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  I think they should throw everyone off and call it "4H" instead.   Oh, the other carriers are still using 'G'? Our network goes to 'H'!
This is off-topic, but I've never seen a photo of the guy that looked normal. Maybe he simply doesn't photograph well; the image in the article certainly looks a bit other-worldly. (And it also serves as an example why porn should not be offered in ultra-high definition. Too Much Information!)
Who, other than gullible investors, really cares what these people have to say? It's the bloggers who really follow Apple, not Wall Street analysts. And the bloggers consistently outperform the professionals when it comes to predictions. Wall Street needs to be shrunk to the size where it can be drowned in a bathtub.
That is one oddly-shaped coverage zone just north of Vancouver.
Geez, Belkin, do you think you could possibly botch the rollout of this product any more? 1) No USB-3. Every single blog and its comments calls out this deficiency. There are already numerous USB-3 thumb drives available, along with portable external drives. 2) September? Is CES so important that you have to pre-announce something nine months in advance? (That was a rhetorical question, with the answer of 'no'.) 3) Conflicting product enclosures. Which is it going...
Uh, yeah, that totally looks like the same device that's being reported on blogs everywhere. Thanks for the clarification.
Since it's essentially PCI, it can support just about anything using bridges. I'm not seeing the reported HDMI port on this thing, though.It looks like a MagSafe connector for charging MacBooks. The product shot on this device is pretty substandard. Who laid out the cables?
Why does this take so long to release? Are they growing the aluminum from seed? (And when September finally rolls around, the lack of USB 3 will seem pretty short-sighted.)
That's the longest 5-page rendition of "three steps" that I've ever seen!
Where does Skype fit into this?
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