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Why not create the services you want to integrate into an app they can download later?
This thread could go south anytime.
I was talking about iOS, not Mavericks. The add tab hasn't changed in desktop Safari.
I am having a hard time adjusting to the add new tab being in the bottom middle of the screen.
Fusion needs to catch up, but no matter...I am using Mavericks on my production machine.
    They can't publish fixes.  It'd have to be done via the iOS 7 sdk and apple isn't accepting those updates.
I preferred the old way of top sites. Oh well.
Restore worked. Good thing for manual backups....
Yeah there are some crazy things going on. For example, mail has the darker blue at the top, but the app store has it at the bottom.
Yeah unchecking and re-checking didn't work. I guess I may have to restore. Yuck.
New Posts  All Forums: