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I think they did a good job in mavericks with battery life. I got an extra 45 minutes out of my 2011 17" MacBook Pro.
 You can't turn off animations, just lower the parallax effect when moving the phone around.  
Chase updated their app, but just the icon. The app remains the same.
The only issue I saw with 5.0.3 on Mavericks was that external devices wouldn't connect. Of course it works fine on Fusion 6, but if they could just patch 5 to make it at feature work. They need their money though...
Go Cowboys!
Too bad their network sucks. Their LTE in Houston is below average.
Fees, fees, and more fees. It adds up and makes me wonder how their pricing matches up long term.
Boom! Hahahaha...
The shadow below the text on the home screen helps when having a light background.
Create your experience apps that you want to integrate and release them into the app store. Then sell some stickers for carrier branding at your stores. lol
New Posts  All Forums: