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So what is to stop people from giving erroneous information just to see if it's showing up in Maps?
That's already out.  It's called update 1.  
Sprint sucks. Case closed. Data speeds are terrible.
I think they should give you 10 gigs free, but whatever.  
I'd still like the ability to sort through events like iPhoto.  Or even use iPhoto's events in photos.  Beta 1 doesn't allow iPhoto to be run, so maybe it's just a bug.
If they can make a retina iMac, then they can make a retina 17" laptop.
I am sure not all features will be supported by all versions of iPhones.  Can't answer on the Mac side.  
I don't see why wi-fi calling wouldn't be supported by all carriers. It doesn't cost them anything. Now the automatic hotspot I can see being an issue...
I think quicktype is nothing special. I just kept typing as normal and to me it's more of an autocorrect feature.  I turned it "off".  
I wish I knew how to program (as I have great ideas on games/apps but not a lick on how to program), but this seems more like an attempt to make their games a bit more exclusive to their platform. 
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