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Ok, thanks. I'm not sure there has ever been a definitive confirmation prior to the biography. Perhaps this was part of an agreement, as you said, between Apple and Corning where they don't mention each other by name (although Apple certainly mentions Intel and a few other key vendors), but if it was incorrectly inferred by careless analysts and then perpetuated by the press, it certainly wouldn't be the first time that has happened.
Does it quote Steve Jobs saying "Corning Gorilla Glass" by name? If so, that's good enough for me. Otherwise I wonder if people aren't throwing the term around generically (kleenex) to describe 'tough glass'.
It would have been helpful if you provided a link. Here's what I found:http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericsavi...le-ipad-issue/ "UBS analyst Maynard Um estimates that through December 2010, Apple accounted for about 80% of Corning’s Gorilla Glass revenue." So now we're passing this off to a UBS analyst's "estimates". Where is the original source link for that quote? (I can't find it.) Does Maynard Um know what he's talking about? I'm not claiming (nor really care) that Apple...
This is bad reporting. Tracing back all the links, the iFixit site actually says this:"The front glass panel of the iPhone is reported to be constructed of Corning Gorilla Glass"I'm not aware that this has ever been confirmed. My recollection of discussions at the time were that Apple actually didn't use Gorilla Glass. So it would be good for AI to cite a source if they are claiming otherwise.
Followup: "Our sales projections are on track to double in Q2!"
Pro Tip: Simply ignore the tech press and Android spin machine.
This tactic will eventually bite Amazon in the ass. If they hope to get into the consumer product game they cannot hide their sales figures forever. And once they reveal hard numbers they will at that point be obligated to do so from then on, otherwise future sales-withholding will only be interpreted as 'not very good'. Of course, thy could also play the Samsung game and simply report sales as "smooth".
What - this one wasn't enough?!?
Who - the people who quote the entire article and then offer a one-word retort?
Only if you don't have a supply of Oompa-Loompas.
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