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It's just coffee.  It's not as if he is going to spill any secret details while you two are chatting it up.  
The original development of OS X was named Kodiak.  Maybe they'll abandon cats altogether.  Or maybe they'll just call it 10.9 with no name. 
They need to get it together.  Too many disruptions the last couple of weeks.  They are subpar in their cloud services.  
Apple, the only company who can get record profit quarter after quarter...yet be hammered in the stock because a handful of suppliers report supply cuts and don't meet Wall Street's expected number.  Yet still make profits like crazy.   However what goes up must come down eventually.
Rio Grande Valley eh? About time, but I am curious if they'll get all the little towns too like Donna, Alamo, or Pharr.  I wonder if it will spread from Hidalgo and cross the border a little bit.
You still have to pay off your phone.  So that's a penalty in a way.  
So you're being billed for the remainder of the balance of the phone.  So there is a fee to leave their service.    
There are still some questions.  Are all iPhone 5 models (16, 32, 64) going to be subject to the 20 bucks a month?  What happens if you want to cancel your service after 3 months......would there be an ETF (which means there is a contract of sorts)?  Would T-Mobile just eat the cost of the iPhone you just bought?  
  Please provide a link to backup your claim.  
I played with one at best buy yesterday.  It wasn't bad, it wasn't great.
New Posts  All Forums: