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I think it's priced a little high.  Oh well.
No new iTunes?
It will also be streamed on their website.
I am absolutely stunned they would do this.  I mean, it's not as if Apple has done anything to them.  
Key Lime Pie...coming to a smartphone not near you....
While that case or pouch would scuff it as well...
Well that sucks if it comes to fruition.  I like using Fusion.
This should help their iPhone prospects...
ummm.....this has been posted for awhile now....so uh...first?
  Except you know how to do that and have the tools.  You don't represent the majority of people.  Most people just want to point and shoot and aren't used to being cognizant of having to adjust for lighting, much less have a copy of Lightroom laying around or something similar.  They may use iPhoto and even then aren't experts at it (it's not hard).  While the purple haze can be reproduced on the 4 and 4S (remember the 4 had a green dot/haze in the middle of pictures...
New Posts  All Forums: