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Agreed. This is how it was done at the UPS Facility that I worked at some years ago. You were not allowed to bring your personal belongings, including your cell phones into the building. This will I believe get thrown out.
Is there a reason why only a credit card can be used and not a debit card? I've been using my debit card with my iTunes account for years, and when I tried to add my daughter to my account I couldn't do it. does anyone know if there is some specific reason why I can use my debit card, but have to change it to a credit card when adding a family member?
I know that Apple is accepting and submitting changes to their mapping data. At least here where I live in Perris, California. After installing iOS 6 on my third generation iPad, I used the new Maps application to check out my immediate surroundings. Where I live there has been new exits and entrances built to the freeway. Maps originally had the old mapping info for the area, but after clicking the "Report a problem" button in the application, the changes were indeed made...
It does mean something to the people who paid $25 for something that doesn't work. 
There are serious problems with iTunes Match. Here is a 33 page (and counting) thread that is currently alive and well at the Apple Support Community.   https://discussions.apple.com/message/20582554?ac_cid=tw123456#20582554
I also do not mind waiting for this update. Better to get it right then send it out not ready for prime time. I hope they fix iTunes Match. Please!!!
That sounds like good news! I won't be able to pre-order mine until next Wednesday, and hopefully I'll be able to get one. Though I fear the first round of pre-orders will be sold out by then.
One of the things I noticed about this photo compared to previous ones posted: the metal is silver colored on both the black and white versions. Earlier photos show the black iPhone with a darker gunmetal grey/black color. I hope that is the model that Apple releases.
It's good to read your article Daniel! Hope to read some new stuff soon on the Roughly Drafted site! (Sorry for being off topic).
Agreed. The moment AT&T decided to sell the iPhone, they lost their dominant position. It's the same for Verizon. That's one reason why I feel they both try to push alternatives as much as they do. The iPhone is the number one selling phone on EVERY carrier. They have lost control, and want to get some of it back, but it's too late for that. Apple changed the game with the iPhone, and I don't see it changing back.
New Posts  All Forums: