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Sprint and Verizon are able to.  
I would spend about 3 dollars less a month if I moved from my restricted unlimited AT&T data plan to Verizon's shared plan.  However if I move to Verizon, my company would take over the billing.  So there's that too....
Servers are getting pounded pretty hard right now, get update errors.  
Why would it?  
Yep, nothing on the developer page yet.  
Still takes too long to shutdown. It was worse in 10.8, very fast in 10.8.1, now back 10.8 slowness.
Well they are still working on the dedicated iPad app.
I'd still like to see iTunes Match improvements.  Specifically, stop streaming censored versions of my songs that aren't censored.   
The most recent developer build of 10.8.2 takes longer to shut down than 10.8.1.  Fix it please.  
Looks like to me they went back to the counter weight vibrate motor.  The CDMA iPhone 4 and all 4S models used a linear oscillating vibrator.  I've always thought the 4S vibrate motor was rather weak.  The old one isn't worth writing home about either.  Top left corner.  At least it looks a vibrate motor.
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