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Good thing my password is in language that is almost extinct.
The iPod is past its prime. The numbers don't lie. The iPod has found a point where there is no more room for major growth. While still very popular and still will make a good number of sales, I fail to see what else they can add to the lineup. Maybe a camera function on the Touch and Nano, but that's about it from what I can tell. Yes the Nano can record video, but it can't take any photos. When one iPod dies, I replace it with a used iPod. For example my...
Your experience doesn't mirror mine, so like I said, this is a non-issue for me. I don't use cases or bumpers, so I don't care what they charge for it. What word did I spell wrong?
There is no doubt the reception issue is real. It really boils down to who it affects individually. I can reproduce the error about 40% of the time. Even then, it hasn't dropped a call. I even forced it to get down to no bars on EDGE and the voice still connected, didn't drop and was clear. Odd. I think it's safe to say that for me and me only, it's a non-issue. It's unfortunate for the ones who due suffer it. Return it if it's really that bad.
I haven't bought a new iPod in several years. If one dies, i get on ebay and get on old one a few generations back. Works fine for me.
Yes you are correct. They changed the signal meter in that model. I think that was because of the way the phone interpreted 3G signals compared to EDGE.
That makes sense, but I disagree in some instances. What about the people who drop all the way down to no service? Are you saying that this fix will give them service when it can't latch onto a signal? You are right, it will be more accurate. Instead of 5 bars, I may now show 3. For people who understand how reception works, they'll be fine because they understand the bars really lie anyways. But when most of the buyers out there aren't really technical (soccer mom),...
So basically they are saying that they're going to update your phone to tell you that your reception is worse than it really is, bar wise. This doesn't fix anything. This isn't going to fix the people who live in lower reception areas from losing service completely or drop low enough to drop calls, where their previous iPhones or whatever they used works fine. This is just smoke and mirrors. They also need to address the proximity sensor, although I think they are...
The display is top notch. The 3GS and below are just horrible now.
Do you want to borrow mine? It works fine, reception wise.
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