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"The item is no longer available"
Google voice got an update as well.  Now update YouTube for iPhone and all is good.   Waiting for the google maps crowd to wonder when they will release their iOS app.  
    Ah yes.  I saw that look when clicking around.  However I didn't see anything that allows the album art on the bottom left.  
  I guess I don't really get what you mean, but this is how mine is setup for the moment using iTunes 11.      
You can click on songs and it will list your columns.  I assume that's what you mean.  
Dammit, no more cover flow.  
TSMC better get it together.  I don't hear negative things about them, but demand is demand and it may get dicey.  
I actually am satisfied with the performance of Apple maps.  I do wish I could disable turn by turn directions though....annoying.  
Safari is slow(er) under 10.8.2 and version 6.0.2.  I hope they look into this.
New Posts  All Forums: