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You make an excellent point which calls for a clearer definition of what constitutes a troll. No one would accuse universities or ARM of being patent trolls. A troll neither invents the technology, nor produces anything. The two examples you give clearly invent IP and then in good faith go out to the market to put those inventions into production through third parties. As far as saying software should not be patentable, although there are abuses and the system could be...
Try to get yourself an education. You are making yourself look very foolish. Apple had no problem paying fair market value licensing fees to Nokia. The problem was that Nokia was trying to extort excessive fees from Apple over and above fair market prices established under Nokia's prior written commitments in the fair exchange agreements it has within the tech community, and the much lower licensing fees for these same technologies it already had with other tech companies....
You have it absolutely wrong. Its not the "abomination of software patents" but the proliferation of patent trolls that is the key problem with the patent system. And it looks like these clowns at OSS are yet another example of a company that produces nothing and tries to extort by suing.
Google IS the new evil. Bring it on Google - they're ready and able to put you in you place and show what you truly are - a simple, slimy, knowing thief of others IP.
Google's lawyers state, and I quote, "A patent isn’t innovation. It’s the right to block someone else from innovating." Did these guys actually go to law school and are they licensed to practice law? They've got to be kidding. A patent is for the protection of innovation - of unique and innovative ideas - and to prevent others from stealing those ideas. If google wants to innovate, then they need to invent, not steal. Google is THE new evil.
Google proves itself once again to be THE new evil. They have borrowed (stolen) IP heavily from others, given it away for free, and then cry out that they are innovating and that its all about open source. The company is perpetuating a huge scam and myth when it comes to android, all the while harvesting our personal data without compensating us for it, and selling it's use to others for BILLIONS through their advertising model.
I love it when google calls stealing others IP and giving it away for free "innovation".
Google is the new evil. They take all of our our data without our permission or compensation and sell it making billions. Then they release software that contains significant amounts of stolen IP and give it away for free so they can make even more money off our data. And now their powerful lobbyists are pressuring the government to overturn the sale, or severely restrict the buyers from enforcing their ownership rights. All the while claiming "open source" - the web...
Oh clueless wonder. Apple puts significant amounts of money and energy into R&D. Just because they don't spend as much as MSFT doesn't mean anything. Apple just happens to be much more efficient and focused than those floating turds. And as to your ridiculous comment about "apple runs the risk of pushing patent issues to center stage", you must be kidding. Apple is now the most sued company on the planet. Patent reform would clearly benefit them as patent reform would be...
Interestingly Apple TV is not even available in all major markets. Especially China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, etc. It would most certainly be popular with current customers. When people visit my home in China and I demonstrate my US purchased ATV to them they are blown away and immediately want one.
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