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The most recent developer build of 10.8.2 takes longer to shut down than 10.8.1.  Fix it please.  
Looks like to me they went back to the counter weight vibrate motor.  The CDMA iPhone 4 and all 4S models used a linear oscillating vibrator.  I've always thought the 4S vibrate motor was rather weak.  The old one isn't worth writing home about either.  Top left corner.  At least it looks a vibrate motor.
Marginal increase in size for a taller display, more power hungry LTE (even though there is a die shrink in 2nd gen radios) and a possible 32nm die shrink for the A(x) processor.  My guess?  Same battery life as the 4S. Which to say isn't all that great.  
Yeah I just realized that.  Oops.  The 4S is the 5th generation.  
Or the shadow refers to the 5th generation and not actual name.  One thing I don't understand is that if they have more than one supplier of these next generation displays and one is having problems manufacturing it, what are they doing wrong?  How come the others aren't having issues?  
That Galaxy S3 is a very good phone.  
  Of course.     Nano-SIM, the same micro-SIM with less plastic!
There are a lot of dishonest people out there and there would have to be some check and balances somewhere. I could easily stuff small items in a bag and not scan them. If Walmart has to double check things somehow, I don't see the speed savings.
Sorry, I still think street view is much more useful.
This is interesting.
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