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I guess I am the only one who would rather have the rotating motor instead of the oscillating motor for the vibrate feature.  I didn't like how quiet the oscillating motor was.     As for the pics, something is fishy.  The pictures showing the internals show a sloppy assembly.  Very sloppy.
I find Apple maps to be very good for my uses.  
So basically I have money, but I want more money faster and you aren't sharing it.  Got it.  
I don't think they patched the exploit since it is a rather quick turnaround.  However evasi0n doesn't work as it says it's an unsupported version.
700 million of his own personal fortune.....damn that's a lot of money.  Do they take checks?
We had fun with this command at work today....
Before my company picked up the tab (had to switch to Big Red from AT&T), my bill was between $134 to $136 a month with taxes.  Unlimited (read throttled after 3 gigs) data and unlimited everything else.
No thanks.  I'll wait for the next native version of Office:Mac.  2011 works great for me.  
Very close.  Mid 50's or low 60's are the usual public release builds.  
I don't have the issue on my 5 that the video shows.  I think the current tech works fine. 
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