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And make this woman pay all Apple's legal expenses.
What? You must be kidding. Even your old iPad is better than than the Fire. More content and apps, bigger screen, better build quality, and will do more than the fire, including movies, music, iTunes U, integration with all your other Apple devices. Your comment makes no sense whatsoever.
You have no idea what you are talking about - this is Asia not the US. Apple Hong Kong sold out online in 10 minutes and you haven't been able to order one since. They can not possibly keep up with demand in Hong Kong as most of the phones will go to the mainland where it hasn't launched yet. This is the historic pattern for this region, shortages that last for months.
Hello! In Hong Kong Friday was launch day and in the first 10 minutes they went on sale online they were sold out and haven't been available online since. Did you actually read the article? I have been trying to buy one out of HK online since launch day and have been unable to do so. Demand far exceeds current supply globally.
ROFLOL - you can't be serious! The full web should not have proprietary technology running it that drains the battery, slows down the entire web experience and clogs the pipes with buggy bloated crapware. Get over yourself.
Really? Based on what? Does it have the full Apple ecosystem? Of course not. So your statement is total BS as it is not a "phone" but a sophisticated computer that is an integral part of a total ecosystem. Not a platform for taking your user information without compensation and serving you up a world of ads.
So you are a legal expert? This is nonsense - there is no conflict of interest as law firms make sure to isolate cases such as this from anyone in the firm that might have a conflict. She is a judge, he's a lawyer. So you think one of them needs to give up their job? Total BS.
It's a beautiful thing. No, not the phone. But the fact that MSFT is totally irrelevant in the mobile space. Add to that the fact that there are much better options for consumers than their lame offerings. Consumers are more than happy to turn their backs on MSFT after decades of being force-fed over-priced, buggy, bloated, counter-intuitive, third-rate products. Good riddance!
MSFT to Apple: "Mine's bigger than yours"
We need to start a national referendum - it's time to give East Texas back to its rightful owners.... Mexico.
New Posts  All Forums: