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Nice response. Hope you can break your old habit. You will be so much happier.
Its simple common sense for those that follow DED. Do you have stats that he isn't?
Excuse me, but what Apple's competitors are doing is in fact news, especially when those competitors main objective it to take business away, or steal its technology. Apple investors are very interested in what is going on in the marketplace. What planet are you living on?
How in the world does this company manage to suck so bad? The good news is that they are now irrelevant in the mobile space so we can all escape from their illegal monopolistic behavior, and their bloated, buggy expensive products as we have far better alternatives out there.
Yet another moron speaks! FCP X costs hundreds of dollars less than the previous version! So even with $400 add on it still costs you hundreds LESS!!!!! If you are a pro and need this feature, suck it up and quit your bitching.
Bullshit! They still have FCP 7. Move on...
Hmmm - Conrad Joe has only been a member since this month and already over 200 posts. Can we maybe say "professional troll"? Besides the fact that he is clueless. It didn't take Apple "years" to introduce cut and paste, and to not think that Apple already had most of these new features planned is just plain stupid. Especially with how quickly they were released. Once again, Apple changes the paradigm of how we work, and we have the whinners and fools rearing their heads.j...
Dude, get off YOUR high horse! What he says is actually true. Windows is nothing more than the same old reused bloated buggy insecure code that is poorly written and carries a lot of legacy crap. The fact that you use both is irrelevant. The Mac universe is a far better platform! its not just about the OS. Further, to your question about Japanese, that would be iOS of course. As well as for Chinese. Get over yourself!
Excellent response. Did you read this "macrulez"???
Dude, WTF is with you? Do you actually have anything intelligent to add to this site? Jobs is talking about a handheld touch-based world where the overwhelming majority of computer users can do 95% of what they use their computer for without a desktop. And you can always add an inexpensive portable bluetooth keyboard for data input if that's your thing. Go take a nap please.
New Posts  All Forums: