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Its nice to see some really really smart posters who know WTF they are talking about on here, unlike the A-hole trolls that love to hang out! And great user names as well! Thanks for the great insight as I'm planning to use my new top of the line iMac for video editing!
Put a sock in it! Its a technical limitation obviously. Move on.
Ah, the great whore known as MSFT will stop at nothing to try to BUY developers off and steal from the efforts of others. All instead of building greatness into their own lousy products. Nothing has changed.
You just don't get it! The far easier and better solution is for the browsers to implement webkit. NOT the POS flash! That is the whole point - open versus proprietary adobe crapware...
What total crap! Get your head out of your posterior! If there wan't flash, something else would have been invented, and maybe HTML 5 would have come along a lot sooner. To say that they produced a "truly excellent product" is just BS. Buggy, bloated, taking forever to download, often broken, etc. etc. etc. On top of all this, it is grossly overused and clogging the bandwidth of the internet.
And another key point that you left out - they can't attract and support a sustainable developer community of any meaningful size because of all their inherent flaws. Developers want to make money and these platforms don't even come close to delivering.
They simply can't compete at any level. To say these competitors have a 26% market share is laughable.
Canalys? Who the F is Canalys? They are obviously incompetent. There isn't a single viable or successful alternative to the iPad out there and Apple only has 74% market share? That is absolutely impossible. Where do these idiots come from?
Irrelevant. It is still YOUR data stored on YOUR device, just like all your other data. Are you still hanging out in your parent's basement playing with yourself? You seem to have nothing better to do than to troll this site when we see you here.
Edit: last warning! Next time, a point will be awarded, and the post will be deleted.
New Posts  All Forums: