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A 4K phone would be ridiculous. But if 4k is the new standard after HD, and there's plenty of screens around, and it's cheaper than doing a custom size then go for it. You probably could write the software to not even resolve at 4k to save on gpu power unless you were to need the 4k for some reason, like mirroring to a larger screen or something.
I'm excited for this, but I have the feeling that once a la carte programming is finally rolled out that they'll make the packages so much more attractive price-wise than the individual channels that little will change. Unless there's just a lot more packages, which would be an improvement I suppose.
Where would you get a computer power supply for your Apple I in 1976? RadioShack?
Achmed: what it really boils down to is Apple doesn't innovate anymore, and IOS can't run flash. Since we wrote our IED app in flash, originally due to a name misunderstanding, we're sticking with Android. Plus I need a really big screen to hold me over while I wait for my 72 virgins and crapple won't let me run my SNES emulators. I'd play Genesis too, but you know, Allah and Genesis don't really mix.
Due for a refreshed mini as well. Hope we see that as I'm ready to buy one.
Web connected cameras in my house watching my living room or bedroom bothers me, walking around with a microphone in my pocket also bothers me.  One of those is less optional and more beneficial than the other.  One constantly switches networks where the other is pretty constant.  Would I prefer a Smartphone with fewer sensors like GPS and whatnot?  Absolutely, but it's impractical. If you two think that it's totally fine to put a web connected camera in your house and...
The idea of a camera in the living room is a non-starter. Anyone who believes they can block the NSA or a hacker or whoever from accessing it indefinitely is living in a fantasy world. I love technology, but this is where I draw the line.
The calendar thing is huge, I love split view and missed it.  Glad they brought it back.  I'll probably do this update pretty quick instead of waiting on bug reports just to get that.  Hopefully they added back the ability to see a pic when you're on a call as well, I used that for info sometimes.
Can't put a second hard drive in a rMBP. Guess I'm buying used or refurb.
iPad Air has to be a way to differentiate the product for the future. I'd expect some sort of extra integration with OS X down the line, and a Pro model.
New Posts  All Forums: