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 Your approach is so similar to this funny/sad statement from the current politics: 
Man, I am from Czechoslovakia, we were under Soviet occupation since 1968 to 1989. I understand communism in practice better than any American hippie wannabe progressive democratic socialist.
LOOL. "Singer Morrissey" is a very reputable a respectable person. :D BTW What does it change on a fact that Mandela was hard core communist and is responsible for many killings in South Africa? 
Yep, what I like the most is him singing "kill all whites".   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcOXqFQw2hc   He was just a plain communist with communist methods of killing.     If they honored Margaret Thatcher, the person who pulled down the Iron Curtain, I wouldn't blink an eye. There was no response to her death from Apple and of course our Commander in Chief sent no serving representation to her funeral. With Mandela, this public outcry is completely...
I got off ATT contract last month after 6 years with them. I gave out my unlimited grandfathered iPhone data plan but I can't be more happy. The coverage isn't as good as ATT but it is sufficient enough. Phonecalls connectivity is about the same as ATT, data is sufficient in towns, not as much out of town but I don't need it usually when driving. I have Tmobile tower about 1/4 mile from my home so I have 5 bars LTE @ home but most of the times I use wifi. Pandora is...
I quit AT&T just few days ago - after being with them since 1st iPhone. I even let my "unlimited" grandfathered plan to go. I must say, eventhough I don't have as much coverage with T-mobile now, I am very happy with my decision and my bill is $40 a month lower than with ATT. What got me most was "upgrade fee" $39 for each iPhone I bought. I am so happy there are no upgrade or activation fees with my current operator.   What I don't understand is an attitude of Apple...
I have just updated to iOS7 and I hate the change, the phone is too bright, too much white and causes strain on my eyes. Is there a way to keep old style design - like a custom skin with the darker back? Inverting the colors in Accessibility helps but it kills the pictures, I would like to keep the dark theme with normal color of the pictures.
They sold out of all two dozens already?
  I did max RAM upgrade on every single Mac I've ever owned.  
Are you kidding? ATT has the worst customer support I've ever seen and the people I've met at their several stores knew far less about the phones than me and I don't consider myself an expert. Just the activation of wireless modem took a guy in the ATT store almost 2 hours talking/waiting time on the support line. He had no clue what to do and how to do it. Now I am just waiting for my contract to expire and I'll change to Sprint.
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