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...and STILL no GPS Navigation...or voice dialing. The wait continues. Sigh...
I'd be interested in buying stock in Apple. I don't know anything about the Stock Market though. How does one go about this if interested? (Sorry to be off topic)
Hello all. I was wondering if anyone else here has experienced problems sending email after the 2.1 update? My iPhone 3G receives mail fine, but every time I try to send mail I get an error message saying "cannot send mail", "the sender address was invalid". I tried resetting my phone and restoring it but haven't had any luck. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. warmest regards, Tenchi211
I hear you Petermac! I got mine 10 days ago. I have 20 days left to return it but I'm almost sure there won't be a re-fresh by then. Oh well...\
Actually, according to the Apple support page, Apple sends you a new adapter along with instructions for returning the old one.
I think there will be a thriving iPhone 2.5G market once the 3G drops. Ebay will see lots of action for those old phones. I wonder though, will purchasers of the first generation iPhone pay the same price as current owners, or will AT&T try to force the new plan on them even though they do not have 3G phones? I may just sit this one out and wait a few months to upgrade. I want to see how the new 2.0 Apps work with my original iPhone before making a decision.
Hmm...the man in the suit...could it be Will Smith perhaps?
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