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I am expecting several financial analysts to predict fall of AAPL. :-)
ATT will unlock nothing. I went there with my 1st generation iPhone and they told me they can not do it and recommended me to jailbreak it.
We still have several AMD servers - all are great machines and all of them still run 24/7. Starting with Athlon MP through several Opteron lines ending with the newest dual socket 4 core Opterons, all running Linux. I can imagine Special edition 24 core Opteron Mac PRO - one ugly MF.
Glossy? Good luck with that. I bought glossy iMac and now I bang my head against the wall. Even with the blinds on the windows I still can see the outdoor light on the screen. :-( Looking for some anti-glare filter now. Never glossy screen again. :-(
Well, there are hundreds of Wi-Fi spots in my area, but most of them are someway blocked. Only few of them have free access. :-(
Heh, BOINC will take care of that. :-) And graphics chip will crunch some work as well.
Well, but in EU the minutes are used only if one initiates the call, the person receiving the call is not charged. The same thing for messaging - person sending the message is charged, but receiving is free. I had a problem two years ago with some stupid guy sending me 200 messages and it charged me 20$. Then I stopped using prepaid phone and got iPhone.
Well, what do you expect in a country where Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the year? I bet 99% of population do not know who those Pilgrim Fathers were and why they came to America. The stupid story about "they came here to have religious freedom" is nice to hear, but the truth is the Pilgrims were the most bloodthirsty tyrants and were kicked out of the Europe because of their sick interpretation of Christianity (f.e. they forbid Christmas). You could see Pilgrims...
Well, if you are lucky you get the non-flickering screen. Hold all 10 fingers for that. :-( I am still waiting for the good quality anti-glare screens like those from white iMacs. Hopefuly next model will have those.
I am probably one of the few lucky people here, but on Connecticut coast where I live I have never had an issue getting 3G, call quality is great and internet very fast. But as I traveled north, it got worse, so I understand the complaints. But in the past I had T-mobile and had the issues with coverage (no signal at home) and Verizon as well (in the hilly areas they have less cell towers so you are either lucky or not). No carrier will ever be perfect, but there is only...
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