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What do the other voices say?
Oh snap!
The Facebook integration doesn't work for me. It's all setup, but I never get notifications. Never tells me when people comment nor show new wall posts. Odd.
I don't need LTE. I don't stream anything. I don't need to get my email 2 seconds faster nor do I need a webpage to load a few seconds faster.
I'm shocked they didn't get anything done.
That just means there are a lot of problems.  Uh oh.  The sky is falling.
If you're in an LTE area, yes you can.  However if there is no LTE coverage, you can't.  
True, but it's a tax write off. Ha!
Stuck with billions they can't spend fast enough eh?  They are more than welcome to pay off my debt.  Out soccer stadium seats 24,000 people.  My debt is less than that.  
New Posts  All Forums: