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Boom! Hahahaha...
The shadow below the text on the home screen helps when having a light background.
Create your experience apps that you want to integrate and release them into the app store. Then sell some stickers for carrier branding at your stores. lol
That's something Google disabled. Apple can't control that.
Ok, so I want to add 6 people from my contact list to a group so when I text them...I tap that group and it sends.  How do I do that?
Opt out of group chats would be nice, as the ability to create groups would be nice too.
Why not create the services you want to integrate into an app they can download later?
This thread could go south anytime.
I was talking about iOS, not Mavericks. The add tab hasn't changed in desktop Safari.
I am having a hard time adjusting to the add new tab being in the bottom middle of the screen.
New Posts  All Forums: