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Neither of those scenarios apply to me, but I can still reproduce the problem in different areas of Houston. Your ignorance in believing that the problem doesn't exist for anyone is sad. The problem is real.The dropped call issue and voice quality issue due to the choke the chicken grip doesn't affect me either. But I also am not ignorant enough to believe that this doesn't affect other people.
So I guess all the independent tests are all 100% wrong. Prove your case that it's a non-issue for all i4 users. There may be some that it doesn't affect. However that is because they live in a place that has strong signal. We all know the bars are bunch of crap, especially how Apple calculates it. If you live in a stong area, your signal may drop from -63 to -91, which is still in the 5 bar threshold. However if you are at -88 and then drop to -110, you are down to...
FaceTime is a joke for the vast majority. There are niches that it will serve very well, as proven in this article. What's the other niche? FacePorn.
Funny how for a company that is so secretive, we know about how they operate. It comes from various sources of course, but we still know a lot I think. We know when most new products like iMacs are going to be rolled out, we know that every september we get new iPods (although I can't really think what else they could do with them) and we also know how they operate internally when using top secret products. Of course we don't know the in and outs of every detail, but we...
I saw Houston on the list of cities that complained, but I didn't encounter any issues yesterday or today. Same upload speeds since the day I got the i4. 1.2Mbps or above.
Good thing my password is in language that is almost extinct.
The iPod is past its prime. The numbers don't lie. The iPod has found a point where there is no more room for major growth. While still very popular and still will make a good number of sales, I fail to see what else they can add to the lineup. Maybe a camera function on the Touch and Nano, but that's about it from what I can tell. Yes the Nano can record video, but it can't take any photos. When one iPod dies, I replace it with a used iPod. For example my...
Your experience doesn't mirror mine, so like I said, this is a non-issue for me. I don't use cases or bumpers, so I don't care what they charge for it. What word did I spell wrong?
There is no doubt the reception issue is real. It really boils down to who it affects individually. I can reproduce the error about 40% of the time. Even then, it hasn't dropped a call. I even forced it to get down to no bars on EDGE and the voice still connected, didn't drop and was clear. Odd. I think it's safe to say that for me and me only, it's a non-issue. It's unfortunate for the ones who due suffer it. Return it if it's really that bad.
I haven't bought a new iPod in several years. If one dies, i get on ebay and get on old one a few generations back. Works fine for me.
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