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Hmmm, I read somewhere that labels and publishers were two different things.  If you sign a label, does that give you rights from the publishers as well?
That would be a rather short time to test. Even more so since they've pulled devs off of OS X to work on iOS 7.
This date was debunked.
  Just google hacked verizon carrier profile.  It should offer the site itweakios.com.  It's on there under latest news on the right.  I can't link to it because our web filters block it here at work.  
    So nothing changed since the last beta.  How disappointing.  Still a few graphical issues.  
Build number?
It could be possible that this is an earlier build.  Things change even during the beta process.  
I'd love a product red or deep steel blue.
Windows 8 flatness alert!  The madness, the hideousness!  /s
Just enhance calendar alarms.  Let me set custom snooze times.  
New Posts  All Forums: