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Been reading a few posts about Safari crashing more.....downloading now to see.
They try to attack me with bear spray in a robbery attempt, they'll get a lead sandwich.  
And 6.1.3 beta 2 breaks the envasion jailbreak....
What a load of crap.  While I am sure there are people who have issues, to put the blanket statement that everyone has the issue?  Dumb.  My girlfriend has a 4S on sprint and has no issues, minus that fact that sprint sucks. 
I'm not able to duplicate this on 6.1.1 beta 1 on model A1429.  
I guess I am the only one who would rather have the rotating motor instead of the oscillating motor for the vibrate feature.  I didn't like how quiet the oscillating motor was.     As for the pics, something is fishy.  The pictures showing the internals show a sloppy assembly.  Very sloppy.
I find Apple maps to be very good for my uses.  
So basically I have money, but I want more money faster and you aren't sharing it.  Got it.  
I don't think they patched the exploit since it is a rather quick turnaround.  However evasi0n doesn't work as it says it's an unsupported version.
700 million of his own personal fortune.....damn that's a lot of money.  Do they take checks?
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