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What a ridiculous survey. "Here look at these ads and evaluate them" instead of what you normally do, which is ignore them! Also, if they would have conducted this survey with the ads running in flash on an iPad the respondents would have responded "flash sucks - its slow, buggy and draining my battery, get this crap off my ipad" - how's that for survey results?
So if 88 of 100 Fortune 100 companies are supporting the iPhone, and 80 the iPad, who are the IT fascists holding up deployment at the other companies?
Truly amazing results. And as to cameronji's comment above, that most certainly is not what Apple is doin or wants to do. You don't continue to grow a successful company by not building the products want and then force them into a higher priced model. All of their manufacturing lines for all models are going full tilt.
ROFLOL - now see there, your true troll colors are showing...
Hmmmm, what's that line below in your signature about "childish" - you are the true personification...
And then we have sprockkets, another boorish toll trying to suck the air out of the room. Keep on sucking sprock...
DaHarder - you are truly a tiresome troll - there is no one in the tech news / analysis space more knowledgeable and articulate than Daniel. And who are you again?
Go get a life! Google is the new evil and you my friend are....never mind.
The good doctor has been doing rectal exams again, on himself.
You are delusional and spreading gross misinformation. Apple doesn't support flash on mobile devices SOLELY because of performance issues. IT IS CRAP, ESPECIALLY ON MOBILE. There are plenty of sources for content on Apple iOS devices other than apple. You can buy music from any source as an example, and there are plenty of sources for video as well such as Netflix. They are ALL ABOUT AN EXCEPTIONAL / THE BEST USER EXPERIENCE. And consumers obviously agree as they have been...
New Posts  All Forums: