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Done! I had to use the Temecula Apple Store though. A bit further out, but not by much! I'll have a 32GB White iPad ready and waiting for me tomorrow!!
I'm hoping to be able to pick up a 32 GB wi-fi one tomorrow (Wednesday). I called the Victoria Gardens (CA) store today, and the clerk I talked to "suggested I get there early". I get off at 3:40 tomorrow, so I'll have to hope they have some left. It's a good sign that some of you have seen plenty in stock in your areas. I hope that holds true for me tomorrow! I checked the Apple website earlier about store pick-up availability, and the website stated that you can try...
It seems I can't connect to Apple's servers at the moment. I guess I'll try it again later
I hope eventually the GPS Apps out there like Tom Tom are able to access Siri. Or I can see Apple utilizing the Maps App to speak aloud driving directions to you. That would be awesome!
Delusional. Simply delusional.
"With the recently announced Galaxy Player, Samsung is attempting to match Apple's three flagship iOS products: the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, with competing Android versions." Samsung is attempting three "flagship" launch products without the glue that links them. Apple's iOS products are the stars that rotate around the sun that is iTunes.
The one thing I've always missed on my iPhone that I've had even on my cheap pay-as-you-go phones was some type blinking light that lets me know even from across the room that I've received a call or message. That is the one feature that is sorely missing from this great device. Maybe we'll get it with an iPhone 5 (I HOPE!!).
I was wondering if the ten billion downloads are via the U.S. only or worldwide? If these include worldwide downloads then the contest should be open to all app store buyers. Still in all, a staggering number to be sure.
Well, in the words of the great John McLain: WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL!!! Now let's see how that so called great network holds up on Activation Day.
I will be sticking with AT&T. I've noticed definite improvements in certain areas that I've had coverage problems with in the past that are now problem free. Plus, I love the fact that I can use my phone and browse the web at the same time. This has come in handy on numerous occasions and is a great feature. I also love the fact that I get and keep all rollover minutes I earn, which comes in handy since I no longer have a landline and use my cell phone exclusively.
New Posts  All Forums: