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Balmer says- "Whatever device you use...Windows will be there." Translation - "a pig in every pot"
Its comical when a troll takes on a name like "macrulez". Seriously, put a sock in it. DED's main focus was how wrong they have been in the past, and how they have been on the take from MSFT. In other words, they are not a credible source. How can one disagree with that?
Bullshit. Consumers have finally realized that after all the years of being screwed by MSFT with buggy, overpriced pigs for products that they absolutely don't need MSFT on their mobile devices and WILL NOT adopt them in any significant numbers. They have far far superior choices in iOS and Android. Nokia has just totally screwed themselves over by hiring and following this twit.
Nokia - you are soooooooo toast. And why in the world would you let some moron from MSFT run your company?
Seriously. STFU. You are another mindless poster who has no clue. Let us know when you actually have something intelligent to say.
So we should believe you versus someone who actually develops the games and knows the performance characteristics of devices intimately?
The managers of these funds would have to be idiots to sell now. This is a huge buying opportunity for them. If they could, just transfer the shares to another fund.
Pardon me but it is in fact the Android market that is spewing all the FUD which DED is countering so that we can have an intelligent view of what is really going on in the marketplace instead of all the false hype. The fact is that Android is an immature, unstable and extremely fragmented OS. People are getting what they paid for - oh, that's right, its free. The market spin around android is so full of FUD that it really is astonishing that it is doing so well as it is....
I believe this article to be grossly inaccurate. It appears that she is basically a PR person by background. Phil Schiller is the SVP of global product marketing and is the most significant player in the marketing dept. at apple. Her departure appears to not be a big deal. Further Chiat Day has been apple's agency from nearly the start and that relationship is not changing. You never even hear Allison's name mentioned.
microsoft strategy = oxymoron.
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