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I don't have that option. I have camera roll, panoramas, videos, last 12 months, and last import. No events.
Videos are in the camera roll in the album section grouped together. I haven't taken video using iOS 7 yet, so I don't know if it will store it there. Ok, I just made a video and it put in the videos section with my existing ones.
I cannot stand the new photos app. I spent a lot of time catagorizing events in iPhoto and synced them to my phone. Now, it's just a mess. The events are gone. It's now categories that have no relation to my events. I guess I'll have to get the iPhoto app, even though I heard it sucks.
I for one don't like the new photos app.  I spent a lot of time setting up events in iPhoto only to have them be irrelevant in iOS 7.  
Good thing I can change the voice to a male.  I don't like the idea of a woman controlling my experience (as I hide from my GF when she read this).
  So how would you have designed it?
I noticed they did a biteSMS type notification on Mavericks, but I wonder if it's on iOS.  I guess we'll see when I install it later today.  
The iPhone 5.  It's clear as day when the presenter shows the demos.  
Coming soon! 30 month upgrades with a two year contract!
Hmmm, I read somewhere that labels and publishers were two different things.  If you sign a label, does that give you rights from the publishers as well?
New Posts  All Forums: