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And we have the trolls show up who just don't get it. Techtards be damned - the overwhelming majority of consumers do not want to, know how to, or are to complacent to try to root their devices. They should just work, and be updated seamlessly, but are getting screwed by these companies selling them crap. Obsolete the day they walk out of the store.
ROFLOL - "It's gotten to the point where the differences between Android and iOS is nearly gone." Only a complete fool would think this. They aren't even in the same ballpark when you factor quality, the total ecosystem, fragmentation on Android's part, various manufacturers UI failures, OS update cluster FK, incompatible hardware with current OS versions, resale value, lack of viable revenue model for developers, etc. etc. etc. It's not just the OS, its the whole...
Why would the author of this piece once again bring up the suicides at the Schenzen Foxconn facilities when it has already been shown that the suicide rate is actually statistically very low, even lower than the overall suicide rate in the US. The fact is that their facilities where these tragic deaths took place house and employee over 400,000 workers. The suicide rate there is actually lower than for high school students in the US and I don't see anyone condemning the US...
Excuse me. It costs far more than that. Those estimates are just for the hardware costs. They don't include sales and marketing expenses, packaging, warehousing, distribution, shipping, engineering, software development and maintenance, warranty, cost of capital, returns, customer service or any other overhead and administration costs.
Wang is such a wanker! As is his pathetic company of cheap plastic crap.
LOL - the justice department and the EU both disagreed with you! That's why MSFt was fined heavily and put on probation for years.
What? Its not hard to miss by 15 - 20% at all when you are growing like Apple. When your business is pretty steady, yes its easy to forecast. But Apple is not your average company, by far! The target is moving so fast that its hard to keep up, especially on a global basis. Apple is truly a phenomenon the likes of which we have never seen before.
LOL - nice retort!
Firefly seems to think that is kind of "pointless" but I am with you! Why bring mediocrity to my Apple devices. And why reward companies that have no clue what consumers actually want - brilliantly designed, easy to use, technologically transparent products that enrich our lives, and not frustrate them. Just say no to mediocrity.
Fortunately you're not running the country. And based on the number of posts you've generated since January, you need to get a life!
New Posts  All Forums: