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I've seen the beta and the signal bars have changed from 4.0. Changed display wise, who knows if it's the actual "fix".
Well without knowing the details of this beta release, it must be something big to jump from 4.0 to 4.1 I would think the current issues would be 4.01.
I have no interest in the cloud for iTunes. Nor anything for that matter. If they roll it out, it better be free.
July 24th is the last day you can return it if you got one on launch.
What kind of draconian rule is that? You break a contract and you're banned for life from owning a cell phone ever again?
I want a umbrella like they gave at the shanghai store while it was raining.
As flawed as CR is with this report, the people who don't get tech like we do refer to them completely. Grandma Sue might read it and spread the word to her family and friends that the iPhone has issues and no one should buy it. I was down in the Texas Valley this weekend and everyone saw my i4 and started asking about reception and how they heard this and that negative thing about it. Basically, the same publicity as Vista.
Maybe you and I don't go the same areas. I live in Houston and can reproduce it every now and then, depending on conditions at that precise location I am at. At my apt, I can reproduce it to go down to no bars. The funny part is when I can do the same exact thing 10 minutes later in the same spot and the signal goes up 1 bar. The problem is real. Here at the office where I work, it won't drop bars no matter what I do. Granted I work in an office building where there...
Neither of those scenarios apply to me, but I can still reproduce the problem in different areas of Houston. Your ignorance in believing that the problem doesn't exist for anyone is sad. The problem is real.The dropped call issue and voice quality issue due to the choke the chicken grip doesn't affect me either. But I also am not ignorant enough to believe that this doesn't affect other people.
So I guess all the independent tests are all 100% wrong. Prove your case that it's a non-issue for all i4 users. There may be some that it doesn't affect. However that is because they live in a place that has strong signal. We all know the bars are bunch of crap, especially how Apple calculates it. If you live in a stong area, your signal may drop from -63 to -91, which is still in the 5 bar threshold. However if you are at -88 and then drop to -110, you are down to...
New Posts  All Forums: