool that is easy to use and lacks all the bloat that it now has. A radically stripped down version would still do what 99% of users truly need from these products. The reality is however that MSFT has become irrelevant in the mobile space, even if not in the office. There are now far better computing choices in the handheld market. Personally, I much prefer to work in Pages, Numbers and Keynote...
Please please please either pull your head out of your as-s, or if that's not going to work, push it further in!
And you are a fk'ng moron!
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