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That would be a rather short time to test. Even more so since they've pulled devs off of OS X to work on iOS 7.
This date was debunked.
  Just google hacked verizon carrier profile.  It should offer the site itweakios.com.  It's on there under latest news on the right.  I can't link to it because our web filters block it here at work.  
    So nothing changed since the last beta.  How disappointing.  Still a few graphical issues.  
Build number?
It could be possible that this is an earlier build.  Things change even during the beta process.  
I'd love a product red or deep steel blue.
Windows 8 flatness alert!  The madness, the hideousness!  /s
Just enhance calendar alarms.  Let me set custom snooze times.  
It's just coffee.  It's not as if he is going to spill any secret details while you two are chatting it up.  
New Posts  All Forums: