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I don't see why wi-fi calling wouldn't be supported by all carriers. It doesn't cost them anything. Now the automatic hotspot I can see being an issue...
I think quicktype is nothing special. I just kept typing as normal and to me it's more of an autocorrect feature.  I turned it "off".  
I wish I knew how to program (as I have great ideas on games/apps but not a lick on how to program), but this seems more like an attempt to make their games a bit more exclusive to their platform. 
I would love to except I can't use it on Windows, which is my primary machine I use at home.  
I just installed an SSD for my early 2011 macbook pro and reinstalled everything from scratch.  Used the 10.9.3 installer and users folder was there as usual.
No, not yet.
 Except that paper doesn't have every single item on it's main page that the Facebook newsfeed has.  
I had the previous MacBook issue where the nvidia GPU failed and it was fixed.  I have my early 2011 17" laptop (which the warranty expires late next month) and have had no issues.  I've watched plenty of HD movies, played some high powered games with no issue.  This isn't to say it won't fail the next day after the warranty expires....   Still a shame there is no longer a 17" option for MacBook Pros.  
Makes me wonder if they will bring this to the iPhone, but the larger rumored 5.5" version only.  I doubt it would make it to the current size models.
I eagerly await a new version of Office.  iWork is crap for my needs and I don't like that Mail can't get exchange mail pushed to it.  The most frequent you get is to check each minute.  
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