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This makes sense as the issue seemed to be related to OTA. 
Hmm....my text message forwarding shows three Mac devices.  They are the same machines but had issues with one thing or another and only one is a valid one.  How do I remove the other two?
Hmm, since beta 1 I have been unable to use our internal SSL site.  It never remembers that I saved my password in the keychain.  Still doesn't.  I even have an open ticket number and I've given them the requested information since beta 4.  
Version number pi.
Update pulled.  Day saved.  
 They both work fine for me.  We use Teamviewer 9 and I use chrome 37.0.2062.120.  I use Chrome in a very limited situation because we have a website for our company that we do a lot of our work in and it uses SSL.  Since beta 1, Safari doesn't remember to reference my keychain to used my stored credentials which means a lot of logins for plenty of sections on this website when we do things.  I launch chrome and it uses my login just for the initial prompt and it always...
Simultaneous voice and data over LTE...yet they already mentioned VoLTE. Maybe I can finally use my phone's data while on on a call on Verizon when using their CDMA network for voice.
My issue of using keychain to save my username and password in our SSL enabled internal website still fails.  Each module the page loads requires the login and it never remembers my login information.  This doesn't occur in Safari for Mavericks nor any other browser in Yosemite.  I set it once and it remembers.  It's been an issue since beta 1.  The amount of logins has decreased, but they still occur.  Each time I submit the bug for each new beta, they close it as a...
I'll stick to craigslist and get more than $205 bucks for my 64 gig iPhone 5 on verizon that's unlocked for domestic and international use, although it won't work on all non-Verizon LTE bands....if any.  
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