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Toshiba - What idiots.
Further proof (and significant proof at that) that the android market is all about free, and stealing content/apps. Good luck with that. Google is the new evil.
Total nonsense - copying and cloning the approach won't work. Only clear product differentiation and meaningful added value are going to help them. WebOS had plenty of ammo/marketing push behind it when it launched but was still a failure.
Exactly - its those manipulating unethical POS institutional investors that have been manipulating Apple's stock and shouting at apple the loudest to give their incredible cash hoard out as dividends so that these investors can have a big pay day for doing nothing. This, my friends, is what you can do with a huge pile of cash - use it as a competitive advantage. Apple - brilliant. Institutional investors - not so much.
Another totally clueless poster. Only inefficient and crappy apps are cross platform the way you describe as they are not optimized for the specific OS. That's why there is even a different Mac versus PC version of MSFT office, so please get a clue before you post such ill informed "opinions". Further, with iOS apps you only purchase once and it can be downloaded to all your iOS devices on your account, and you can move them to your new iOS devices when you replace your...
f*k AT&T and f*k the carriers - Apple wrestled control from these draconian a-holes and now they want it back. They couldn't figure out how to run their business before so why should anyone cut them some slack now.
Google truly is the new evil. They take our personal internet data without compensating us, all the while making BILLIONS on our backs. They then try to position themselves as some kind of heros to the common man, the carriers and now the publishers because they are the "good guys", providing "a better deal". Hopefully this is going to bite them in the ass sooner rather than later when consumers wake up to the fact that they've sold their souls to this company as they...
Any halfwit can post on the internet - case in point above. How is "set a record in 2 hours" wrong? Or a million units in first week? Seriously, try to go back to sleep.
A marriage made in hell. Apparently when you leave your job at microsoft you have a big "MORON" tattooed to your forehead as you have no real clue how to run a non-monopoly business. Why in the world would you announce this joint effort to the world up to a year before you can actually implement it in new devices, and before you've had time to effectively prepare/ transition your huge installed user base? Nothing says "abandon my brand" like "I'm going to dump the OS you...
google IS the new evil. they want everything for free! they take all our data for free and then turn around and use it to make billions - they are the whores of the internet.
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