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Apple, please buy Adobe and finally put a fatal bullet into this POS product. and throw out the bums running the company.
What bullshit logic is that? You do in fact use the term "windows" to refer to the GUI - apple has been doing that since they launched the first Mac. Further, apple invented and named the first real app store and now, since everyone is hell bent on just copying e everything apple does instead of charting their own course of innovation, they feel they should be able to use it? Give us a break.
STFU - you are a tiresome bore!
You are a complete idiot! It is only on MY computer and MY iPhone, just like MY private contacts, private documents, private photos, private email, private bank information etc. etc. etc. Grow up!
You are a totally clueless hack. Please, go get yourself an education so that you actually know what you are talking about.
It's about time they started waking up. In marketing, problems are opportunities. And if getting the consumer to provide critical data is a key problem then find creative solutions. There are many creative ways to get those other 50% of consumers to provide data, even if only in small chunks compiled over time. Like running contests and promotions, special offers, etc. etc.
Total nonsense. The law requires that they post their times and locations. And besides, the current laws are overly strict - to the point of being ridiculous. When one or two beers can put you "over the limit" the law has gone WAY too far. I sympathize with "madd mothers" but they are pushing an excessive agenda. We've had enough of the puritans interfering with our lives! Enough already!
LOL - they are paying 8.5 Billion for a service that already works on windoze. they could have just started / expanded a strategic alliance for FREE. Horrible company run by an absolute moron.
How clueless can you possibly be? Skype is already cross platform. And Apple has released Facetime to the entire community for free as an open standard. And you don't understand that? It is NOT RESTRICTED to iOS devices. And the number of tech companies and consumers that hate MSFT will bode very well for Facetime. Please, go get yourself a good education.
Its nice to see some really really smart posters who know WTF they are talking about on here, unlike the A-hole trolls that love to hang out! And great user names as well! Thanks for the great insight as I'm planning to use my new top of the line iMac for video editing!
New Posts  All Forums: