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At this rate, Apple has no plans to release iWork 2013 either.   (And as has been pointed out in numerous comment threads elsewhere, Office for Mac typically comes out one year after each Office for Windows. So no surprise here.)
Wait- so what is Motorola? Chopped liver?
I agree with you on the airflow, which seems optimized for the present component layout. However, one big case improvement would be to move the drive bays to the front for easier access (and possibly include hot-swap capability), although that would require reworking the airflow.   And although it would be an aesthetic challenge, creating something that could optionally be rack-mounted (as suggested earlier) would make the overall package more flexible for those who...
Boy, 500 billion dollars is a lot just to get a seat on the Linux Foundation board!
I think Dr. Evil was providing the information to the author. He sometimes screws up like that.
The numbers simply don't work. 4000 pounds?!? The seat-back screens weigh, at most, 2x an iPad (remember that they don't need to include batteries) and even if you tally up all the cabling and centralized A/V equipment, I just don't see the equivalent of four fully-populated equipment racks hiding somewhere in a plane just to provide entertainment.   (Maybe if they include a bank of Wurlitzer jukeboxes full of vinyl providing the audio...)
  So was AOL.   (So much so that Apple included a special setting for AOL in the modem-equipped Airport base stations. It's still there in the last firmware revision.)   To those who say this shouldn't effect anyone who doesn't use Facebook, at a surface level it adds more clutter to the various interfaces that include it. But it's also more code that needs to be secured and maintained, and we all know that the only bug-free code is the stuff you don't include.
What I meant by 'drama-queen' is how (in the past, at least) you'd check for software updates and the RAW support updates stood out as if they were some sort of special format different from all the regular media formats, complete with the need to reboot. Again, I understand that they provide much more control over the picture than JPEG, TIFF, etc., but in the end they are still just image formats.   The camera industry should make an effort to clean this up. It's not as...
I can understand formats changing as technology improves, although I agree that RAW seems like a drama-queen among image formats.   I don't know if this update requires a reboot, but past RAW updates did and I'll never understand what that was about.
$2.50 for the first minute.
New Posts  All Forums: