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I guess I just don't get streaming media.  I just keep my music on an old iPod and it is attached to my head unit and play from there.  When I am mobile, I just use my iPhone and headphones.  
Raise estimates, don't meet wall street estimates (while still doing great by internal estimates), stock drops.  
And why would Tim Cook get the person of the year title?  He hasn't done anything that isn't expected out of a quality CEO.  
I have an older one (has the classic white face on it), but I doubt it's worth anything.
This was actually something that was included in early iOS 8 beta release notes, then it was just removed for some reason.  Sucks.  
300 bucks for headphones.  Insane.  
The BB users are going to shit their pants and start trying to save face.  
This makes sense as the issue seemed to be related to OTA. 
Hmm....my text message forwarding shows three Mac devices.  They are the same machines but had issues with one thing or another and only one is a valid one.  How do I remove the other two?
Hmm, since beta 1 I have been unable to use our internal SSL site.  It never remembers that I saved my password in the keychain.  Still doesn't.  I even have an open ticket number and I've given them the requested information since beta 4.  
New Posts  All Forums: