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I know it will not go well with the "look" of the typical Apple Store, but they may really have to consider those metal gates that pull down and lock when the store is closed.
That photo was probably taken with an iPhone.
Competition is good for everyone, I agree. I also expect Google to launch their own version of the iPod Touch to go along with that music store sometime next year.
Agreed. My coverage with AT&T is pretty decent overall and I have well over a thousand rollover minutes and will not be leaving unless Verizon offers a rollover package which I don't see them doing.
I was just checking the Apple sight and somebody goofed. Take a look at the green Nano. http://store.apple.com/us/browse/hom...mco=Nzk2MDUyMg
Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson. The haters and the ignorant will continue to hate. Guilty until proven innocent....
Same old Microsoft. No innovation. It's like they never even heard of the word. This looks just like the first generation iPhone with the metal back and plastic bottom on the back, except its a candy bar shape.
If they do discontinue the white MacBook and go all aluminum with the line that would be great! But please...no more combo drives on the low end model. That just doesn't make any sense nowadays when super drives are so cheap, and with your lowest priced white MacBook containing a superdrive. I'll miss firewire, though I'll get over it.
...and STILL no GPS Navigation...or voice dialing. The wait continues. Sigh...
oops! Sorry. Wrong Thread...
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