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Sounds great for most postpaid plans, unless you're on one of those monthly phone installment plans.  They will cover the ETF, but you're on your own paying off the balance of your phone.  
Thunderbolt....dead end technology.
As always, wait a little over a month to get the one you want......and get the first batch bugs out of the way.  
Well it can't be just taller, that would make it too hard for smaller hands to reach the top of the screen.  It won't be a 5 inch phone.  I am thinking 4.3 with a thin bezel like the iPad Air and iPad Mini.
Mine has been rock solid.  Watch it fail once my AppleCare expires in June 2014.  Maybe they'll have a recall by then or something.  
Hundreds have complained, millions have installed.  
I think they did a good job in mavericks with battery life. I got an extra 45 minutes out of my 2011 17" MacBook Pro.
 You can't turn off animations, just lower the parallax effect when moving the phone around.  
Chase updated their app, but just the icon. The app remains the same.
New Posts  All Forums: