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Dammit, no more cover flow.  
TSMC better get it together.  I don't hear negative things about them, but demand is demand and it may get dicey.  
I actually am satisfied with the performance of Apple maps.  I do wish I could disable turn by turn directions though....annoying.  
Safari is slow(er) under 10.8.2 and version 6.0.2.  I hope they look into this.
I prefer the vibrate function to be as loud as possible.  I think it's a bit too subdued at the moment, especially the models (CDMA 4 and all 4S models) using the oscillating motor.  
Really?  I get an exclamation mark on my messages app if my regular text doesn't go through...
New law. You create a patent, it just be used in a working product made by you (or a hardware partner) within 3-5 years. If you can't do it, it is automatically licensed at a fair rate (I don't know what fair would be).
  Nothing but boxes.
I can't seem to duplicate it on 6.1 beta 1.  However I don't have a lot of emails and my music list is extensive, but I end up touching the letter of the artist and it switches to that letter.  
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