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Fruit Ninja.  
Damn, why can't they stick a 7200 rpm drive in there?  Oh yeah, they are only that fast up to 750 gigs. 
Must get an Office 365 subscription?  Screw that.  Just charge a few bucks for each program or 20 bucks for the whole suite.
That dock is pretty bulky.  Maybe someone will make an authorized one that has the same size and look of Apple's docks for pre-lightning iOS devices.  
Ah ha!  John Browett has unleashed a mega-virus on their servers!  
Wait a second.  A 4th generation product is faster than an older generation?  No way.  These have to be fake benchmarks.  
Just like Highland Village here in Houston.    
The next question is, how far can they take this design?  It won't get thinner anytime soon.  What is the iMac going to look like in 5 years?  
I think it's priced a little high.  Oh well.
No new iTunes?
New Posts  All Forums: