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I inadvertently deleted the RSS feed on my Mail inbox. How can I get it back? TIA.
I'm a recent convert from Windows to a MacBook and love it. However, after all the crud that built up on my Windows system, I'm paranoid about the same happening to the MacBook. Is there a program out there that runs a diagnostic and/or "clean up" on the MacBook, or does the MacBook not even need to worry about that? RoadRunner is my ISP - they offer lots of diagnostic software but it's all for Windows OS. I'll appreciate any comments and information from all...
In order of importance: 1 - Telephone 2 - Calendar 3 - Contacts list Then, the GPS, camera, etc. will be icing on the cake.
I use a Palm Treo 650 that I like very much. However, I also love Apple products. I'm wondering what problems I will face if I buy the new iPhone coming out in June. Is it a "true" PDA like the Treo? Will I have a hard time making the transition from the Palm OS to iPhone's? TIA.
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