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Not bad at all, but I would have preferred that they show you the real time download/upload speeds until waiting after that module is run to show it. 
I only had it a couple of times when Mavericks first came out.  It was habit for me to push the power button (17" 2011 MacBook Pro) to bring up the options box and turn if off.  Took a little bit of time to get rid of that habit.  I just think it was dumb to even introduce it.  
Changed the power button behavior from touching and going to sleep to touching and nothing happens.  You have to press for one second to go to sleep and about 3 to get the options dialog box.  Excellent.  
I'd just do what other TV shows do like The Big Bang Theory.  They only partially cover the logo.  Put a Mac sticker on it, or an iOS sticker.  Then some athletes should cover the Samsung logo on their garbs...lol.
This is silly unless it can scan from a about a foot away or so.  People won't be holding it to their face.  
Sounds great for most postpaid plans, unless you're on one of those monthly phone installment plans.  They will cover the ETF, but you're on your own paying off the balance of your phone.  
Thunderbolt....dead end technology.
As always, wait a little over a month to get the one you want......and get the first batch bugs out of the way.  
Well it can't be just taller, that would make it too hard for smaller hands to reach the top of the screen.  It won't be a 5 inch phone.  I am thinking 4.3 with a thin bezel like the iPad Air and iPad Mini.
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