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I could use one 4 to finally get the last of my colleagues off Android to join the rest of us. :D He's so cheap he won't pay for an iPhone. As stated by others, I have passed my older models to the family members with "feature phones". Right now every single member of our family has at least 4 or 4S.
So you are paying $165 for 2 iPhones for 450 minutes & 8 GB data. I pay with T-mobile $100 for 3 iPhones, unlimited calling, texting, data (4GB high speed, then 2G), tethering is included, free messaging & internet abroad. Tell me more about how good is your ATT plan. Tbh, I met a nice representative from ATT only the day I bought the iPhones. She said it's fine to refund the upgrade fee but I have to call at least 1 business day after the purchase to let the system...
 So you have 2 iPhones with unlimited data and tethering with ATT and you are paying 90? Are you some kind of ATT manager or something, because that plan is not available for public (and it never was)...ATT sucks hard, if they decide that 39 dollar upgrade fee is worth losing a customer, then they are dumb.
Interesting, when I asked ATT to refund me upgrade fee $39 or I jump the ship to T-Mobile, they said NO PROBLEM, GO. So I went, and I will never ever look at ATT again.
Complete NSA Hacking guide...   http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/194899209?access_key=key-21775d4oaltyoenwkqso&allow_share=true&escape=false&view_mode=scroll   ENJOY. :)
We know nothing, yeah... It reminds me of our president, he knew nothing as well about NSA spying, no clue about IRS targeting groups, learned about Benghazi from the news...
You have to ask Apple, not me, I don't work @ Apple support but all dropoutjeep threads were gone after. Coincident? Maybe.This was in 2008. 5 years is A LONG TIME in IT.
Lol, I am not working there but I see what was there before & what was missing after. You have to talk to somebody from inside to confirm it.
What proof do you want? The links to the erased discussion topics?
My 3 posts on dropoutjeep were erased, multiple others disappeared as well. This NSA malware is the worst breach of 4th amendment until today. If they really allowed NSA to install spyware, this is the thing that can sink them down... and I won't cry a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: