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Well aren't you the genius. Since you can access amazon content on an iOS device your argument makes no sense. eBooks, there is an iOS Kindle app for that. Music from amazon, you can download directly into iTunes. Access the amazon marketplace, there's an Amazon app for that. And of course, Apple devices can access the website as well. No "tossing" required. Duh!
Nonsense. Increased traffic, in general, brings increased sales. Your "observations" are incredibly flawed unless the other stores are just garbage.
Bean counters. And politicians to boot. The worst kind.
Fortunately, you're not runnin Apple. Despite all the whining FCP X is absolutely pro quality, and offers up a new paradigm for professional editors. Apple also has a roadmap for adding more features soon. Meanwhile, iMovie is much simpler and perfect for the types of projects the average consumer does at a very attractive price point.
You need to get a life outside this fantasy world you live in. Or get someone to unlock the basement door.
Well aren't you the genius. Thanks for explaining it to us. That recession thing must explain the current explosive growth of the iPad, iPhone and Mac.
How clueless can you possibly be?
Pathetic. How many ways can you spell fail, other than MSFT!
Truly amazing that Apple's stock has declined so much in the past week when you compare their profits and gross margins to Amazon, as well as their respective PE ratios. Amazon has chosen a low margin, make no profit, give it away for free, build it and they will come business strategy to the detriment of their shareholders, while Apple continues to fire on all cylinders in every product category making record profits, the majority of industry profits, at high margins. Go...
He never was the brightest bulb in the room!
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