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Pfft. 66 Mil is nowhere near the Big Leagues these days. Trophy wives won't even look at you for under a hundred.
Actually, a golden parachute pretty much ensures that said key executive will look for any excuse to bail out. What keeps them in place is colloquially called 'golden handcuffs', or a retention bonus.
I can't imagine this being the case. If it's one thing that Apple has demonstrated in the past decade it's that they don't want to be beholden to anyone for strategic software or services. Look at what happened with waiting for Flash to mature in the mobile space, or all the hoops Apple still has to jump through for content and carrier support. iCloud might not be running on Lion Server, although the underlying parts of OS X should be robust enough to tweak for a...
I think Sprint has some work to do before courting Apple customers: http://sports.sprint.com/speed/ (I'm looking at that using desktop Safari with Click-to-Flash enabled; I have no idea if it redirects to a mobile site if accessed using iOS.)
I go to YouTube for all my political commentary needs. You won't find more unbiased, well-informed discussions anywhere else on the Internet!
YouTube comment threads.
I doubt that RIM representatives read comments posted to the AppleInsider forums.
Yep. The entire contents of the Blackberry get deleted, your account canceled, and the device gets bricked remotely. Then they report the credit card used to purchase those 50 songs as stolen and send the police to the address of record. Other than that, it's a pretty cool service.
RIM just acquired a second pile-driver and is operating it beyond all safety limits. Stand clear!
Let me guess - they're going to use Real Media format for everything, just to guarantee this ill-fated fiasco flames out in the most spectacular manner possible. If the goal is to drive RIM into the ground as hard as possible, they're using a pile-driver here and took the governors off the engine.
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